How to Travel with Colleagues Successfully

Travel with colleagues sometimes makes you feel more awkward especially when you have not closed yet with them. However, there is nothing you can do to avoid the travel. Therefore, instead of avoiding the travel, it is best to find the best way to make your travel more comfortable both for you and your colleagues. There are many things you can do to make your interaction less awkward during your travel. You just need to be more open-minded and ready to compromise to avoid unnecessary clash.

four colleagues on business travel

Tips to travel with colleagues successfully

Travel for work sometimes is not as exciting as travel for holiday. This type of travel requires you to focus mainly on your responsibilities and your contribution to your team work if you travel with your co-workers. There will be new dynamic to be set. Even if you are close enough to your colleagues, you need to keep in mind that the travel is not to enjoy yourself but to complete the task in team. If you cannot set the dynamic well, there might be negative consequences in the end. Thus, here are tips how to make your travel with colleagues run smoothly:

  • Make sure to maintain professional boundaries because sometimes it is easy to forget that you are in mission just because you are outside of the office. It is best to avoid sharing personal details when you and your colleagues do your responsibilities no matter how casual the environment is.
  • To help you set the right dynamic during your travel with colleagues, it is recommended to set a goal before you set off. You can make daily goal which can you check at the end of the day. If it is necessary, you can share your goals to your colleagues and ask their opinion. It is great if they have the same goals so you can work harmoniously.
  • Remember to always look out for each other during your travel. It is not always about work-related stuff but also about your daily chores. This doesn’t have to be heavy tasks. You can look out for each other for small things such as reminding each other when the meeting is, making sure your colleagues are ready for the presentation, and so on.
  • It is fine to have ‘me time’ during your travel with your co-workers. Doing everything together all the time can be sickening. You will need time to composure your thoughts. That is why you need to spend your ‘me time’. You can take an hour off from a duty to wander around the place and enjoy your time.
  • Be ready to compromise if you and your colleagues have different opinion over small or big issue. Always remember that you and your colleagues have goals to achieve at the end of the travel. If you are both being too proud to compromise, you will fail together. Make sure to maintain good communication to avoid fight or clash. That is how your travel with colleagues works.

Steps How To Buy From Bean Bag Store

The choice of furniture is crucial. They were design and create to give comfort. Some considerations before buying furniture are seeing comfort. Buying expensive but uncomfortable furniture is useless. Nowadays people are considering buying modern, trendy and durable furniture. What are the important factors that underlie you to buy furniture both online and store?

Comfort! The main thing when shopping is convenience. Shop services and facilities are the main factors for customers while shopping. When looking for comfortable furniture, Bean bag stores are currently being visited for trendy and comfortable furniture.

Most bean bag stores do not produce furniture. They only have designs and make requests to be made according to the wishes of consumers. Most bean bags have websites that display many of the product images offered. Some tips that need to be considered when buying on a bean bag store.


If you buy a bean bag, the main factor that must be considered is the warranty. Although many stores sell beanbags, few dare to provide a long guarantee. Small shops usually only provide 3-4 months warranty, without guaranteed replacement if there is damage. Look for reviews from the internet to see the benefits of buying in stores or online stores.


A damage of furniture is unpredictable. You certainly don’t want to replace furniture quickly. What is needed is a comfortable furniture that is durable. bean bag chairs are different from other furniture. In terms of durability, the bean bag is the winner. This type of furniture does not need special care. You can even replace the cover and the bean bag looks new again.

Pay attention to the reviews of each store. Many shops only sell products without other services. The best bean bag store is that they not only sell products but also provide services for customers. Guest-friendly service can be a reference for buying luxury bean bags. In addition, pay attention to store service if there is a consumer complaint. Whether they serve quickly and well or do not care about customer complaints.

Above are some important points that you must pay attention to if you want to buy a bean bag. Bean bag stores do offer a variety of products in different sizes, colors, and types. But if you pay close attention, not many bean bag stores sell products while providing the best service to consumers. The best bean bag store is selling quality products, affordable, and the best service for everyone, both for those who want to buy or just to find information.

Why You Need Travel Light?

