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Recommended Activities during Staycation You Can Do

Lots of people will agree that staycation is not the most ideal choice for vacation. Lots of people wish for luxury travel overseas. However, staycation can be a lot of fun too. You can do lots of fun activities during staycation. There are many benefits as well when you choose to spend your day break with staycation instead of travelling overseas. You can save your budget and use it for other more important expenses. You can also save your energy especially when you spend your most time working. Staycation is your chance to get recharged in short time. You don’t have to travel far just to gain some fun and happiness. You can create them with the source all around you.

Choices of activities during staycation

Staycation is the moment when you do anything you want to do. You don’t have to worry about your limited budget and time because you don’t really need them. In fact, you can stay at home during your staycation. There won’t be any judge because that is the time of yours. However, it is also fun to spend your staycation time doing activities which can help lifting up your mood. Here are some recommended activities suitable for staycation:

  • Movie marathon – This is one of the most popular activities for staycation. You can either netflix and chill or go to the nearest cinema to watch current box-office movies. Watching movies can be a relaxing time because your mind is averted to something outside your duty at work or school. You mind is fully occupied with the plot and character in the movies so you let yourself lose for a while.
  • Food tour – Foods never fail to lift up your energy in many ways. It is one of the most fun activities during staycation you can’t miss. You can go to local market to try some street foods or go to the newest restaurant and try out their special menu. Indulging your appetite is one of the best activities during staycation.
  • Watching local sports – If you like watching sport tournaments like football or basketball, you can watch them during your staycation. Cheering your local team up is the best way to release all negative energy from your body. Ask your friends to go along with you. It is also great idea to be all out by wearing your team jersey and be a one-day cheerleader in the bleacher.
  • Shopping – Most people like shopping not only because they can buy what they want but also see many things. It is a great distraction from stress. You can spend your staycation time by shopping clothes or buying some groceries to stock up your fridge.
  • Cooking – If you like cooking, spend your time by trying to make new recipe that you have been wanting for. You can invite your friend so they can be a judge for your experiment. Cooking is also considered as healing moment. That’s why it is one of the best activities during staycation you can try.

Dive Internship Bali, Should You Pay Or Work?

Career changes can occur at any time. Everyone has a dream career that becomes a resolution to be realized. Many dream career choices, but not many dream of a career as a dive master. This is a hobby! Hobbies that turn into dream careers. Career based on hobbies is fun. Working according to passion makes you happier.

Dive Internship Bali

Maybe you will be a little overwhelmed to find information about the dive internship. Where? How is the process? What should be prepared? Dive internship Bali is an option that you can consider. Considering that Bali is filled with diving tourist spots and is easy to find professional dive centers. Do you have to pay to take part in a Bali dive internship?

There are 2 types of offers from the dive center. Those who offer a dive internship Bali for free, and who charge fees. Let’s learn, the benefits of a Balinese dive internship for divers or the dive center itself.

Get It Free And Give Benefit For The Company

Initially, this might have seen the company’s smart idea. Train through a dive internship and hire them. Dive internship Bali can later work freely and effectively. Maybe some dive centers provide requirements for them to work within a certain period. In fact, there are many local residents who are guides. This allows their opportunities to find fortune decreases. But, certain dive centers recruit and train them to become dive masters internships. This benefits both parties.

Diving Everyday

Diving every day? is it fun right? Even though at the stage of the dive internship, you will be trained to bring guests who pay for diving packages every day. This is a difficult job when you are also training to become a dive master. You must guide, make decisions during an emergency, ensure safety and ensure guests have fun.

Time With Your Instructor

At the time of the dive internship Bali, time with the instructor is very important. Why? You can quickly develop. And this is the time where knowledge and skills will come. The more you greet and spend time with the instructor, the more skilled you will be. Experience, attitude, and level are important for your experience dive internship Bali.

Maximize Your Dive Internship

Experience is the main point when you are in training. The important thing that you must pay attention to become a professional dive is

  • Maximize time with instructors and explore as much knowledge as possible.
  • Learn by yourself from various online or other modules
  • Take advantage of dive center facilities well

Training for a free dive internship Bali may not be as complete as if you paid. For that, if you have the opportunity with the instructor, then you have to ask everything you don’t know yet. Free dive internships Bali are more flexible than those paid, due to time constraints. For that reason, use the time during the free dive internship Bali for all skills.

