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Ancient Sites to Visit for Your Next Travel Plan

We live in 21st Century but there are still ancient sites which have survived for centuries. For your next travel plan, it is not a bad idea to list some ancient sites to visit.  It must be quite boring to see common spots and cities every day. Thus, having different and unique view n your trip can be a great distraction and refresh your dull sight. It is not only the view that you can enjoy through the ancient sites. You will also be able to take a glimpse to humanity in the past. There are many things you can learn about how people in the past can create their own world without intervention of technology and machinery.

Istanbul, Turkey

List of ancient sites to visit you can pick

It is true that most people are more interested in luxury vacation and doing fun activities during their trip. There are only a few who really like to visit historical or ancient sites. There are many things to gain when visiting ancient sites aside from witnessing the raw beauty of humanity. The vibe and feeling of visiting those kinds of place are priceless because even technology cannot reach the level of satisfaction. Here are several ancient sites you can include to your bucket list for your next travel plan:

  • Istanbul, Turkey is the witness of great periods of history. There are many proofs of ancient humanity in this city showing through the construction by successive empires from Byzantium t Constantinople, further to modern era of Turkey. All historic cores blend naturally in the city. There are many ancient sites you can visit in Istanbul such as Hagia Sophia.
  • Cairo, Egypt is undeniably beautiful city to begin with. This is one of the cities where the earliest of humanity can be found. It is shown by the existence of several ancient sites to visit such as the infamous Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, and many more. Not to mention that the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities has collection of the earliest inhabitants of Nile.
  • Kyoto, Japan is also one of the ancient cities you can pick as your next travel destination. Everyone knows that Japan is a big fan of modern technology. However, this city is a place where the old tradition of Japanese is preserved. In this city, you can find and visit more than 1,000 Buddhist temples as well as Shinto shrines.
  • Athens, Greece is one of the most ancient cities in the world. Athens traces its origin back in 5,000 years. In this city, you can feel the vibe of Athenians daily life along with the art galleries. You can also enjoy the ruins of classical Greece which are still stunning.
  • Borobudur, Indonesia is one of the most ancient sites to visit. This is the ninth-century Buddhist temple complex. The temples were completed in early 800s but have been layered by volcanic ash for centuries. The artworks of humanity in the past still remain intact in this temple complex.
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3 Unforgettable Things About Bali Dive

Bali, a popular tropical paradise because it has a magic blend of underwater, white sand and an unrivaled culture. It is not easy to determine the schedule of visits to Bali. There are many places that must be visited. If your time is long, you don’t need to worry because there is plenty of time to explore and travel around Bali. Most foreign tourists have 2-4 weeks to enjoy a vacation. Bali dive is a door to explore underwater with rich of rare species, shipwreck, and others. 

Bali Dive

Bali dive is mandatory. The underwater scenery of Bali is amazing and must be explored. Certified divers will easily find a dive center to plan a Bali diving holiday. Scuba Bali diving is very enjoyable especially when looking closely at rare and popular underwater species. Seahorses, sharks are examples of underwater species that everyone loves.

Bali Dive To Meet New Friends

You will not think if diving activities are surrounded by many participants from all over the world. Bali dive with the advantages of 4-5 foreign language instructors ready to guide your dives. No need to be afraid to communicate. Most divers understand English well. You can use world language, to communicate. Bali Scuba is one of your places to meet new friends. Various experiences and getting diving tips from professional divers is an invaluable advantage.

Look Closely Underwater Rare Species

Bali dive is your chance to find rare species under the sea. Some spots allow you to see it. The most common species you can find are seahorses like Barbigants. They are native to Indonesia. You can find it while doing Bali scuba on the islands in all the interior.

The aim of professional divers doing scuba dive Bali is to see Mola-Mola and Manta Pari. If you are lucky, you will find them at Blue Corner and Crystal Bay. They have a diameter of 3-4 meters and weigh nearly 1000 kg.

Manta rays are underwater species that are also not less popular. Bali scuba in the Nusa Penida area allows you to find manta rays for a sensational diving experience.

Exploring the Mystery of a Shipwreck

There is always something interesting when doing Bali dive. Exploring underwater and looking closely at the legacy of World War II is a unique experience. You can explore and take a close look at the Japanese shipwreck and USAT Liberty. Both are ships that sink in the waters of Bali and are now home to underwater species. You can also see the species of fish that surround the shipwreck. This is one of the best and most interesting objects for professional photographers.

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An Affordable Means to Get Around Bali: Online Transportation Service

Online taxis are among the most popular means to go around Bali. The locals love them because of their affordability and ease of use. There have been histories of ambushes and violent treatments that online transport drivers have been subjected to in the past. These past violence are committed by non-online public transportation drivers who felt that the new technology is ruining their income.