Why You Need Travel Light?
Everybody wants their travel to be free from any hassle and trouble. Travel light is the solution if you want the same thing for your vacation. Simple travelling is what people love more today than carrying around heavy luggage. The concept of travel light is easy. You travel without carrying too much stuff in your luggage. Generally, you just need to bring one bag to pack all the stuffs you need for the travel.

However, not all people are pleased with idea. Especially those who always tend to think that everything is necessary so in the end they pack everything into their luggage. The concept of travel light is compromising though. However, you might as well consider the destination as well to make sure you are not under-packed.

Travel light for some reasons

There are many reasons why you should start considering to take travel light. There are many benefits you can gain y choosing this type of travel instead of bringing too many bags for a simple travel. Here are some reasons why travel light will save you from unnecessary hassle and the chance of ruining your travel mood:


  • By taking light luggage, you are in more control. There is no need to wait for somebody else to carry your bags or suitcase. There is no need for you to use wheelie carts even. You are the only one in charge for your luggage. Even when you have to take one last minute detour, you won’t be bothered with your luggage since it’s light and simple.
  • Practicality is something you can learn from travel light. When you don’t pack something you think is essential for your travel, you can always search it through local store. Just say you have got a cold during your vacation and you don’t bring any medicine from your home. You can just go to the nearest drug store in your destination. Then, ask for the right medicine then the problem is solved. It is practical and there is nothing to be worried about.
  • Packing light means you have a chance to fill in full once the vacation over. It is common to go shopping at travel destination so you can bring something to your home such as clothes, accessories, even snacks. If your luggage have already full-packed from the beginning, you won’t have space left to bring what you shop later.
  • Packing light means you don’t need much time to get ready. You don’t have to fret over which clothes you should pick for the day, or what sweater you should wear for dinner. Everything comes in handy and simple. Your time is more effective since you won’t have to waste any minutes agonizing over unnecessary things.
  • When you choose travel light, there will be feeling of security throughout your travelling. It is because you don’t have to worry when your other bags are out of your sight. You only carry one bag and it is in your hand all the time.


Planning Your First Komodo Cruise: Choosing the Cabins

What’s better than a Komodo cruise for a summer voyage to the idyllic Flores and Komodo National Park? Picture a tropical archipelago with high, brown mountainous lands, glittering soft beaches, and luminous ocean. Sometimes, lines of rosy-tinted beaches peek shyly from hidden shores. Now, throw in the prehistoric, venomous, and largest lizard in the world which creeps among the drylands. You got Flores, one of the most idyllic destinations in Indonesia. And this type of holiday is best spent in the comfort of a cruise.

Planning Your First Komodo Cruise: Choosing the Cabins

A cruise is built for those who really want to experience the “live aboard” (literally living in the ship) to the fullest. It’s not built for speed—you might want to opt for speedboat for that. A sailing trip with Komodo cruise is not only about a vessel to reach destinations. It is meant to take the journey itself as an enjoyable part of the adventure itself. If this is your first time sailing with a cruise, take note to these tips to make your cruising holiday pleasant.

Determine Your Type of Holiday

With so much gorgeous Komodo cruise options, you can choose one that really suits your type of vacancy. If you are traveling with a partner or having a honeymoon trip, you might want to take a cruise with plenty of privacy. A fancier cruise with a touch of romantic design will be a good plus for a couple holiday. After all, you want this trip to make you all lovey-dovey with your partner, don’t you?

Traveling with family (and little children) will require a bigger room to accommodate all the family members. Better to take a ship with family rooms; the one with one queen bed and bunk beds for the kiddos. For an adventure with the gang, a luxury might not sit in top priority. A cruise with bunk beds, plenty of lounge spaces and party area will make a great trip. The type of your holiday matters to ship choosing—from luxury cruise to the budget-friendly one.

Cabin Placement

Speaking of rooms, pay extra attention when you choose a cabin. Especially if you are prone to seasickness during a sailing trip. Know that the higher a cabin, the harder it rocks. They do, however, provide the best view of the surrounding ocean. For a more stable stay, choose cabins in the lower and central part of the Komodo cruise.

A Style of Live

Do you want to wake up to sunrise? Or would you prefer to get closer to the social hub? All this little preference matter when you choose a cabin in the cruise. If you are very social, for example, you might want to have easy access to the lounge, where the crowds are.