Find Out Most Recommended Destination for Slow Travel

Find Out Most Recommended Destination for Slow Travel


Slow travel is the type of journey when you visit your destination in order to soak in new experience and local culture. There is no rush while having this travel because you are not following anyone and anything but your own curiosity to know the destination better in the aspect that intrigues you the most such as historical value or custom. You might as well find out most recommended destination for slow travel if you are interested to do it. However, it is recommended that you choose the destination based on your own interest without following others or trends. Make sure you set the schedule well so you have more times to travel without being tied to your works or schools assignment.


The purpose of slow travel is to gain quality experience not quantity. Thus, not all interesting places in the world can fit the value of slow travel. For your recommendation, these are best places to spend for slow travelling:


  • Japan is one of the richest culture countries in the world. The most intriguing part is that the ancient culture is as rich as the modern development. This is what makes Japan a unique and intriguing country to explore. This country fits the best for slow travelling. You need to slow down your pace in order to know more about modernity as well as traditional value. Try the famous Japan’s Shinkansen as well as the best delicacies throughout the street of main the main town.
  • Slow travel means to explore every interesting part of the local and food is included. Speaking of slow food travel, you cannot leave Italy as perfect destination for slow travel in the last list. Italy is a country full of charm and originality of its culture. During your travel in Italy, you can spend your time indulging your appetite by trying different regional cuisines as well as the culture itself.
  • If you want your slow travelling to be more meaningful and connected to the local, you might as well try to live like a nomad in Morocco. This way you will experience many new things which can open up your mind. You can join local family and learn more about their way of living. It is recommended to put your smartphone away during your travel in Morocco if you want to really experience the nomad’s way of living.
  • Vietnam is a country located in South-east Asia. This place fits perfectly for slow travelling experience. You can visit Lang Co Bay to learn and know more about traditional way of fishing from the local. You will also get a chance to hop in a traditional Vietnamese basket boat while exploring the Canh Duong Beach.
  • Indonesia is also a great place perfect to experience slow travel. Visit Lombok Island to know more about how the local still persistent to live in their original culture. Besides, this island is also a symbol of harmonizing religious diversity of Hindu and Islam. Thus, you can find out more about it through your exploration.


Things To Do in Komodo Trip: To the Dragons and Beyond

Things To Do in Komodo Trip: To the Dragons and Beyond

Komodo trip is an hot issue right now! It’s jam packed with adventure and culture, but it’s still away from mainstream tourism radar. The lush nature, pristine beaches, and a chance to see the only living dragons in the world. The exoticism chimed with how it’s still quite hidden from the world make it as a gem for avid travelers, and maybe including you!

A journey to the land of Komodo involves a very magical experience. It almost like the nature is free to go wild and soars proudly with its wildness—which in turn amuse you beyond words. Naturally, the mere mention of Komodo trip immediately makes you think about the Komodo dragons, and of course visiting the giant lizard will be on your top list. However, prepared to be amused by a jaw dropping itinerary. The journey is spell-bound with fascinating landscape, primeval wildlife, crazily clean water, and rare beauties. Yup, the trip is much more beyond its name, and when you’ve done with it, you will realise how much the trip has changed your perspective of the world. Outside the Komodo dragons, these itinerary trip to Komodo will complete the remote adventure and leave you in total awe.

Padar Lookout

This small island—the neighbour of Komodo Island—is downright amazing. It’s probably the most instagrammed place in Indonesia, thanks to the breathtaking view from the hilltop of the island. After few hours of climbing, you will be rewarded by a vast scenery of grassy mountains, raising up and down along the landscape, and a endless-world view of the surrounding sea and islets.

Indulge on Pink Hues of Rare Pink Beach

Second best destination after Padar, and it’s especially refreshing to drop to the blushing beach after a sweating hike to the hilltop. Lucky to you, one of the pink beach is located right on the left side down on the hilltop, and it’s the most famous one among the other. As pink beach is one of the rarest coloured beach on earth, the Komodo National Park islets is very lucky to be blessed with more than one pink beach—aside for the one in Padar, the other is still remain hidden, some are still vibrant and hidden in the virgin islets.

Have Island Galore

The Komodo National Park is comprised by three large islands—the Komodo, Padar, and Rinca—and surrounded by many inhabited small islands. You know what it means. The Komodo island trip means you gonna have plenty of beaches to explore! It’s even better that without civilisation creeping on the lands and remote access to the pristine beaches, they are still very pure and quiet from many visitors. Can your escape be more heavenly than this?

