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Snacking Urges During Japan Travel? Munch on These Tasty Convenience Store Food

Japanese convenience stores are simply amazing—if simply for the variety and quality of goods they serve in their mini establishments. Japanese conbini food are not hot dogs. The sheer variety of conbini food you’ll encounter for the first time would be surprising, to say the least. So much so that there are lots of topics centered around budget eating in Japan with just convenience store food.

Snacking Urges During Your Travel? Munch on These Tasty Convenience Store Food

During your strolls on the streets of Tokyo, getting hungry, or quenching that impulse for a snack won’t be a problem. You also won’t feel guilty snacking because a lot of the food sold at conbinis are way healthier compared to the food sold in the convenience stores in Western countries. Why can’t we take their example?


This triangle-shaped delicacy wrapped in crunchy seaweed is both delicious and rich with fibers. Onigiri is the name for riceballs stuffed with various fillings, wrapped in seaweed. The price for one onigiri is usually around 100 JPY. They’re both cheap and filling. Eaten between lunch and dinner, two to three pieces of onigiri could already make you full.


Daifuku is a popular Japanese confectionary, some people know the term “mochi” better. Mochi is the dough used in making daifuku. Daifuku is commonly stuffed with sweet fillings. Sweet red bean paste is the traditional filling of daifuku. There are a large variations of fillings. One notable daifuku I encountered during my travels is a whole-strawberry fruit filled daifuku. Yum!

Seafood Futomakizushi

Futomakizushi literally means “fat rolled sushi”. These sushi rolls are slightly larger compared to the regular makizushi. They’re very filling and simply delicious. The seafood futomakizushi often has a large variety of fillings such as salmon trout, cucumber, crabs, and other fillings. These are beautiful, colorful sushi rolls great for both a big meal or a snack.

All the makizushis you can find

Not just futomakizushi—any makizushi you can find is something worth digging into. Makizushi is “sushi roll”, which are popular finger food in East Asia. They are plentiful in the convenience stores. FamilyMart and Lawson sell a good variety of these makizushi bento. There are kappa-maki, which is sushi made out of cucumber, shibazuke-maki, which is sushi roll with pickled eggplant, and many other mouthwatering varieties.


Dorayaki is a Japanese confection that resembles pancake, with red bean paste called “azuki” as its filling. The store 7-Eleven once sold a modified take on dorayaki, attractively shaped like a crepe, a bit smaller than the regular dorayaki, served with maple syrup. Dorayaki price generally ranges from 100 JPY to 300 JPY. They’re a very addictive type of sweet snack that gives you much lighter taste compared to sweets made out of chocolate and cheese, for example, thanks to the taste of red bean paste.


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First Timer Basic for Komodo Island Tour Price Estimation

We all dream to explore the raw and wild Komodo National Park, but what about the Komodo Island tour price? Do you need to break the bank or can you fit a backpacker budget to the journey?

First Timer Basic for Komodo Island Tour Price Estimation

The legendary man-eating, cannibal Komodo dragons has evoke world-wide attraction despite its remote location. Living in the tiny Komodo and Rinca Island, the dragons has successfully lured local and international tourists to cross the Flores Sea. Boat tour quickly become the busiest industry in the nearest town—Labuan Bajo—following popularity of the dragons. Due to the remote access, however, tour prices can be quite high. For backpackers and budget travelers alike, these following tips can help you press the budget without forsaking the comfort.

Look for A Good Deal Komodo Island Tour Price

Well, looking for an affordable Komodo tour should be the first thing to do. If you are looking for cheap Komodo Island tour price, look for low budget liveaboard. They usually range from $100 – $300 per night. Some fancier, mid-range liveaboard are still quite affordable, if your budget allow. They range from $300 – $400 per night. It’s best to book online, as the price is quite steady all the year. If you plan to look for Komodo tour on the spot—particularly on high season—chances are you’ll get higher tour price than usual.

Water Sport Enthusiast: Book A Liveaboard with Water Equipment

If you come to Komodo for its divine underwater world, put special attention to liveaboard with water sport equipments. This way, you can further spent your budget by not having to rent diving or snorkelling equipments. Some boats even have kayak and stand up paddle onboard, which is surely a deal!

Only Eat Out Before and After Excursion

If you are taking a multi day trip, you will be living your trip days in the liveaboard. That means you will sleep, eat, and drink in the liveaboard. Basically, all Komodo Island tour price has covers full board accommodation in their stated price. That includes three meals per day, snacks, drinking water, coffee, and tea. During the excursion days, you gonna keep busy with hiking, snorkelling, diving, and exploring—without having to touch your wallet at all.

