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Recommended Places to Travel in Japan

Japan is one of the most powerful and influential countries not only in Asia but also in the world. No wonder there are lots of recommended places to travel in Japan since they offer their tourism project with care. They care a lot about their tourism and it is one of the most attractive things about Japan. Even though Japan is a symbol of advanced technology, they still keep their original ancestor. It shows through the ancient building, well-kept nature sites, as well as the culture of the local. Of course, you can’t also miss how the technology is far more advance in Japan since you can find robots in some displays or museums.

Recommended Places to Travel in Japan

Must visit places to travel in Japan

Even though Japan has strong dedication to modern technology, you still be able to trace the Pure Japan through their natural beauty in many sites which are also available for visitors. Here are recommended places you shouldn’t miss when you travel to Japan

  • Nagasaki is memorable site for Japan and the world. You might remember the bombing happened in 1945 which made it needed to be rebuilt afterwards. In this place, you can wander around Chinatown, Glover Gardens, as well as Oura Catholic church. For more thrilling experience, you can hike up to Mont Insa through nagasaki Ropeway.
  • Japan is also famous for their parks where there is variety of flowers and plants blossoming. There are many parks you can visit during your trip to Japan such as Yogoyi Park, Ueno Park, Shinjuku Park, and many more. The natural beauty offered by the parks is priceless. The garden’s scenery helps you relax your mind and free your stress away.
  • Tokyo is the place you shouldn’t miss when you travel in Japan. This is the face of Japan and everybody knows Tokyo. The ultramodern vibe is so strong in this city. You will see how the enormous skyscrapers stand, fancy fashion shops, and delicious restaurants. You can find the weirdest activities in Tokyo such as arcades, cos-play, etc.
  • Kyoto is a must visit when it comes to Japan trip. This is where you can find the ‘pure and original Japan’. Bamboo forest, temples, wooden teahouse, Zen garden, local ceremonies, as well as intriguing market can be found in this site. The houses around this site are mostly still wooden which make the original vibe is stronger than any other place in Japan.
  • The next destination you can’t miss is Kanazawa. This is considered a rather quiet place in Japan, in contrast with Kyoto. In this site, you will find geisha district along with wooden buildings, pretty garden, castles, as well as museums to explore.
  • Osaka is also recommended place to visit when you travel in Japan. If you crave for delicious foods, you will find many of them here. You should explore this modern city and experience the nightlife. The buzz of people who enjoy the night just simply for walking or dining will give you more exciting experience to know exactly how lively Japan is even in the night.  

Best Sites for Your River Vacation

When it comes to finding the best spot for travel or vacation, there are many things come up in mind. Beach, mountain, waterpark, lake, and river can be a good option. In fact, lots of things you can do if you are interested in having river vacation. River is a gift from Nature which owns lots of living creatures from plants to animals. However, the current, the flows, and the lines of river are what make people attract to it. River is as mysterious as it is, also can bring you happiness and peace just by watching it.

Best Sites for Your River Vacation

Finding great sites for river vacation

There are numerous rivers all over the world. Some are large and some are hidden. Even though river is considered safe place to go but obviously there are some of them are dangerous enough to close to. That’s why you need to choose wisely to decide which river that you want to visit for your next travel plan. Make sure that the river is safe for tourist or visitor. Lots of countries own famous and magnificent rivers which are also open for public. Here are some of them:

  • Colorado River is located in Mexico, United States. The river is flowing down from the Rocky Mountain. This is a great spot to spend your break. There are many fun activities you can try during your vacation at this site such as whitewater rafting, kayaking, or tubing.
  • Nile is very famous river located in Africa. It flows throughout 11 countries actually and that makes this river so amazing for travelling. There are many spots you can visit during your river vacation such as Temple of Luxor, and other historical sites. You can even take a better look on how the local live.
  • Volga River is located in Russia. It presents scenic beauty. You can enjoy tour boats so you can explore the river more. There are waterways series you will through during your journey to explore the river. It is highly recommended to visit this river during summer since it freezes for 3 months in a year.
  • Irrawaddy River is located in Southeast Asia, specifically in Myanmar. You can try the cruise trip to explore the river if you’re not into river activities such as tubing or kayaking. You will find lots of interesting things alongside the rivers such as remote villages, temples, Buddhist sites, and many more.
  • Sepik River is also located in Southeast Asia, specifically in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia. It’s often referred to as the Asia-Pacific’s Amazon. Tropical rainforest offers enormous nature and wildlife. You can also find the unchanged cultures of the local for centuries.

It is advisable that you go for a river vacation in the right season. Your vacation will be disappointing if you visit the river when the rain is pouring. Besides, it’s risky to visit the river in a bad weather since the water volume is increasing and your safety is at risk at this point.

Finding Out the Best Islands for Private Vacation

Basically, the Earth is mostly occupied by water. The islands are what make Earth look even mesmerizing. However, there are also small islands for private vacation which are preferred a lot by tourists from all over the world. Small and hidden islands give off private space for those who want to have a peaceful vacation without too much noise and crowd. That’s why, private vacation in small islands now have become a commodity because the demand is high as well. There are famous private islands all over the world that you can find and visit.