The past years these incidents are barely heard of. Despite this happening in the past, the locals to this day rely a lot on online transportations—whether it’s to escort them to their destinations, or to sate their midnight cravings. Needless to say, online transports are here to stay.

When you’re in Bali, and Indonesia in general, using the service of online transportations is one of the most convenient means. The most popular providers that the Balinese most often use are GO-JEK and Grab. Here are two things you might want to take note of before using your savvy online transport app.

Get an In-App Balance

Depending on several factors, in-app balance guarantee cheaper prices for any of your transactions. They get you a considerable discount for basically any service. If your trip costs 15,000 IDR in cash, with an in-app balance, you may only pay 11,000 IDR. The locals who own a bank account can top up through their bank providers anytime, but you don’t have to worry. You can top-up easily at designated convenience stores. For example, at Go-Jek you can top your balance at the nearest Alfamart (one of Indonesia’s minimarts (convenience stores) chains). You may also transfer your in-app balance via your driver after your first ride.

You can top up through Alfamart, one among Indonesia’s convenience store chains.

Or you can also top up after you get your first ride, you can simply chose the option Balance Transfer Via Driver, give the cash to your driver and you’re good to go

Take note of your drivers’ identity and vehicle plate

This does not only apply to online transportations, of course, but a reminder is due, especially since you’re in a foreign country. For security reasons, make sure that your driver’s photo you find in the application match with the one who approach you. Also try calling the driver during your ride to make sure it’s the person you’ve been communicating with in the app.

With that said, these application-based transportation service could save you a lot of time and headache. Make sure to use it well to make your Bali trip more convenient.

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Why Bali Villas A Perfect Way For Long Term Rental

Bali is increasingly popular from time to time. The increase in those who decide to stay in Bali for long-term or make it as a second home is getting higher. The island which is famous for its hospitality and cultural richness is its main attraction. Staying long term in Bali, whether you are on vacation or working, comfort is the main thing. Whether you want to find a very private place or a hotel style with luxurious facilities, Bali villas are perfect.

Bali Villas

Living in “Bali Villas” Style

Villas with designs that combine elegant open spaces, private pools to deck to enjoy spectacular views ready for you to occupy. Bali villas are truly a pleasure of life. Allows you to get villas in the interior between rice fields and temples. Every time you live in various areas of Bali, you will get a different atmosphere and lifestyle. If you want to enjoy a modern life that is rich in culture combined with exotic tropical charm, then Bali villas are perfect.

Room Option For Different Traveler

There are many reasons for visiting Bali, there is always a choice of Bali villas to suit your needs. Villas are available with a variety of room choices. Whether you are on vacation with a family, individually, with a partner or company conference, the villa is the right place.

Rejuvenate Body And Soul in Private Villas

Villa is the right place to stay and relax in deep spirituality. Bali is known as a glowing point of Hindu mysticism in the heart of the world’s largest Muslim country. They are very spiritual and celebrate many religious ceremonies throughout the year. Simple villas surrounded by locals will be perfect for your quiet vacation.

The Magic of Bali

Bali villas enthusiasts are long-term very high. They come and live to absorb the wonders of Balinese people and land. The villa is very personal to live in peace, where they can experience all the richness of Balinese culture, recreational opportunities, and beautiful and inspiring scenery. Bali is no longer considered a weekend tourist destination. Bali is now an “extended stay” destination. The more you enjoy staying at Bali villas and enjoying the atmosphere of Bali, the longer your “extended stay” will be

Where “Bali Villas” Location To Stay

Along the west-south coast. The Seminyak, Canggu, Oberoi, Petitenget regions are favorite locations. They are perfect for those looking for all the modern conveniences and attractions of tropical attractions. Travel to busy white sand beaches and Bali’s most popular boutique restaurants and shops in just a few minutes. What’s more with the availability of trendy nightclubs and shopping areas, upscale restaurants, and cocktail bars.

The Heart of Bali. Ubud is a proud area. Deciding on a long-term stay in Bali villas in Ubud, you will see beautiful examples of Balinese architecture, culture and traditional art. Walking down the small streets of Ubud offers comfort and tranquility.

Along the North and West Coast offers many things to see and do. Bali villas in the north and west coastal areas are hidden gems for a quiet and comfortable stay. Enjoy the charm of the sea like dolphins, snorkeling, exploring West Bali National Park. Another valuable activity is releasing baby turtles into the sea as a ritual for some beliefs and animal conservation.

In the east, you will feel calm by passing the winding road through the rice fields, banana trees, and ancient settlements. Living in Bali’s eastern villas, you can absorb local culture and spiritual tranquility along peaceful paths to temples, rivers or waterfalls.