Emerge on Divine Underwater

Beyond the empty beaches and towering mountainous islands, lies exceptional underwater beauty under the Flores sea. Every edge of every island in Komodo National Park hold unique marine landscape and offers highly varied diving experience. Coral walls, coral gardens, rock pillars, submerged rocks, and rare species of sea creatures are living harmoniously, under the protection of the national park. With extremely lively marine life, crystal clear water, and plenty of sun light, diving sites around Komodo is a huge loss if you are not taking time to dive around. And to your delight, the wildlife extend to underwater as well. Komodo is the place where you have a high chance to swim with Manta, turtles, pelagic, whale, dolphin, and sharks.

I cannot wait to retake my next Komodo trip! I have charmed by its enchanting beauty, and definitely will be going back. I dare say, this is a place you should visit once in a lifetime—if you call yourself as a traveler!

Find Out What Kind of Benefits of Package Tour

Package tour is mostly preferred because it’s cheap as well as efficient. There is no need for hassle when you have booked package tour. However, the benefits of package tour are not only those. There are lots of reasons why people choose package tour than planning their own tour. There are package tour advertisements everywhere nowadays to attract people to book them. However, choosing the right package which has the best service with lowest cheap is challenging. The better the service, the more expensive the price of the package is. However, lots of people choose to book cheap package for cheap break anyway.

Several benefits of package tour you need to know

If you are independent traveler, you may not interest in booking package tour. However, booking package tour or package holiday is beneficial. That is why people prefer to book it instead of DIY holiday booking. If you are still unsure whether or not booking a package tour, here are benefits of booking a package tour:

  • Certainty and reassurance – By booking a package tour you are protected by a piece of legislation offered by The Package Travel Regulations. This ensures you that the service included in the package is honest and will be provided to the best for your satisfaction. They also take responsibility if something goes wrong. For example, if there is cancellation to the flight, they will refund or replace the service to accommodate your needs. Remember to book a package from trusted travel agent.
  • Fully covered service – Package tour usually includes inclusive service and facilities to provide everything you need for your holiday. The package you book already covers your transport, accommodation, as well as foods and drink. Thus, you don’t have to think or spend additional budget. This can save your money compare to DIY booking. Travel agent usually has partnership with other vendors like hotels or restaurant as well so they have special price which result in cheap package tour you can book.
  • Simple and easy – Next one of the best benefits of package tour is easy booking process compared to DIY booking. If you go for DIY booking, you need to call lots of vendor like hotels, rental, restaurant, etc. In contrast, you just need to book a package tour and everything is settled. You don’t need to book a hotel and stuffs. Everything has been handled by the travel agent you trust. This is helpful especially when you don’t have much time in planning your travel. With one call, you settle everything. You just need to wait for the schedule and depart to your destination with your travel agent.
  • Flexible – Package tour offers various services you can choose. Travel agent offer different package tour and you just have to choose which package that meets your needs and budget. You can set your own option if the service you want isn’t mentioned in the package. This is one of the benefits of package tour which makes people choose this instead of DIY holiday.

Bali Scuba Diving Certification Not Easy To Get

Having scuba diving certification is a must if you want to explore under the sea. Where you will be taught all the scuba theory as well as the practical performance of open water scuba diving. Scuba diving is becoming an increasingly popular sports activity. The number of TV channels that discuss diving has attracted many people.

Learn, Watch and Ask

Getting scuba diving certification is not as easy as it thinks. It is not easy to get a dive certificate. Many stages and training must pass. But not many people are not aware of the dangers of diving without proper training.

Diving training can find in diving destinations around the world such as Bali. Bali, a tourist destination with a myriad of activities. Hiking, enjoying green rice paddies, rafting, surfing and especially diving. Bali dive spots are popular all over the world. They are among the best diving spots in the world.

The first step to get Bali scuba diving certification is, look for the dive center box. Learn the training packages they offer. Seeing the reviews from the tripadvisor website might be a guide. Do not be too confident about the reviews you see from related websites. Make sure the certificates you get accpetable and trust dive organizations, such as PADI.

Before starting the training, make sure you talk to the instructor and see the dive center equipment and facilities. Reading the literature how to exactly see which program will work best. Your initial training will involve learning basic skills through modules. After that you will go through the next stage, training in the pool. The next stage of Bali scuba diving certification is that you will be taken to open water. This is the final stage of diving training.

Once you have obtained Bali scuba diving certification, then you are eligible. Terms of diving to various spots around the world. Do not forget that the depth of the dive should be adjusted to your certificate level. Gathering under the sea has its own challenges. To be able to see and explore more deeply, make sure you upgrade the certificate.

The time limit set for taking Bali scuba diving certification is 4 days. There will be a lot of fun taking dive training. PADI is a diverted reference dive center with many advantages. Please note that you should not make any 24 hour flight before and after dive. This is to prevent decompression disease that can lead to death in divers.

