What You Need To Know About Hostels

What You Need To Know About Hostels

Hostel is often the choice many travelers choose to accommodate their stay during their trip. However, not all travelers ever stay in a hostel for their trip. Some of them opt for a hotel or any other accommodations. The reason can be varied from one person to another. However, there are also travelers who see staying at hostel as daunting experience. 

What is hostel?

A hostel is a lodge to accommodate anyone. It is preferred by many travelers because it is such a cheap lodge to stay at. It often has rooms with similar style to a dorm with bunks, along with security, social events, a common area, shared bathrooms, and a kitchen. Some of them also feature private room you can book if you want. Hostels are community-oriented lodging to say the least. You get to share everything but your locker and bunk. Imagine hostel as summer camp or college dorm. You can find hostels in every country in the world. 

Prices of hostels

Prices of hostels

Many people say that hostel is a cheap choice. The prices basically vary around the world. It can cost about $50 to $80 per bed in Western Europe or Australia. In Southeast Asia, it usually costs even cheaper. It costs around 50 cent to $3 per night depending on the type of room. In South America and Eastern Europe, it can cost around $10 to $30 for a dorm. On average a hostel costs around $10 to $30 per night for a room. 

How about room sharing? Is it a must?

You can share a room with others in hostels. You are usually roomed with the same sex not the opposite. Lots of hostels have single-sex dorms as well but some of them also have mixed-dorms. So it is best to ask first to see if the hostel has an option you prefer. If you don’t want to share a room, book the private room instead. However, hostels are generally safe that even in mixed dorms, people respect each other’s boundaries. 

About sharing the bathroom

About sharing the bathroom

There are some travelers who don’t fancy sharing bathroom with strangers. But if you plan to stay in hostel during your trip, you have to share bathroom indeed especially if you stay in the dorm not in private room. Be prepared of different type of travelers because not everyone is as clean or respectful as you are in using the bathroom. 

Age limits to stay in hostel

Some hostels do have age limit. It usually comes with party hostels that have a bar inside so they limit the age of guests allowed to stay. Some hostels for example restrict to under 30 or 40 but it is kind of rare. 

About breakfast

Most hostels usually include basic breakfast such as buttered toast, fried eggs, and some coffee or tea. If breakfast is not included, the hostel usually provide a large kitchen, food storage and dining area for the guests to prepare their own meals. You can find more information about it by reading the reviews of the hostel. 

5 Things to Never Do When Looking for Leasing Property in Bali

5 Things to Never Do When Looking for Leasing Property in Bali

Are you wanting to expand your investment portfolio by jumping on leasing property in Bali market? If you make the right choice, investing in real estate can be both thrilling and lucrative. However, aside from the income and incentives, real estate investing might be intimidating for a first-time investor. Real estate is a difficult business, and it’s littered with land mines that can wipe out your profits. That’s why it’s crucial to perform extensive study before diving in, so you’re aware of all the benefits and drawbacks of real estate investing. When looking for an income property, these are the most crucial factors to consider.

#1 Not Doing Proper Research of Leasing Property in Bali

Not doing a comprehensive research before purchasing a leasing property in Bali is a sure way to get scammed. Yup, you don’t want to do that. Whether it’s your first or tenth property purchasing, you’ll always need to do a proper research beforehand. This research will assist you in narrowing down numerous crucial qualities for your property, including type, location, size, and amenities. After that, you might wish to hire a real estate agent to assist you with the acquisition.

#2 Expecting Instant Success

People get into difficulties with almost all investments because they don’t hold on to them for long enough. If you break even on a cash-flow basis with rentals, that’s not awful because you’re paying down the debt and accumulating equity. Then, maybe, you’ll notice some gratitude.

So, if you want to make money in real estate, you should consider the long term. You should be able to increase your cash flow as you pay down or erase principal over time.

#3 Not Looking for Potentials

Not Looking for Potentials

A beginner mistake especially in leasing property in Bali is only looking for ready-to-use villas and houses. Consider looking past the interior and try to search cheaper assets with bigger potential. Look for a home that, with a few cosmetic improvements and minor upgrades, could attract renters who are willing to pay higher rents. This will also increase the property’s worth if you decide to sell it in a few years.