The only place where you gonna spend money for lunch (assuming you are not taking a quick lunch/ spending a night in nearby resort islands) is Labuan Bajo. Eateries in Labuan Bajo hasn’t really get into Bali’s restaurant level, but they are quite diverse and varied. Due to the increase of tourism, now you can find western-styled restaurants aside the local warungs (food stalls). A quick breakfast might take you about IDR 20K, while lunch can varied from IDR 30K – 60K depend on what and where you eat. Dinner in night market can be as frugal as 20K. Try the seafood, it’s their specialty and absolutely cheaper than anywhere else! If you choose to eat on fancy restaurant, however, you might need to prepare IDR 40K – 100K. Labuan Bajo has also recently welcome an affordable Italian pizza in town, which only cost you about IDR 50K – 120K.

Basically, you can prepare IDR 300K (about USD $20) and still get good food and and coffee for two days in Labuan Bajo.

Plan Komodo Island and Rinca in One Day

Not many people know that tickets entrance to Komodo National Park are valid for only one day. That means if you want to visit both Komodo Island and Rinca, put them under the same day itinerary. Visiting these island on a separate days will cost you double entrance tickets. The National Park entrance fee is IDR 150.000 /person (roughly USD $15), which can be double up to IDR 225.000 on Sunday and Public Holidays. If you want to compress your Komodo Island Tour Price, scrutinize the local calendar from now! Make sure to avoid Indonesian public holidays—they can fall on any weekday without you knowing.

Now you know how to fit Komodo island tour price to your budget, are you ready for the actual adventure?

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6 of the Most Popular Indonesian Street Foods

Indonesian street food is an inseparable part in the scene of Indonesian cuisines. Colloquially known as “kaki lima”, the sheer variety of Indonesian street food makes it something that could take up your whole trip, if you’re serious about it.

Indonesian street food are just too numerous to list one by one not to mention the variations of each region, varieties created due to Indonesia’s diverse ethnicity and culture—so let’s take a glance at some of the most popular ones you could find everyday on the streets, no matter where you are in Indonesia.

What’s “Street Food” in Indonesia?

Street foods are essentially sold by kaki lima’s vendor (pedagang kaki lima).

Pedagang Kaki Lima literally means “Vendors with Five Legs” which refers to both the seller and the pushing carts used by these mobile vendors (these carts have two wheels and one stabilizer wooden foot, plus two legs of the sellers themselves, thus, the name).

Sellers commonly wheel push carts, and while kaki lima sell things as they move around the area, it’s not uncommon to see carts stationed at certain spots, often on pedestrian sidewalks. Certain dagang kaki lima also rides bicycle to sell their items.

A notable example found in Bali is the vendor of kue putu (Indonesian steamed cake, commonly green-colored, with palm sugar fillings and coconut shreds topping).

The carts used by kaki lima often has LPG-powered stoves or steamer pots to prepare, re-heat, or cook the dishes as they are ordered. “Pikulan” is also something commonly used by street vendors, a method in which the sellers carry their food and equipments by using a rod and balancing them on their shoulders.


Bakso vendors commonly sells mie ayam (chicken noodle), bakmi (also a type of noodle), and batagor (a short for bakso tahu goreng or meatball fried tofu).

Bakso is a popular Indonesian meatball or meat paste served in a bowl with a hot broth; often accompanied by hot chili paste and sweet soy sauce separately, that locals often put into their bowl and mix them before eating. There are numerous varieties of bakso both by ingredients and by regions variety.

To name a few, there are bakso urat, bakso tenis, and bakso Malang, bakso telur, bakso ikan, and many others.


This delicious dish topped with rich and flavorful peanut paste is of Chinese origin (as much of Indonesian delicacies are). Siomay generally refers to fish dumpling with vegetables.

The dish is often served with vegetables such as boiled cabbage and boiled potatoes. Hard-boiled eggs and tofus are some of the most common inclusions to the dish. To those who want to eat Indonesian but is sick of eating rice all day long, Siomay is a perfect alternative.


One of Indonesia’s best known “national” dishes, quite renowned and popular overseas, Often served with sweet soy sauce known as kecap manis.

Most popular Indonesian street foods - Sate

Just like bakso and other Indonesian cuisines, Sate has numerous variations named after the region it’s originated, the sauce, or the ingredients. There is a unique satay originated from Bali, known as Sate Lilit.