Wooden Ship vs Cruise

A lot of travel agencies back in Labuan Bajo confuse a wooden ship with the cruise—think that they are interchangeable. A lot of travelers fell into the misguidance and ended up with cramped wooden boats instead of a neat cruise. A wooden boat and low-budget liveaboard to Komodo are not the comfiest in the market. The cabins are usually just enough to spread a bed and pile bunkbeds right on top of it. The narrow decks have little space left from long tables and chairs. Sometimes, they just arrange the meal on the floor! Know the difference.

Type of Cabins

Just like hotels, cruises has its own terms when it comes to the type of their ‘rooms’. Almost every decent Komodo cruise will feature one of these types or combine several of them on board. There are four types of cabins that you need to know:

The Inside

It’s the smallest cabin in the ship, usually located at the lowest level or in the middle of the ship. Expect to find no windows. It’s also the cheapest of all room—perfect for budget travelers who still want to have quality service of a cruise.

  • The Outside

This room is located on the side of the ship. It has a small window or porthole, so you can peek at what’s happening on the outside. Sometimes also known as ocean view, it’s also a little bit bigger than “inside” type.

  • The Balcony

Just as the name suggests, this room features a balcony where you can take fresh air without coming to public space. It’s great for travelers who want a little luxury and privacy. You can enjoy the beauty of the ocean right on the doorstep.

  • The Suite

Sometimes it’s only found in the most luxurious Komodo Cruise. The suite allows separated living areas and sleeping station, making the journey much more comfortable.

Recommended Activities during Staycation You Can Do

Lots of people will agree that staycation is not the most ideal choice for vacation. Lots of people wish for luxury travel overseas. However, staycation can be a lot of fun too. You can do lots of fun activities during staycation. There are many benefits as well when you choose to spend your day break with staycation instead of travelling overseas. You can save your budget and use it for other more important expenses. You can also save your energy especially when you spend your most time working. Staycation is your chance to get recharged in short time. You don’t have to travel far just to gain some fun and happiness. You can create them with the source all around you.

Choices of activities during staycation

Staycation is the moment when you do anything you want to do. You don’t have to worry about your limited budget and time because you don’t really need them. In fact, you can stay at home during your staycation. There won’t be any judge because that is the time of yours. However, it is also fun to spend your staycation time doing activities which can help lifting up your mood. Here are some recommended activities suitable for staycation:

  • Movie marathon – This is one of the most popular activities for staycation. You can either netflix and chill or go to the nearest cinema to watch current box-office movies. Watching movies can be a relaxing time because your mind is averted to something outside your duty at work or school. You mind is fully occupied with the plot and character in the movies so you let yourself lose for a while.
  • Food tour – Foods never fail to lift up your energy in many ways. It is one of the most fun activities during staycation you can’t miss. You can go to local market to try some street foods or go to the newest restaurant and try out their special menu. Indulging your appetite is one of the best activities during staycation.
  • Watching local sports – If you like watching sport tournaments like football or basketball, you can watch them during your staycation. Cheering your local team up is the best way to release all negative energy from your body. Ask your friends to go along with you. It is also great idea to be all out by wearing your team jersey and be a one-day cheerleader in the bleacher.
  • Shopping – Most people like shopping not only because they can buy what they want but also see many things. It is a great distraction from stress. You can spend your staycation time by shopping clothes or buying some groceries to stock up your fridge.
  • Cooking – If you like cooking, spend your time by trying to make new recipe that you have been wanting for. You can invite your friend so they can be a judge for your experiment. Cooking is also considered as healing moment. That’s why it is one of the best activities during staycation you can try.

Dive Internship Bali, Should You Pay Or Work?

Career changes can occur at any time. Everyone has a dream career that becomes a resolution to be realized. Many dream career choices, but not many dream of a career as a dive master. This is a hobby! Hobbies that turn into dream careers. Career based on hobbies is fun. Working according to passion makes you happier.

Dive Internship Bali

Maybe you will be a little overwhelmed to find information about the dive internship. Where? How is the process? What should be prepared? Dive internship Bali is an option that you can consider. Considering that Bali is filled with diving tourist spots and is easy to find professional dive centers. Do you have to pay to take part in a Bali dive internship?

There are 2 types of offers from the dive center. Those who offer a dive internship Bali for free, and who charge fees. Let’s learn, the benefits of a Balinese dive internship for divers or the dive center itself.