#4 Lacking Research Whether the Location Make Good Leasing Property in Bali

Your ideal vacation might entail travelling somewhere without a television, a cellphone, or a view of your neighbor’s fence. People who rent vacation houses in Bali, on the other hand, aren’t usually looking for that. If you’re serious about renting out your villa, be sure it’s suitable for tourists. In an ideal world, the property for lease in Bali would be right in the middle of things. It’s important to remember that not everyone enjoys driving down twisting roads. Consider your vacationer as someone who wants to find the house, park the car, and not get back in it for the entire week or weekend. They want to go to the beach, the store, and the trailhead on foot.

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#5 Forgetting the Extra Costs 

Don’t purchase a property in Bali if you think you only need to pay for the cost of the house. Take a  look at the entire costs of owning and operating the home. You’ll have to pay for taxes, insurance, upkeep, and utilities at the very least. You may need to add in the cost of a caretaker or property manager if you reside more than an hour away. Also, while calculating maintenance costs, get a sense of what it takes to keep a house in good shape from someone who lives in the region full-time.

International Foods to Try Once in Your Life Time When Travelling Overseas

Exploring and learning is your supposed goals when it comes to travelling abroad. You can do it by trying various foods at every place you visit. It is a great way to open your mind and become more aware of culture diversity around the world. There are many ways you can enjoy foods while travelling such as by dining in fancy restaurant, sampling at local food festivals, or strolling down food stalls. You can even meet the locals and learn how to make their specialties from them. Who knows maybe you can revive the recipe once you get back home. It can help you to flashback good memories of place you visited.

International foods deserve a try during your trip

There are various dishes all over the world and here are foods you need to try at least once in your life time when travelling abroad:

  • Completo is a hotdog topped with avocado, tomatoes, sauerkraut, and mayonnaise. It is Chilean hotdog but in twice the size of American hotdog. It is already known internationally that Chile is one of the highest avocado producing countries in the world. Thus, it is common to include avocado in various meals when visiting Chile. 
  • Meze is one of the most recommended foods you should try especially when you are visiting Middle East and Mediterranean. It is similar to Spanish tapas. However, Meze is also made and served in various ingredients. It can include labne or strained yoghurt cheese, muhammara or hot pepper dip with breadcrumbs and walnuts, baba ghanoush or seasoned diced eggplant, and many more options. 
  • Kangaroo meat is a must try food when you visit Australia. The benefit of Kangaroo is that it is high in protein and low in fat. It can be roasted, skewered, and many more. To get the best flavor, Kangaroo meat is best cooked medium rare to medium. 
kangaroo meat - steak
\kangaroo steak
  • Next recommended food to try while travelling abroad is churro. The best place to savor the sweet delicacy is Spain. This crispy pastry is best served with a cup of steaming hot chocolate. Spaniards enjoy churros and hot chocolate for breakfast. This can be a great idea for you to choose the right menu for your breakfast while you are in Spain. 
  • Lobster rolls are a must eat food when you visit USA especially for seafood enthusiast. Lobster rolls are toasted hot dog bun which is lightly buttered then stuffed with claw, knuckle and tail meat of lobster. They are also filled with celery, butter, scallion, mayonnaise, lemon juice, salt, as well as pepper. They are also often served with fries, chips, or pickles. 
  • Spring rolls from Vietnam are already popular. The Vietnamese call it as nem nuong cuon. They are a grilled pork sausage wrapped in rice paper and filled with lettuce, carrot, cucumber, daikon, and mint. They are usually served with special sauce. There is also similar dish called goi cuon. However, it is added with shrimp as basic ingredients along with pork.

Diving Komodo National Park And Meet The Reef Shark

Have you ever thought about diving and meeting sharks in Indonesia? The question is, is it safe to swim with sharks? Komodo National Park is one of the best diving spots in East Nusa Tenggara which offers memorable dives with reef sharks. What do you need to prepare when diving with a reef shark? Say Hello Flores and enjoy the remarkable underwater!

Diving Komodo Natonal Park - Meet Reef Shark

Do Your Research About The Reef Shark

In fact, there are 4 reef sharks that you can find at Komodo National Park. Whitetip, backtip, bamboo, and gray shark. Sounds cool right? Let us discuss the characteristics of each shark.

Whitetip Reef Shark

Whitetip Reef Shark | Komodo National Park

You can find Whitetip in several diving spots on Komodo Island. Several dive spots that you might explore to be able to dive with the whitetip such as Siaba Besar, Siaba Kecil, Tatawa Besar, Mawan, Batu Bolong, Manta Point, and Pengah Kecil. Is it safe to dive in Komodo National Park with the White reef shark? This type of shark is nocturnal and they hunt at night. It would be very, very diving with this type of shark during the day.