Finding Out the Best Islands for Private Vacation

Small and hidden islands for private vacation

Private vacation is always preferred mostly by newlyweds or by upper class men who want to enjoy their time in peace. For couples, remote island is like a heaven made exclusively for them and give them freedom to do everything they want without the need to worry others. If you are interested to have a taste of how private vacation goes in hidden island then here are some famous small and hidden islands best for vacation all over the world:

  • Bawah Island is located in Indonesia, one of the countries in Southeast Asia. This island is remote and beautiful. There are lots of activities you can do in this small island such as hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and many more. You can also book one of 11 villas stilted above the water for more breathtaking experience.
  • Voavah is located in Maldives. The island is so lovely and a great choice if you want to spend your honeymoon in the most romantic place. This is famous for its snorkeling site because you will find lots of incredible creature under the sea. You can even try a motor yacht for more exploration.
  • One of the next best islands for private vacation is Turtle Island which is located in Fiji. This private island is remote but offers magnificent beauty you hardly find in other places. You can explore the islands through many ways such as biking, paddle boarding, hose riding, scuba diving, fishing, and many more.
  • Thanda Island is located in Tanzania. This island is basically inhibited. This is a great place for private vacation you want to spend only with your family. Your kids will love this island. Wake boarding, kayaking, and snorkeling are just few of many activities you can do while spending your time in this remote island.
  • Ariara is an island located in Philippines. It is a home to curving beach and clear sea. This island is also forested so you can enjoy hiking or jut exploring the site. You can do all water activities in this island and enjoy the most delicious lunch and dinner with the best service given by the staffs.

However, you need to prepare your budget because it costs higher than regular vacation since you need to book the island privately. The service and facilities are exclusive and that’s why the organizer often charges with quite a price. So which islands for private vacation is your next destination?

Reasons Why Spending Time in Mountain Is Great For Your Vacation Plan

Spending your vacation in the best place can be challenging especially when it comes to choose the best itself. However, spending time in mountain is not a bad idea. Don’t get exhausted before you really experience the thrill of mountain vacation. Mountain is a place full of mystery but it also contains lots of charms and beauty. You can spend your time with your friends. If you are unsure of the safety of the place, you can ask for a guide to help you explore the mountain safely.

Reasons Why Spending Time in Mountain Is Great For Your Vacation Plan

Why spending time in mountain is the best decision?

Lots of people take positive effects of spending their time in the mountain. The fantastic view is just one reason why people keep coming back to the mountain no matter how tiring the journey is. It is advisable that you hike the mountain with a group of people so that you can really enjoy your journey and share the experience with them. If you still unsure why mountain is the best place to send for your next vacation, here are some reasons you can consider:

  • The most logical reasons why people love mountain is because it makes you healthier. Climbing or hiking mountain benefits your fitness and physical health. If you have problem with your endurance or strength, you can starts climbing mountains regularly. The activities you do in your journey to the mountain will let you train your lung.
  • Spending time in mountain is also the best way to release some stress from your body. In addition, it gives you benefit to gain more patience and gratitude, as well as persistence. Some people may not call it an easy vacation when it comes to climbing mountain. However, why bother with the title as long as you gain the same positive effects? You will have a chance to build your characteristic to be better. Tough journey to reach the peak of the mountain teaches you to control your temper and befriend with patience.
  • The view is perfectly beautiful when you reach the top of the mountain. The sensation is unexplainable. For some people, it’s kind of religious experience which is hard to get anywhere else but the mountain itself. Being on the top of the world is the kind of sensation that will make your journey to the mountain i unforgettable.
  • Spending time in the mountain will make you love the environment more. There are lots of places in the mountain that still untouched by human. Seeing those places will only make you want to protect them. You will learn how to respect nature and environment.

There are lots of positive effects you can gain by spending time in the mountain and experience the real journey to the peak. Visiting mountain for your vacation, you will be more grateful to the small things you get in life. Spending time in mountain is sure not a luxurious way of travelling or vacation. However, mountain is the best place to teach you many things in life.

Best Activities to Do at the Beach

Beach is always the best place for you to spend for your vacation whether you do it alone or with your families. N matter how long or short your trip is, there are always fun activities to do at the beach. Some people might think that only toddlers, kids, and teens who always seem to enjoy the beach. However, beach is there for everyone to enjoy. The cool breeze, warm sun, and soft sands are just a little part of the beach you will always longing for.

Best Activities to Do at the Beach

Finding the best activities to do at the beach

Beach is the right place to visit especially when the weather is good. You can do all type of activities involving sea water or just the sands. You can even enjoy water sport with your friends or families. If you are the type of person who is rare to visit beach and don’t have any ideas how to spend your precious time of vacation there, then here are some fun ideas of what to do when you enjoy your vacation at the beach:

  • The most things to do at the beach are to enjoy the view. This is the basic thing that everyone can do since it doesn’t require any specific skill as well.  You can enjoy the sunrise or the sunset. The view at the beach is the best especially when the weather is great. For some people, this kind of activity is not that fun but for others, it can be the form of healing therapy to relieve some stress from your body.
  • The next activities to do at the beach are water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, or diving. Swimming at the beach is safe as long as you don’t cross the borderline. You can even enjoy snorkeling to see variety of species in the sea. If you are inexperience, you can as a guide. Diving is another fun activity you can do as well. Not to mention that surfing is exciting and thrilling.
  • If you bring kids to your vacation at the beach, building sandcastle is never old. This is always fun to do. Besides, it can be a practice to help the kids building their creativity.
  • When your friends tag along with your trip to the beach then you can make some games. For example, you can have a limbo competition or another game including sands. Those simple games may sound boring but it won’t be if you do it along with your friends.

There are more activities you can do at the beach such as taking some pictures, playing Frisbee, or just simply making up some dumb games. However, make sure to pay attention on your safety by always following the rules. It is also important that you protect your skin from harsh sunlight by applying sunblock all over your body. Only then, you can enjoy many fun activities to do at the beach with ease. So which beach are you going to spend for your next vacation?

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