Chosen Destination for Luxury Travel You Must Visit

Going to a place where luxury travel is offered must make you savor to experience something beyond your expectation. Luxury travel is something you should experience at least once in your life time. Thus, you need to find out the best destination for luxury travel to indulge your adventurous feeling. There are only few places in the world you can consider as a place of luxury. It is not only about the facility or service provided by the place but also the striking beauty which is irresistible. You need to choose wisely your picked destination to experience the real luxury travel.

Pick your favorite destination for luxury travel

Going out from your regular weekend trip or road trip, you need to experience the thrill and chills of luxury travel. Even though your daily life doesn’t involve anything near luxury, experiencing it once won’t hurt. You can start saving your money to catch your dream of visiting luxury travel destination. Here are the world’s most recommended places to visit for luxury vacation:

  • New York, USA – Everyone in the world know that New York is the city full of temptation. The energy and local pride are irresistible. This is one of the most visited places by luxury travellers. From day to night, travelers can enjoy their time to explore everything started from shopping in Manhattan to having dinner is one of the finest restaurants.
  • Italy – There are many places you can visit to experience luxury travel in Italy. However, no one can resist the charm that possesses Venice. Another option to experience Italian charm is visiting Milan to find your favorite fashion brand such as Versaces, Pradas, or Armanis. Or, you can enjoy the real taste of Italian pizza in Naples or Sicily. There are many spots you can stop by when it comes to explore Italy.
  • Las Vegas, USA – This is the next best destination for luxury travel. This is what people call as Sin City. This is a home to the biggest casino in the world and you must visit one of the casinos when you are in Vegas. World-class dinner from celebrity chef is one thing you should experience when you step in Vegas. This is a place where luxury travelers can enjoy their VIP service to the finest.
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE – Everybody know that UAE is one of the most luxurious places on Earth with their skyscrapers and golden spoon. In Abu Dhabi you can totally enjoy yourself with the best experience and service during your luxury trip. You can visit F1 Grand prix race, have lunc in world-class restaurant, or ride the world’s fastest roller coaster.
  • Zurich, Switzerland – This is the best place to indulge your artistry. The world’s finest art is available in this leading global city. There are medieval churches to visit as well as historical Old Town. Not to mention that you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit the finest art gallery in Switzerland, Kunsthaus Zurich. This is truly the destination for luxury travel you should not miss.

Bars In Seminyak, Cozy Place for Enjoying Your Amazing Night

Skip enjoying the bar in Bali, meaning you missed the pleasant evening atmosphere. Bars in Seminyak can be crowded, noisy and very hot. Seminyak area is never deserted by tourists. There is always crowds and excitement when visiting Seminyak. Rows of bars and clubs are ready to welcome your evening. Most tourists wondering, where to eat, where to go and where to have fun in Bali. Then you’ve got the answer, that is Seminyak.

Bars in Seminyak is crazy at night. The sound of loud music and laughter coloring the bars along the area of Seminyak. Bali is flexible. There is always a way to enjoy the night and relax. You do not need to dress up to enjoy the night in Bali. You can even enjoy the beachfront bar, barefoot and dance all night long.

Seminyak is an area filled with cocktails. It’s easy for you to find bars along that area. But where do you go to get the best cocktails? Seminyak is an exceptional area where you can eat, drink, flirt and enjoy the sunset. You can pick the best bar, ranging from beachfront, poolside, rooftop or bars with a unique and interesting concept.

Bars in Seminyak, a pleasure placed in a box for a memorable experience. Some recommendations of bars in Seminyak can be visited.

La Planca

If you want to find a beach bar, while enjoying the best sunset, you should visit La Planca. Exclusive beach bar. You can freely choose to sit relaxing in a beanbag, on the beach or on the deck of the building. When you have to choose a bar in Seminyak, then La Planca can be the right choice. The combination of sporty, luxury and cheap prices are affordable for each dish presented.

Sea Vu Play

If you find a good drink, food, and ambiance, then you should visit Sea Vu Play. For them the service to the guests is paramount. The comfort and friendliness of its staff keep guests coming back for a visit. If you come to the World Cup Games and the State of Origin II, then Sea Vu Play is the best place. Bars in Seminyak is suitable for tourists who bring children. The bar is comfortable and appropriate for children compared to other bars in Seminyak.

Every time will be very valuable in Bali. You can enjoy any happening and popular bars. Seminyak offers the most vibrant nightlife in Bali. You can still enjoy the bar in Seminyak until 1 am and continue dancing until sunrise.