The specific gravity of this shark is 18.3 kg with an average length of 6 meters. The Whitetip has lived on the earth for about 42 years! Amazing!

Blacktip Reef Shark

Blacktip reef shark

Blacktip species are less likely to be found at the dive site than those on Komodo. But you can find Blacktip Reef Shark in several locations such as Cauldron, Manta Point, Mawan, and Tatawa Besar. What’s interesting about this type of shark is that it is shy. The best thing you can do during your dive when meeting a blacktip is to observe from afar and let them approach you.

Bamboo Shark

bamboo shark Komodo National Park

For this type of shark, you can find it during the dive at 2 locations, namely, Manta Point & Cyrstal Rock. This type of bamboo shark is a rare animal that you can only find in coastal areas in Indonesia. So don’t miss diving with rare sharks at Komodo National Park.

Grey Shark

This type of shark is the largest compared to other sharks on Komodo Island. To be able to dive and see this type of shark, you can go north to Komodo, Castle and Crystal Rock. The characteristics of this type of shark are an elongated body, a rounded nose, and large eyes. This shark moves quite slowly but is capable of reaching speeds of 25mph when chasing down its prey.

What do you need to prepare when Diving in Komodo National Park with a shark?

If you are a lover of bright-colored costumes, you should discourage using them when diving. Using bright colors when diving is not a good idea! Based on research, sharks are very attracted to bright colors. It is not possible if you use bright colors, the sharks will see you as their prey. For safety, you should use a wetsuit with a soft color. 

What should you do when diving at a shark location?

Descend Quickly

The first time you hit the water, you have to get down as fast as you can. Its purpose is for your safety. Anything floating, whether it’s an animal or something, signals to the sharks that you are something to explore or that you are their food.

Slow Movements

Meeting sharks for the first time is indeed the best experience! But you have to scan the fast movement towards the shark. Sharks can detect you as food or their prey. It is best to stay calm and make slow movements. The aim is to prevent the sharks from thinking that you are not their food.

Don’t Feed the Sharks

This is important and you must obey. Sharks are very aggressive when stimulating their eating frenzy which causes them to get excited, and even fight with other sharks. Sharks will bite anything that gets in their way including the diver that feeds them.

In the end, you should always remember the buddy system. Make sure you get close to your friends or friendships in Komodo National Park. If you lose friends and guides during the dive, it is best to cancel the dive and return to the boat.

Exploring Komodo National Park and diving with sharks will certainly be memorable and an unforgettable experience. If you follow the rules and become a responsible diver, your diving will be very safe and enjoyable. Komodo National Park is one of the best spots in Indonesia for you to dive with sharks. Doing group dives with your friends may be a very good idea and will allow you to charter a private boat. There are so many private boat options, depending on your vacation budget! Try research Komodo liveaboard to increase your diving skill.

What To Know To Be A Smart Traveler

Travelling is fun and all. It can be a life-changing experience. Some people even return from the trip looking different than they were like before. Be it the glow, the changing personality, the growing character, etc. There are many lessons you can take from travelling to many different places. However, becoming a smart traveler also take not only one or two trip. As you travel more, you learn more how to navigate yourself better. To be a smart traveler, you also need to know various skills. You may also develop those skills during your trips eventually. 

Things smart travelers know to do

Smart travelers know that they don’t have to depend on devices to keep going. The simplest example is about washing your laundry. During travel, sometimes you have to wash your clothes manually using your hands in a sink. If you don’t have basic knowledge and skill, you may end up wearing dirty clothes. Sure there are laundromart and all but in some destinations, sometimes there are not even available. Besides, doing it ow your own is more efficient and faster. 

Smart traveler knows the importance of knowing where the embassy is before the trip. Hence, they know where to go when emergency happens. You never know what will happen to you even if you have take necessary precaution for the trip. Knowing where the embassy is can save your life. Hence, do your homework and locate nearest embassy if you are leaving your country. 

Smart travelers know where to put their money. They also know that it is not safe to put all money in one place. Sometimes the unexpected happens. Hence, you always have to be prepared by having emergency stash of money all the time. Theft and loss are highly possible when you are wandering unknown places. Hence, keep a secret stash of money you can access and use during emergency but make sure you remember where you put it. 