Get It Free And Give Benefit For The Company

Initially, this might have seen the company’s smart idea. Train through a dive internship and hire them. Dive internship Bali can later work freely and effectively. Maybe some dive centers provide requirements for them to work within a certain period. In fact, there are many local residents who are guides. This allows their opportunities to find fortune decreases. But, certain dive centers recruit and train them to become dive masters internships. This benefits both parties.

Diving Everyday

Diving every day? is it fun right? Even though at the stage of the dive internship, you will be trained to bring guests who pay for diving packages every day. This is a difficult job when you are also training to become a dive master. You must guide, make decisions during an emergency, ensure safety and ensure guests have fun.

Time With Your Instructor

At the time of the dive internship Bali, time with the instructor is very important. Why? You can quickly develop. And this is the time where knowledge and skills will come. The more you greet and spend time with the instructor, the more skilled you will be. Experience, attitude, and level are important for your experience dive internship Bali.

Maximize Your Dive Internship

Experience is the main point when you are in training. The important thing that you must pay attention to become a professional dive is

  • Maximize time with instructors and explore as much knowledge as possible.
  • Learn by yourself from various online or other modules
  • Take advantage of dive center facilities well

Training for a free dive internship Bali may not be as complete as if you paid. For that, if you have the opportunity with the instructor, then you have to ask everything you don’t know yet. Free dive internships Bali are more flexible than those paid, due to time constraints. For that reason, use the time during the free dive internship Bali for all skills.

What to Do to Keep Your Skin Healthy While Travelling

Travelling can be a moment of healing for your mind. However, long trip might also ruin your body especially your skin. It is important to keep your skin healthy while travelling. Glowing skin means healthy body as well. During your trip, it is easy to forget that your body also needs to be taken care of. You need to keep your body healthy regardless the circumstances of your journey. Lots of people regret their behavior of neglecting their well-being after the trip ends. Sunburns, rough skin, or uneven tan can ruin your mood after the trip ends.

How to keep your skin healthy while travelling


Skin is one of the most important parts of your body. It is the layer protecting your body from any harm such as radiation. During travel, sometimes you forget your skin care routine. Even if you are travelling solo, you must have a need to look presentable with fresh and glowing skin. You must also want to avoid having dry and unhealthy skin after the trip. So here are the tips to keep your skin healthy during your travel:


  • The first rule when you are going out is to apply sunscreen. This is the basic thing to do to protect your skin from any harm like harsh weather, sun radiation, or pollution. Every individual has different skin condition but being protected by sunscreen is general rule applied for any type of skin. Sunscreen will help to prevent your skin from unnecessary sunburn which can level up the risk of skin cancer especially for those who have fair skin.
  • Make sure your skin is always moisture by applying moisturizing cream. This will help your skin to avoid dryness due to harsh weather, especially pollution. Even when you are travelling to suburb places where pollution is i minimum level, your skin still needs to be moisturized.
  • To keep your skin healthy while travelling, you need to keep your body hydrated. Dehydration will not only affect your metabolism but also your skin’s health. When your body is dehydrating, your skin will easy dry. When your skin is dry, it is prone to other skin problems. To avoid your body from dehydration, you need to drink mineral water properly or at least make sure that you fill in your body fluid needs properly.
  • It is highly recommended to not drink caffeine too much while travelling. Caffeine can make your body dehydrated easier which can influence your skin as well. Drink something healthy such as juice, smoothies, or coconut water.
  • Wear something to protect your skin from direct damages such as hat with wide brim, sunglasses, or clothes with long sleeves. If your trip involves more in outdoor activities, make sure to wear proper outfits. It is better to use loose clothes so your skin can breathe easily. Loose outfits also help to avoid irritation due to sweat trapped on the surface of the skin itself. With proper outfits, you can keep your skin healthy while travelling.


How Living 3D2N in A Komodo Boat Trip Looks Like

For many travelers, embarking a journey to Komodo (no, not kimono, as my computer insist) is an escape dream. Getting there, however, is not exactly an easy trip. Unless you own a helicopter, taking a Komodo boat trip is the only way to get there. Choosing the right boat is not an easy task by its own. Sometimes the search result in shipwreck or backpacker boat where everyone is sleeping on the deck.