Find Out Iconic Travel Destination in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It consists of more than 13,500 islands. No wonder there are so many iconic travel destination in Indonesia that you can visit. Indonesia is located in South-East Asia. This country is one of the world’s largest populations.

The culture diversity in this country is so rich. This is where you can find lots of interesting started from remote villages, untouched waters, and ancient architecture. There are lots to explore when you pay a visit to Indonesia. Thus, you can decide which spot you will visit for your next travel plan. For your references, the followings are the list of iconic places you should visit while you have a vacation in Indonesia:

  • Beaches in Bali – Bali is very famous amongst international audiences. In fact, it may be more popular than the country itself. Bali is also called as the island of Gods or Paradise islands. The nature beauty of Bali is captivating lots of international visitors. The beaches are one of the most popular sites visited by the tourists. Some of favorite beaches you should visit when you come to Bali are Kuta, Sanur, anda Nusa Dua. You can do many activities such as snorkeling, diving, surfing, or simply walking around the shore.
  • Komodo National Park – If you are curious to see a dragon in real life, you must visit Komodo National Park. This is an iconic travel destination in Indonesia. Komodo is breathtaking creature but also deadly. That’s why you cannot wander around carelessly when you visit the park. This creature is magnificent yet scary. Even though Komodo dragon is the highlight of this island, you can enjoy other attractions as well. You can go snorkeling, hiking, o canoeing.
  • Borobudur Temple – This is one of the world’s largest Buddhist temples located in Yogyakarta, Central Java. In fact, this temple is listed as World Heritage site by UNESCO. The architecture of the temple is beautifully raw and ancient. The temple was built using stones only so that’s why this temple is so special and remarkable. In Java, Borobudur holds a special place and even international visitors are curious to see directly the temple.
  • Raja Ampat – If you are a fan of underwater scenes, Raja Ampat is the best site to visit since it is a home to one of the liveliest underwater to more than 530 coral species, 1300 fish types, as well as 700 mollusk species. This exotic place has become more and more popular since the access is nor reachable for everyone. The water is clear and the location is remote, a best place for peaceful trip.
  • Lake Toba – Lake Toba is Indonesia’s largest lake. The beauty of the lake is undeniable. Besides, this lake is also twice the size of Singapore. The surrounding is just as astonishing as the lake itself with lush and hills greenery. Nearby this iconic travel destination in Indonesia, there is also a village of Batak culture that you can explore.

Benefits You Can Get From PADI Certification Bali

Who says diving is just a fun activity? Diving is a dangerous activity. Not as long as people can dive. What needs to be done to be safe while diving? The trick is getting a dive certification. PADI Certification is the most trusted in the world of diving.

Get The Certification and  Enjoy Benefits

There are many diving organizations, but most dive centers diving around the world only accept PADI certified divers. Bali is one of the most popular diving destinations worldwide. Who does not know Bali? Bali, a tropical island with a million charms.

PADI certification Bali is easily obtained from various dive centers. There are many diving training packages, ranging from beginner to diving training for special skills. Do not deceive by cheap training packages! You will only waste money for a dive organization certification other than PADI. PADI organization guarantees the safety of novice divers with certified, experienced and professional instructors.

Newbie divers complaints are often heard, especially the lack of professional instructors or guides during the training. Some dive centers may be more concerned with the quantity of the register. They do not care about the satisfaction and comfort of trainees.

PADI certification Bali, an international certificate for divers to be accepted wherever diving spot in the world. Many advantages that you can get when taking PADI certification Bali. You can upgrade your certificate level. If you want to explore that sea but the depth of the certificate is not appropriate, you can take the training to a higher level. You do not have to worry about dive anywhere, because dive centers around the world receive PADI certified divers.

The reliable Dive center in Bali is PADI certified. You do not have to worry while doing the training. Instructors with PADI certificates can guide and prioritize your safety. Provide the best comfort and find solutions when you have difficulty understanding during training.

It would be nice to take PADI certification in Bali. You are not just exploring the popular underwater Bali around the world. You can explore the natural beauty of Bali, ranging from beautiful beaches, see the irrigation system in Bali is included in the UNESCO heritage, enjoy the tranquility in Ubud, enjoying the nightlife, and more.

Diving is not just aiming to get certified. Diving has its own advantages for the divers, such as training muscle flexibility, blood circulation, breathing system more smoothly, lose weight ideal, and relieve stress. When you decide to take a PADI certification, you are ready to see “another world” that you have never seen before.

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