Haggling is a skill smart travelers usually master. They know that shopping is one of the fun parts of travel. Haggling is like art. There is no specific formula to it but you can learn it as you travel and shop more. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be fluent in local language of a place you visit to be able to haggle successfully. However, make sure to exude positive attitude and vibes during haggling. Always be respectful to the sellers and don’t cause any drama. 

Master the skill of saying no and thank you during travel is a must. Smart travelers know that keep saying yes won’t get them anywhere but trouble. There might be salespeople and buskers or even beggar who keep invading your space during your trip. Warding the off by saying no and thank you can be effective. Smart travelers don’t let themselves do what the others do especially when it is something they are not comfortable with. Therefore, learn how to be a bit more assertive. 

Bali Villas: A Jewel in The Peaceful Tegalalang

Bali is a stunning slice of tropical paradise in Indonesia. Whether you’re traveling with a big family or planning a romantic escape. Bali holidays are among the most magical escapes in Indonesia, featuring beautiful beaches, unique Balinese culture, and superb diving spots. The Bali holidays won’t disappoint. Moreover, Bali is also home to some outstandingly luxurious Bali villas. No matter what type of villa you need, Bali has the perfect villa for you. So here’s our pick for the best villa for consideration.

Amazing spacious Bali villas for sale in Tegalalang

Amazing spacious Bali villas for sale in Tegalalang

This villa is one of the amazing Bali villas that are available for sale freehold. Located in the peaceful area of Tegalalang. This spacious villa overlooks lush rice paddies in the best Tegalalang neighborhood. The design of this villa blends modern and traditional style. Only 10 minutes to Ubud central and 5 minutes to the market. The stunning villa stands on 2,910 sqm of land and 800 sqm of building. This villa features 4 spacious and stylish en-suite bedrooms. All bedrooms are fully finished with expensive furniture. The bedrooms also come with patio doors that allow you to enjoy the charming view. Spacious layouts offer generous rooms with aesthetic bathroom bathrooms.

bali villas in tegalalang

The villa also comes with a spacious living area, dining area, and a fully equipped kitchen. This spacious villa is surrounded by beautiful gardens and lawns. The living room area features cozy sofa seating, a large flat-screen TV, and artwork. In addition, there is a large open living room . It offers a nice spot for enjoying a cozy talk with the family. Apart from the wonderful swimming pool, the villa also features sunbeds with umbrellas. It also has both indoor and outdoor dining areas. This amazing modern traditional mix villa is the perfect stay for families.  Furthermore, with a spacious villa, everyone in your family can have their own room.  It’s also gives you a place to unwind after your busy daily life

For further information about this amazing spacious villa. You can check the detailed information on our site by typing the codes in the search bar!

The benefit of staying in villas

Staying in your own villa means you have a whole villa to yourself. The serenity and peace you gain from these types of accommodations are invaluable! Many villas are nestled in a secluded area, allowing a sense of luxurious isolation away from the bustle. So apart from having your private time, you can also have your private facilities. One of the main advantages of staying in a private villa is the luxury amenities you’ll be able to enjoy. Such as a swimming pool facing the stunning view and many other villa amenities and facilities!

What You Can Wear for Comfortable Air Travel

What You Can Wear for Comfortable Air Travel

Regardless of the type of travel you take, it is always advised to dress appropriately so you know you are going to feel comfortable throughout the trip. For air travel, you should wear comfortably especially when you are going for a long-haul flight. Even though air travel itself is one of the most comfortable choices, lots of travelers who have experienced various discomforts simply because they dress inappropriately. Hence, paying attention to what you wear is important for comfortable travel.

Things you can wear for more comfortable air travel

Layers such as cardigans, sweatshirts, shawls, vests, wraps, and light jackets are perfect for air travel. A flight can cause discomfort due to the temperature. It can be chilly once you are inside the cabin. If you are not layered enough, you might get bloated, cold, etc. Hence, layers can save you from those discomforts.

Leg wears are a must when it comes to air travel but many travelers often forgot to do wear them. It will be such a bless to wear them especially during a long haul-flight. You can wear support or compression shocks or stockings in flight. They are not only recommended for pregnant women but also air travelers in general. They help promote blood circulation, keep you warm, and avoid swelling legs.