How Living 3D2N in A Komodo Boat Trip Looks Like

I often heard disaster stories from fellow travelers with their wooden boats. Some pay too much for what they see in the ads, some end up with moody engines and almost left stranded in the ocean. Luckily, I’ve done my research and stumble upon a pretty awesome Komodo Liveaboard. I was travelling with a group of friend, and this Komodo boat trip happen to just everything we need.

Inside the Komodo Boat Trip: The Cabin

I was ready for a frugal adventure. I have prepared my camping sleeping pad and portable blanket if I need to sleep in the deck. At least my back won’t suffer from the hard wood. It turns out that the liveaboard have not one, but three very decent cabin for us. There were 10 people in our group, so the four of us must sleep in the same room. It was very nice, though. The larger room have one queen size bed and two bunk beds, which reminded us back to our college years.

the cabin with two bunk beds. Four people were sleeping there!

Many people I know was somewhat tolerating their wooden boat, but I honestly really enjoy my time here. The teak interior is really my favorite! I wouldn’t really enjoy my time there with sea sick stomach if it wasn’t because of the calming decor.

Surprise Toilet

Toilet with showers. In a Komodo boat tour. Can you believe it?

I have a few experiences with ships to cross Indonesian archipelago, and I never been any happier. There were too many times when a boat’s toilets acted as real party pooper (quite literally). That’s why I was taken aback when I found that our boat even have real shower on it! Gone by the days when you took a bath with awkward heart-shaped water scoop. Yay! Looking at that, I instantly know that we had choose the right Komodo boat trip.

A Day in The Deck

How Living 3D2N in A Komodo Boat Trip Looks Like

Instead of a messy pile of beanbags and sleeping bag, the deck looked like….an actual living space. Just like how a deck should. Yes, there’s still bean bags and mattresses, but they are actually for lounging instead of spending the night. The life in our Komodo boat trip was awesome thanks to the comfortable teak deck. You can waste your time by taking a hundred summer snaps from this stylish deck before reaching the next island.

An Actual Meal

I heard that our liveaboard is preparing meal for us, but what I expected is not what I deserved. My trip friends and I have prepared a bag full of snacks and drinks, just in case. When the first lunch time come, the crew in our Komodo boat trip prepared an amazing meal for us. Complete with fritters, too! Tea and coffee were always available, and you can always request a cold glass of cocktails.

The Journey

Despite of the hot and humid weather, our Komodo boat trip went very smooth. We stopped to Padar first before the dawn in our first morning for a hike. And oh boy, the view was magnificent. We spend one of the most amazing sunrise in our life, right in the top of Padar’s famous hilltop. The rest of the day was an amazing trekking and dreamy sunbathe in Padar’s pink beach.

Some of us done our snorkeler gear and looking for a meeting with manta in Manta Point. We go back for lunch, and spent the afternoon resting in the deck, enjoying the dramatic view. When the sun is about to go down, our Komodo boat trip stopped in the middle of ocean. We have no idea until the captain told us that we were floating near Kalong Island, island of the bats. It was the most wildest sunset I ever heard. Just as the sun sets, thousand of bats starts to fly from the island, crossing the tangy sky. They are looking for foods in the neighbourhood.

And have I mentioned you that we only have to pay $37 per person per night for such a very descent Komodo boat trip?

Travel Tips to New Zealand You Will Need

If you are looking for one of the best travel destinations, New Zealand will come up on the top list. This is one of the most popular countries for tourism. Thus, you might as well know some travel tips to New Zealand so your vacation will be full of great memories to cherish.

Travel tips to New Zealand

New Zealand is everyone’s destination. Any type of travellers loves this country because there are so many things to embrace for memorable moments. Either you are solo traveler or adventure seeker, New Zealand can be the best answer for your need.