Sate Lilit is often made of fish, but it’s also known to be made out of other meat as its ingredients. They are finely minced and grilled on a charcoal, letting the spices and seasonings absorb perfectly into the texture.


Soto is often named after the regions where they originated. One of the most popular soto with a regional namesake is Soto lamongan, in which some said it’s a variation of the Madura soto. Both soto Lamongan and Madura soto has yellow transparent broth, with shredded chicken meat, hard-boiled egg, often topped with fried shallots.


Originated from the South of Sumatera, Pempek is reminiscent of Chinese fishcake. Although Pempek stood out due to the sauce it’s commonly served with; “cuka”, or as the South Sumatran people called it, “cuko”.

Cuko is a rich brown sauce that looks almost black, made of vinegar and palm sugar, seasoned with garlic, chili, and other ingredients. The taste is rich and sometimes spicy. Cucumber is often added to accompany the meal.

Es Kelapa Muda

Closing the list with a super refreshing natural re-hydration method; coconut water, or as the Indonesian called it, “kelapa muda”.

Generally you can find kelapa muda at nearly any corner of the street, often sold by individuals, usually run as a small family business. Kelapa Muda is often served in transparent plastic bags by the street food vendors.

It’s the perfect companion for any meals and a life-saver for the tropical Indonesian scorching hot climate!

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Staying Dry With the Hammock Camping Tarp in Your Journey

If you were buy a hammock before, make sure that you are also equipped with the hammock camping tarp so you can keep yourself and your goods dry.

Just as there are as many hammock products that can be purchased, there are also equally as many of the hammock camping tarp configurations to match. But you don’t need to be confused with that, just by choosing and buying one among some of the types, that will be a great thing you’ve done.

Keep dry with hammock camping tarp

With the various of hammock camping tarp configurations, then the rigging options are also vary to match. Both are actually the good things for you because later you can customize your hammock system to match the conditions you are facing. For more information about that, you can find more references about the types of hammock tarp for your outdoor camping. I will only share about how important it is in this article and some things related to it.

Your hammock camping tarp will not only keeping you dry, but also…

When we are hearing the term about the tents, sometimes we will immediately associates it with the rainy or snowy season. Tents are simply preventing us from getting wet when the waters are falling down from the sky.

But your hammock tent won’t only for doing that, it can also be used for dealing with excessive solar radiation and also makes you feel comfort from the light that is dazzling your eyes.

The best practice for this is not only when raining but also when you are camping at the beach or any other spots that is not possible to be protected from the direct sunlight. If you are bringing your hammock tarp, then you will only set it up and taking a rest peacefully.

If it is possible, your hammock camping tarp can also be used as your mat on the beach. Just makes sure that the day is not too hot or better in a cloudy day since it can be quiet warm for your skin. But, you will still be fine.

In its use along with a hammock, some travelers or campers are prefer to get a full coverage of their hammock while the others want the skimpy tent.

There’s nothing wrong with whatever you may also choose, because you may have some of the considerations for its weight, versatility, durability, and conditions.

Even if the tarp you are using is not specifically designed for your hammock, you can still get the benefits from it if it can provides the coverage that you need.

The full coverage of hammock camping tarp can be understood if there will be many that are using it. It can be the best to be used in four or most of the seasons the whole year. Anytime. It will also gives you a better privacy when you want to change your clothes in case the camping area is full with people.

But I should have also admitted that actually – in many conditions – the well designed hammock tarps can be set for a better coverage, ventilation system, and for good privacy.

If you want to use the small or skimpy tarp for your hammock, you have to realize that it will require the better, advanced or the great ability as well to keep you staying dry in a rainy day.

Regarding to the size of the hammock tarp itself, you can exceed between 10 – 40 cm over each ends of your hammock. The bigger your tarp is, when compared with your hammock size, is usually the better, but make sure that it won’t burden you too much in its weight and volume.

So, have you found one best hammock camping tarp you need? Hope when you are staying dry while resting in your journey, you can really enjoy it.

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Ancient Sites to Visit for Your Next Travel Plan

We live in 21st Century but there are still ancient sites which have survived for centuries. For your next travel plan, it is not a bad idea to list some ancient sites to visit.  It must be quite boring to see common spots and cities every day. Thus, having different and unique view n your trip can be a great distraction and refresh your dull sight. It is not only the view that you can enjoy through the ancient sites. You will also be able to take a glimpse to humanity in the past. There are many things you can learn about how people in the past can create their own world without intervention of technology and machinery.