What You Can Wear for Comfortable Air Travel

Wear breathable fabrics for comfortable air travel since they they allow air to circulate well. Therefore, you will always feel comfortable, clean, and fresh even with long-haul flights. Breathable fabrics include cotton, silk, or linen are best for travelling. The materials are nice to the touch and don’t irritate skin.

Wear shoes instead of sandals. Shoes provide more protection to your feet during travel. In the cabin of the plane, they can keep your feet warm. However, make sure to choose comfortable shoes to wear. At least, choose the ones made from materials that don’t irritate your skin, are easy to slip on and off especially during airport security check, are comfortable for long-walking, and provide good support for your foot.

Loose fitting clothing is highly recommended. Not only are they comfortable to wear but they also help for better blood circulation. Wearing too-tight clothing can block your blood circulation which can cause various discomforts during your flight. It is best to leave your skinny jeans especially if you have long-haul flight.

Bring accessories or additional items that can improve the level of your comfort during the flight. For example, you can wear foldable light blanket, beanie, canceling noise earphone, etc. Every individual may have different comfort items for travel. You can bring and wear them for your flight so you stay comfortable and warm during travel.

It is also highly recommended to travel light and not put everything in your carry-on bag or backpack. When you travel with a heavy weight in your arm or back, it can cause you discomfort even if you take air travel. Hence, it is always best to pack personal necessities in your carry-on bag and put everything else you won’t need during the flight inside your suitcase.

Exploring The Magical Wayag Island

Wayag Island

If you’ve been dreaming of a wonderful way to spend your next vacation, look no further than the blissful surrounds of Wayag Island. This stunning tiny archipelago in the Raja Ampat is the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the modern-day world, and even a few days spent on its beautiful shores is an adventure in itself. When you see Raja Ampat’s picture in the magazine, chances are you know the image of Wayag online. You can find pristine white sandy beaches with unique Karst islands that look like mushrooms sprouting out from the island’s blue sea. Here are some of the highlights on the island that you can enjoy.

Wayag Island, a world beneath the waves

The magic of Wayag Island is not just on land but underwater too. Together with the crystal turquoise waters, the stunning island makes for the perfect snorkeling and diving site. The marine life on the island varied from very small to large marine animals. The smaller marine species like orangutan crabs, flatworms, nudibranchs, and camouflaged whip coral gobies could be spotted around the corals. Vast schools of fish, manta rays, sweetlips, and wobbegong sharks are a must-see. This place is a heaven for underwater photography with magnificent soft and hard coral, are many species here you won’t find anywhere else on the earth!

Secluded island escapes

Imagine being castaway on a remote island and waking to the sounds of the blue sea, walking barefoot along the fantastic beach, swimming in crystal waters surrounded by shoals of fish in colorful reefs before sunset. Don’t forget to dine beside the ocean or share intimate moments with your partner. Although lobster is considered an expensive meal in Indonesia, you can easily find delicious lobster at a more affordable price.

Wayag Island

Thrilling Adventures for all

When it comes to activities to do in Wayag, there are many fun things to choose from. Water sports enthusiasts can look forward to swimming, diving, and snorkeling. Its healthy waters and untouched reef make this place a heaven for water enthusiasts. The next fun thing to do is sightseeing. The island features several small karst islands, on which travelers can witness. Apart from sightseeing around the island, you have the chance to climb those hills. The hiking takes around 30 minutes, but it becomes an unforgettable experience. No need to mention the views are breathtaking from above!

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Wayag Island offers a sense of sublime serenity

The idyllic coastal atmosphere also provides the perfect backdrop to experience a yoga retreat at Wayag. Yoga will bring together mind and body, energy and spirit, flexibility and strength, balance, and beauty. Therefore, it is essential to do it in the perfect place: a quiet, relaxing, beautiful, and balanced place.

Responsible Travel for More Sustainable Future

Responsible Travel for More Sustainable Future

Sustainable lifestyle is more important that you think. It is not only about what you do when you are at home. Sustainable lifestyle can be applied when you are travelling as well. And it makes differences to our planet. However, many people are still doubtful of responsible travel because of so many myths such as you have to sacrifice your convenience or the trip will be more stressful than relaxing. However, those myths are untrue. You can still enjoy your trip to the fullest without reducing the level of convenience or losing the fun.

Implementing responsible travel

Sustainability doesn’t have to be something you see as a burden. It doesn’t have to be something that makes you do dirty works. Even small changes can make differences. The way you travel today can have a long lasting impact on the future. Hence, it is better to opt for sustainability for long lasting happiness for all of us.