6 Travel tips to New Zealand for first timers

If it is your first time visiting New Zealand, it is better for you to plan for longer duration. There are so many spots you can explore during your trip in New Zealand. It will not be sufficient if you just spend two or three days. Try to plan having a full-week vacation to New Zealand for more satisfying journey. Here are some useful tips for your trip to New Zealand:

  1. If you have difficulties finding location of your destination during your vacation in New Zealand, you just need to visit i-Site. This is where you can gain information about everything you need as tourist. You can ask for maps or brochures as well as book tickets to some attractions. Travel information and advice will be provided for you as you need.
  2. As you know that New Zealand is one of the busiest tourism countries in the world. Lots of people are craving for having a vacation to this place. Thus, booking everything before your arrival is useful travel tips to New Zealand. For more comfortable travel in New Zealand, it is better to choose off-season so you can avoid crowd.
  3. New Zealand provides visitors with everything they need including transport. While wandering around New Zealand, you can take intercity buses. You can also take Mana Bus or the Naked Bus. In addition, ferry is also available and ready to transport you to your destination.
  4. If you are biker, New Zealand is the right place to go. There are many biking tracks you can explore during your trip in New Zealand. However, you need to keep in mind that the regulation says bikers are not allowed on the motorways. Local traffic rules are necessary to oblige for your own safety.
  5. It is essential to respect local culture when you are in a trip overseas. This is also what you need to do when you are in New Zealand and visiting a Marae. You need to properly follow the Te Ara rules such as taking off your shoes while entering the Marae. You need also follow local protocols while Powhiri ceremony is presented.
  6. Last travel tips to New Zealand are to have fun and loosen up. You can do many things like swimming amongst thousand dolphins, interacting with adorable sheep, or visiting the most famous of Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit location in the City of Wellington.

Why You Should Invest In Portable Parachute Hammock?

There are many types of hammock and one of the popular one is the portable parachute hammock. It is the swing for sleeping and mostly you will finds that it is made of the parachute nylon. No matter where you are travelling, you can always decides to bring it as you please.

We all have been seen the Instagram posts that is captioned as “hanging out” in our feeds, and you may just saw it a moment ago in your timeline even from the person that may not a traveller at all. I mean the real one. While I am not the big fan of them, but it can’t be the same when we would like to talk about the parachute hammock. Seems like i am quite hooked by it.

Invest in portable parachute hammock

We could have hundreds of reasons why this hammock is so great and later why you have to spend your saving for getting one. But I will just mention some the them which are mostly my own reasons as well why investing in portable parachute hammock.

1. Portable parachute hammock is the quality product you can get

Let’s not talk about which is the best brand in the world related to it. Moreover, many of the manufacturers may claim the same thing over and over again. Overall, many of the parachute hammock out there are also qualified.

Manufacturers have produced the product that meet the standard not only for the quality, but also safety and comfortability at the same time. So that, no wonder if you can find one with the carrying capacity up to hundred kg for only the single person usage. The warranty is also getting even more interesting and calming since as we know that the products are guaranteed for years like 5 or 10 years.

2. Its portability

That’s why since the first place i was writing this article, i have mentioned about the ability of its portability. One of the main reason why is that is because the hammock itself is the lightweight product that you can take to wherever. It can really helpful when you are travelling and bringing it.

Either to be put inside your backpack or even in your tote bag, you won’t get troublesome at all when taking it with you. Yet, you really need not to be worry because the portable parachute hammock itself comes with a compact stuff pack or its own backpack, depending on the manufacturers.

Takes it to your school or campus, place you are working at, in travelling, and many more. Have got one place that you can’t bring a hammock? I bet you won’t find one.

3. Incredibly easy to use even for an amateur

You don’t have to be the real adventurer wanna be in using the hammock from setting it up and taking it down. You can still doing it as fast as possible like many other people.

4. Many of its usages

Mostly, the portable parachute hammock usually being used as the hanging bed while camping. That also the main time when you will use it. But it shouldn’t stopping you from using it for other purposes.

You can get your work or homework done inside it, use it as to replace your main bed or mattress and many more. Feel free to think about it creatively and you may found yourself surrounded by the pride.

5. Finding yourself at outdoor

Since the hammocks are mainly used at outdoor by many of the travellers especially for camping, it can also encourages us to do the same. You may wants to enjoy the nature with only yourself and thinking about life. You may needs to breathe the fresh air out there. But if you are still in doubt, try to get one of the hammock, it may can encourage you as well to go out and find your own for experiencing the outdoor living for a moment.

Have you convinced yet to buy this portable parachute hammock? Don’t just think that it will only the investment in travelling alone, because you are actually will investing in yourself and your health as well.

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