Istanbul, Turkey

List of ancient sites to visit you can pick

It is true that most people are more interested in luxury vacation and doing fun activities during their trip. There are only a few who really like to visit historical or ancient sites. There are many things to gain when visiting ancient sites aside from witnessing the raw beauty of humanity. The vibe and feeling of visiting those kinds of place are priceless because even technology cannot reach the level of satisfaction. Here are several ancient sites you can include to your bucket list for your next travel plan:

  • Istanbul, Turkey is the witness of great periods of history. There are many proofs of ancient humanity in this city showing through the construction by successive empires from Byzantium t Constantinople, further to modern era of Turkey. All historic cores blend naturally in the city. There are many ancient sites you can visit in Istanbul such as Hagia Sophia.
  • Cairo, Egypt is undeniably beautiful city to begin with. This is one of the cities where the earliest of humanity can be found. It is shown by the existence of several ancient sites to visit such as the infamous Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, and many more. Not to mention that the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities has collection of the earliest inhabitants of Nile.
  • Kyoto, Japan is also one of the ancient cities you can pick as your next travel destination. Everyone knows that Japan is a big fan of modern technology. However, this city is a place where the old tradition of Japanese is preserved. In this city, you can find and visit more than 1,000 Buddhist temples as well as Shinto shrines.
  • Athens, Greece is one of the most ancient cities in the world. Athens traces its origin back in 5,000 years. In this city, you can feel the vibe of Athenians daily life along with the art galleries. You can also enjoy the ruins of classical Greece which are still stunning.
  • Borobudur, Indonesia is one of the most ancient sites to visit. This is the ninth-century Buddhist temple complex. The temples were completed in early 800s but have been layered by volcanic ash for centuries. The artworks of humanity in the past still remain intact in this temple complex.
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3 Unforgettable Things About Bali Dive

Bali, a popular tropical paradise because it has a magic blend of underwater, white sand and an unrivaled culture. It is not easy to determine the schedule of visits to Bali. There are many places that must be visited. If your time is long, you don’t need to worry because there is plenty of time to explore and travel around Bali. Most foreign tourists have 2-4 weeks to enjoy a vacation. Bali dive is a door to explore underwater with rich of rare species, shipwreck, and others. 

Bali Dive

Bali dive is mandatory. The underwater scenery of Bali is amazing and must be explored. Certified divers will easily find a dive center to plan a Bali diving holiday. Scuba Bali diving is very enjoyable especially when looking closely at rare and popular underwater species. Seahorses, sharks are examples of underwater species that everyone loves.

Bali Dive To Meet New Friends

You will not think if diving activities are surrounded by many participants from all over the world. Bali dive with the advantages of 4-5 foreign language instructors ready to guide your dives. No need to be afraid to communicate. Most divers understand English well. You can use world language, to communicate. Bali Scuba is one of your places to meet new friends. Various experiences and getting diving tips from professional divers is an invaluable advantage.

Look Closely Underwater Rare Species

Bali dive is your chance to find rare species under the sea. Some spots allow you to see it. The most common species you can find are seahorses like Barbigants. They are native to Indonesia. You can find it while doing Bali scuba on the islands in all the interior.

The aim of professional divers doing scuba dive Bali is to see Mola-Mola and Manta Pari. If you are lucky, you will find them at Blue Corner and Crystal Bay. They have a diameter of 3-4 meters and weigh nearly 1000 kg.

Manta rays are underwater species that are also not less popular. Bali scuba in the Nusa Penida area allows you to find manta rays for a sensational diving experience.

Exploring the Mystery of a Shipwreck

There is always something interesting when doing Bali dive. Exploring underwater and looking closely at the legacy of World War II is a unique experience. You can explore and take a close look at the Japanese shipwreck and USAT Liberty. Both are ships that sink in the waters of Bali and are now home to underwater species. You can also see the species of fish that surround the shipwreck. This is one of the best and most interesting objects for professional photographers.

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An Affordable Means to Get Around Bali: Online Transportation Service

Online taxis are among the most popular means to go around Bali. The locals love them because of their affordability and ease of use. There have been histories of ambushes and violent treatments that online transport drivers have been subjected to in the past. These past violence are committed by non-online public transportation drivers who felt that the new technology is ruining their income.

The past years these incidents are barely heard of. Despite this happening in the past, the locals to this day rely a lot on online transportations—whether it’s to escort them to their destinations, or to sate their midnight cravings. Needless to say, online transports are here to stay.

When you’re in Bali, and Indonesia in general, using the service of online transportations is one of the most convenient means. The most popular providers that the Balinese most often use are GO-JEK and Grab. Here are two things you might want to take note of before using your savvy online transport app.