Many people suggest that you go volunteering when travelling. It is fulfilling if you are able to hep building a school or digging a swell for the local to live better. However, it is not the only way you can contribute to the better future of the locals. You can help by supporting the local business, purchasing their crafts and produce, and so on. You can also join a special program of travel where you stay with he local host and experience their lives. It helps you understand and empathize more. Also, it contribute to their financial security. It also helps to preserve their traditions for future generation.

Be more responsible with your choices for the trip. For example, what activities you can do where you can still have some fun without endangering environment, culture, or, facilities. There are many ways to have fun without impacting other negatively. When you are exploring the ocean, make sure that your gear or what you apply won’t harm any marine life. Or when you visit a national park, make sure to not harm any animals or dirtying the river. Learn more about the local and their culture to understand how they live while preserving the nature. There might be many lessons you can take from interacting with the locals respectfully.

Use technology to make your travel more sustainable without harming anything. For example, you can use your phone to save documents you need for the trip. By going paperless, you can contribute to preserve the trees. In fact, you can join a tree-planting program with the local community. It helps reforestation and it doesn’t even make you work your muscle a lot (if the trip you plan is to use less muscle or dirty works).

It doesn’t matter whether you call it green-trip, eco-travel, or eco-tourism. What really matter is what it does. Sustainable travel doesn’t have to make you suffer. Even by doing small changes, you give valuable contribution to the nature. Being a mindful traveler doesn’t have to be so daunting.

7 Reasons Why Raja Ampat Cruise Make the Best Holiday

Raja Ampat Cruise

Raja Ampat is located in West Papua. It is one of the many beautiful islands that make up Indonesia. Therefore, the island is suitable for a family trip, honeymoon destination, and group trip. You can find the spectacular marine life, breathtaking island, and white sandy beach here. The perfect way to explore this beautiful island with the cruise. There are dozens of reasons why thousands of travelers choose Raja Ampat Cruise for a special holiday. Taking a cruise allows you to see the different world, unwind completely, experience amazing divers, and bond with your family. A cruise holiday is simply a floating resort, with all the good things a cruise has to offer and more! In fact, cruise holidays to Raja Ampat have a higher percentage of satisfied customers than any other experiences. So, what are you waiting for? Here are the reasons why this kind holiday is perfect for you!

Raja Ampat Cruise is great value for money!

Cruising combines the best of an all-inclusive accommodation and adventure in one. Whatever type of cruise you choose to Raja Ampat, it will include your room, meals, activities and entertainment. With cruises, you’ve got your delicious food, best room with the ocean view, entertainment, fun adventure activities and an array of destinations completely covered. Compare, if you stay in a hotel, you will need more out of pocket if you choose to stay on land.

See a number of amazing destinations on one trip

With so many wonderful places to see in Raja Ampat, it’s pretty hard to settle on just one place to head for a perfect holiday. That’s why Raja Ampat Cruise is perfect for you. With a variety of stops on beautiful places in Raja Ampat, you have no time to get bored of any one place.

Raja Ampat cruise has a lot of activities

Fill your cruise trips with sightseeing, diving, snorkeling, learning new cultures or simply sipping coffee on your balcony. At night, enjoy the delicious foods, sing together with your groups or enjoy the quiet night gazing at the stars.

Raja Ampat cruise for all ages!

You may think that a cruise holiday is just for couples, older people, or for those who don’t like to do a great deal on their trips. In fact, a cruise holiday is for everyone. With everything from the luxury service on boats to water activities, it helps to keep mum, dad, grandparents and kids happy.

A stress-free holiday

A really wonderful holiday will be completely hassle and stress free. With a cruise, you will have the easy holiday choice where all you need’s been thought of for you. You no need to research looking for some foods, what you eat and look for things to do with the kids. Once you board, everything you need is taken care of – there’s no meal preparation and there’s no transportation woes, water activities, to get tickets to a tourism destination. You can book excursions once you’ve reached your cruise!

New Adventure Experiences

Holiday cruises give you the chance to experience and see all areas in the Raja Ampat. Waking up in a different beautiful place every day is a definite what you get in comfortably.

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Staying connected at ocean

One especially best thing about cruise holidays is that you can enjoy a breathtaking blue ocean.  You can lay out on deck while playing your playlist.

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