What You Need To Know About Hostels

Hostel is often the choice many travelers choose to accommodate their stay during their trip. However, not all travelers ever stay in a hostel for their trip. Some of them opt for a hotel or any other accommodations. The reason can be varied from one person to another. However, there are also travelers who see staying at hostel as daunting experience. 

What is hostel?

A hostel is a lodge to accommodate anyone. It is preferred by many travelers because it is such a cheap lodge to stay at. It often has rooms with similar style to a dorm with bunks, along with security, social events, a common area, shared bathrooms, and a kitchen. Some of them also feature private room you can book if you want. Hostels are community-oriented lodging to say the least. You get to share everything but your locker and bunk. Imagine hostel as summer camp or college dorm. You can find hostels in every country in the world. 

Prices of hostels

Prices of hostels

Many people say that hostel is a cheap choice. The prices basically vary around the world. It can cost about $50 to $80 per bed in Western Europe or Australia. In Southeast Asia, it usually costs even cheaper. It costs around 50 cent to $3 per night depending on the type of room. In South America and Eastern Europe, it can cost around $10 to $30 for a dorm. On average a hostel costs around $10 to $30 per night for a room. 

How about room sharing? Is it a must?

You can share a room with others in hostels. You are usually roomed with the same sex not the opposite. Lots of hostels have single-sex dorms as well but some of them also have mixed-dorms. So it is best to ask first to see if the hostel has an option you prefer. If you don’t want to share a room, book the private room instead. However, hostels are generally safe that even in mixed dorms, people respect each other’s boundaries. 

About sharing the bathroom

About sharing the bathroom

There are some travelers who don’t fancy sharing bathroom with strangers. But if you plan to stay in hostel during your trip, you have to share bathroom indeed especially if you stay in the dorm not in private room. Be prepared of different type of travelers because not everyone is as clean or respectful as you are in using the bathroom. 

Age limits to stay in hostel

Some hostels do have age limit. It usually comes with party hostels that have a bar inside so they limit the age of guests allowed to stay. Some hostels for example restrict to under 30 or 40 but it is kind of rare. 

About breakfast

Most hostels usually include basic breakfast such as buttered toast, fried eggs, and some coffee or tea. If breakfast is not included, the hostel usually provide a large kitchen, food storage and dining area for the guests to prepare their own meals. You can find more information about it by reading the reviews of the hostel. 

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