Get an In-App Balance

Depending on several factors, in-app balance guarantee cheaper prices for any of your transactions. They get you a considerable discount for basically any service. If your trip costs 15,000 IDR in cash, with an in-app balance, you may only pay 11,000 IDR. The locals who own a bank account can top up through their bank providers anytime, but you don’t have to worry. You can top-up easily at designated convenience stores. For example, at Go-Jek you can top your balance at the nearest Alfamart (one of Indonesia’s minimarts (convenience stores) chains). You may also transfer your in-app balance via your driver after your first ride.

You can top up through Alfamart, one among Indonesia’s convenience store chains.

Or you can also top up after you get your first ride, you can simply chose the option Balance Transfer Via Driver, give the cash to your driver and you’re good to go

Take note of your drivers’ identity and vehicle plate

This does not only apply to online transportations, of course, but a reminder is due, especially since you’re in a foreign country. For security reasons, make sure that your driver’s photo you find in the application match with the one who approach you. Also try calling the driver during your ride to make sure it’s the person you’ve been communicating with in the app.

With that said, these application-based transportation service could save you a lot of time and headache. Make sure to use it well to make your Bali trip more convenient.

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Why Bali Villas A Perfect Way For Long Term Rental

Bali is increasingly popular from time to time. The increase in those who decide to stay in Bali for long-term or make it as a second home is getting higher. The island which is famous for its hospitality and cultural richness is its main attraction. Staying long term in Bali, whether you are on vacation or working, comfort is the main thing. Whether you want to find a very private place or a hotel style with luxurious facilities, Bali villas are perfect.

Bali Villas

Living in “Bali Villas” Style

Villas with designs that combine elegant open spaces, private pools to deck to enjoy spectacular views ready for you to occupy. Bali villas are truly a pleasure of life. Allows you to get villas in the interior between rice fields and temples. Every time you live in various areas of Bali, you will get a different atmosphere and lifestyle. If you want to enjoy a modern life that is rich in culture combined with exotic tropical charm, then Bali villas are perfect.

Room Option For Different Traveler

There are many reasons for visiting Bali, there is always a choice of Bali villas to suit your needs. Villas are available with a variety of room choices. Whether you are on vacation with a family, individually, with a partner or company conference, the villa is the right place.

Rejuvenate Body And Soul in Private Villas

Villa is the right place to stay and relax in deep spirituality. Bali is known as a glowing point of Hindu mysticism in the heart of the world’s largest Muslim country. They are very spiritual and celebrate many religious ceremonies throughout the year. Simple villas surrounded by locals will be perfect for your quiet vacation.

The Magic of Bali

Bali villas enthusiasts are long-term very high. They come and live to absorb the wonders of Balinese people and land. The villa is very personal to live in peace, where they can experience all the richness of Balinese culture, recreational opportunities, and beautiful and inspiring scenery. Bali is no longer considered a weekend tourist destination. Bali is now an “extended stay” destination. The more you enjoy staying at Bali villas and enjoying the atmosphere of Bali, the longer your “extended stay” will be

Where “Bali Villas” Location To Stay

Along the west-south coast. The Seminyak, Canggu, Oberoi, Petitenget regions are favorite locations. They are perfect for those looking for all the modern conveniences and attractions of tropical attractions. Travel to busy white sand beaches and Bali’s most popular boutique restaurants and shops in just a few minutes. What’s more with the availability of trendy nightclubs and shopping areas, upscale restaurants, and cocktail bars.

The Heart of Bali. Ubud is a proud area. Deciding on a long-term stay in Bali villas in Ubud, you will see beautiful examples of Balinese architecture, culture and traditional art. Walking down the small streets of Ubud offers comfort and tranquility.

Along the North and West Coast offers many things to see and do. Bali villas in the north and west coastal areas are hidden gems for a quiet and comfortable stay. Enjoy the charm of the sea like dolphins, snorkeling, exploring West Bali National Park. Another valuable activity is releasing baby turtles into the sea as a ritual for some beliefs and animal conservation.

In the east, you will feel calm by passing the winding road through the rice fields, banana trees, and ancient settlements. Living in Bali’s eastern villas, you can absorb local culture and spiritual tranquility along peaceful paths to temples, rivers or waterfalls.

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Sticking on Your Diet While Traveling

When you are on diet, you do everything you cold to keep on track. However, is it possible to mishap your diet while traveling? The possibility is high for you to mishap your diet during travel.

Diet while traveling

Lots of restaurant provides foods which are high in carbs and fat and low in protein. This makes you hard to maintain your diet. As the result, you ruin your diet plan and feel guilty afterwards. In the end, you will no longer able to enjoy the travel and you cannot keep your body in shape like you have planned before.

Tips to stick to your diet while traveling

For some people, successful diet is priceless because it sacrifices many things to achieve the goal. However, dieting during travel is not an easy feat to do.

There are many temptations and challenges around you cannot easily ignore. These tips will help you to stick to your diet even when you are traveling around the around the world.

  1. Before booking a hotel, try to find the one that has refrigerator or microwave. By having those in your hotel room, you can buy your own groceries and make your own meals. Then, you eat just like when you are at home. Your diet won’t be in danger then.
  2. Always carry your protein pack wherever you go. Protein bar or protein shakes are easy to carry everywhere. You can add your protein when your meal lacks of it. Protein bar is the most recommended pack to carry since it is simple and you can even put it in your pocket.
  3. Always carry healthy convenience foods with you when you are traveling. This will help you a lot to stick to your diet while traveling. You can reduce calories you consume as well as save your money from buying unnecessary and unhealthy foods. Convenience foods you can carry are granola, bread, dried fruits, seeds, nuts, tuna, and many more. Those don’t need refrigeration so you can eat them right away when you need.
  4. You can also ask the server before ordering food from the restaurant. You ask them how they prepare your foods to find out if they put too much oils or butter which will make your food high in calories. You can ask the server to steam or grill your foods instead of frying. It works in many restaurant especially when they have reliable cooks or chefs who are willingly do everything to satisfy their customer and understand the importance of your diet.
  5. You can also try simple trick by asking the sauces or dressing on the side to your server. Thus, you can control the amount of them you want to put on your foods. Another trick is to ask for substitutions. You can ask your server to substitute fries with salad or veggies. Customizing your meals like this is beneficial to stick to your diet while traveling. Make sure you ask your server in friendly manner so they understand your urgency and not mistaken you from being a rude customer.
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Travel Tips to Water Blow Nusa Dua Bali

Nusa Dua is one of the beaches located in Bali Island, Indonesia. Bali itself has been famous amongst international tourist due to its exotic beaches and other attractions. Water Blow Nusa Dua Bali is another attraction you can enjoy while visiting Indonesia, especially Bali, the island of gods.

Water Blow Nusa Dua Bali

The location of Water Blow Nusa Dua is easy to spot. It is located behind Grand Hyyat Nusa Dua Resort. You can easily spot the location using Google Map if necessary. However, it is not difficult locate this attraction since it has been very popular these days.

Useful tips to use when visiting Water Blow Nusa Dua Bali

When you search Water Blow Nusa Dua Bali in Google, you will find photos of high waves hit a big rock cliff. Yes, that is the attraction of this beach.

This place is popular especially amongst young people for hanging out. The place is quite dangerous so that is why there is an iron barrier with well-made footpath. It is dangerous to go to the cliff since the waves hit strongly.

Iron barrier is placed to make sure the safety of visitors who want to enjoy how beautiful it is for the waves to keep hitting the cliff in strong manner.

It creates good view especially for those who like photography or posting beautiful photos in social media. Here are what you need to keep in mind when visiting this attraction:

  • The place is safe and comfortable for hanging out. There is a gate made of white stone you will find to enter the area of Water Blow Nusa Dua. There is also Water Blow inscribed on the wood board, next to the entrance. The path from the gate to the location is also safe with footpath laid out smoothly. You can enjoy the walk to the area and also not to mention the greenery surroundings the pathway which makes the short journey to the location even more captivating.
  • There is warning list in the entrance gate of Water Blow Nusa Dua Bali that should be followed by visitors. Thus, make sure to read carefully and thoroughly the warning lists so you can enjoy your visit safely. The alert list includes do not swim. Since the waves in this area are relatively strong, swimming is not recommended for visitors. You can only enjoy the view. Another alert is not to get close to the shore break since it is dangerous.
  • Climbing the cliff is prohibited so you are not allowed to cross the iron barrier. Other alerts are high surf, sudden drop off, and slippery rock. If you neglect the warning, you may get an accident so it is better to follow the rule.
  • Any water activities such as swimming, diving, or snorkeling are not recommended since the coral is sharp and the current is high. It is not safe to interacting with water directly. It is enough for you to watch the Water Blow Nusa Dua Bali and take some cool pictures while enjoying the environment surroundings.
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