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Gyudon Restaurant Chains: Tokyo Cheap Eats Under 500 Yen Part 4

In Japan, gyudon is considered fast-food. Except it’s is arguably better; without the  fried stuff, in which you eat raw egg at a “fast food” joint, and you get miso soup or a side dish consisting of vegetables such as shredded cabbage—definitely, infinitely better. Gyudon is also known as the salarymen’s staple. Easy and delicious, and it’s filling, and most importantly, could be easily afforded under 500 Yen.

To those who are unfamiliar with the dish, “gyudon” literally means “beef bowl”, a dish consisted of rice topped with beef and cooked with onions, along with rice wine, soy sauce, and dashi (a type of sweet sauce) as the seasonings. Often times, a pink-colored pickles called shouga (pickled ginger) and miso soup are presented along with the beef bowl. It’s a very popular dish with both locals and travelers, and there are a lot of establishments in Japan specializing in gyudon. Rounded up, prices range from 400 to 500 yen per serving. Meals are often prepared fast, so if you’re both in a hurry and on a budget, gyudon establishments could be the perfect place to eat. The most popular chains gyudon chains are Matsuya, Yoshinoya, and Sukiya.


Sukiya is the newest among the three gyudon establishment. Sukiya is known to have a varied menu, with an assortment of topping options you can sample. Cheese topping is one of the most popular menu with diners. Sukiya also provides children menu and other dishes that are not considered gyudon, such as kaisendon which is rice topped with slices of sashimi. The large Erving is called “oumori”, priced approximately 500 JPY, while the normal size is called namimori.


Matsuya is a self-service gyudon chain that serve you with a vending machine and a ticket. The lack of human touch enabled Matsuya to be the cheapest gyudon chain among the three mentioned here. You simply have to press a button, put your Yen bills, then pick the menu according to what the vending machine tells you. It might sound very impersonal to some people; but try it and make a conclusion yourself. It’s an experience that you might not get anywhere else.


Yoshinoya is arguably the largest gyudon restaurant chain that’s been long-established. It’s a multinational company that has stores overseas as well, so some of you might be familiar with the name already. At Yoshinoya, customers may make requests without charges. Take notes of these terms for your future Japan trip; extra tsuyudaku (gravy sauce), extra onions (negidaku) and if you prefer to have less rice, then you can say “karui no”.

These are simply the most popular gyudon chains that basically everyone knows about. There are plenty of other gyudon restaurants you should definitely try as well, such as Chikara-Meshi that utilizes the touchscreen panel (like what many restaurants in Japan implemented as well). Regardless, whichever gyudon chains you picked, you’re guaranteed to have a delicious meal with a decent portion in under 500 Yen.

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4 Tops Useful Tips before Diving in Bali

Diving in Bali is the most desirable things to do when you step your foot on this paradise island. Indonesia has been famous for the biodiversity under the sea. There are many creatures living under sea water which are ready to welcome visitors such as Sunfish, which have been known as the world’s heaviest bony fish. The clear water just adds the beauty of the sea and makes the diving experience even better. Coral reefs, fish, and shipwreck are ready to be seen for those who are eager to find them. There are over 26 diving sites in Bali for beginners to advanced divers.

Diving In Bali

What to consider before diving in Bali

Bali has many beaches as well as best spots for diving. Lots of tourists both local and international have proved memorable experience in diving. There is no need to worry to dive in one of the best diving spots in Bali as well even for those who are categorized as a beginner. However, it is highly advisable to follow some useful tip before diving as follow:

  • It is recommended to check the time before going for dive. The peak seasons for diving falls between Augusts to end October. The best time to dive in September, which is the mid-season since around this time the chances to find the Sunfish or Mola-Mola are higher. For those who are looking for nudibranchs or critters, the best time to dive is between January to March because that is the time when the nudibranchs blossom. There are also chances for discounts around this time.
  • Before diving in Bali, it is recommended to find out first the best diving spots. There are many options though such as the East coast. For advanced divers, Padangbai and Candidasa are the most ideal diving spots to try. Meanwhile, there are also many diving spots reserved for teaching beginners such as Benoa, which is located in South Bali. Other bet diving spots include Nusa Penida, Tulamben, Pemuteran, Amed, Puri Jati, and many more.
  • It is recommended to find an affordable cost of diving in Bali. The cost is varied based on the services taken such as underwater photographer, experienced instructor, and a set of diving equipment. For beginners, the cost starts from USD $20 and another USD $20 for a full set of diving equipment. For advanced divers, the cost is around USD $20 per dive. The cost is actually affordable and competitive.
  • If the main reason for visiting Bali is to explore the underwater by diving, it is more recommended to take Bali dive safaris. This is a specialized program where divers will travel around Bali by minibus or car then sleep a couple of nights in certain dive areas to be continued by visiting the most popular diving area. Diving in Bali surely will be an unforgettable experience.
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How to Travel with Colleagues Successfully

Travel with colleagues sometimes makes you feel more awkward especially when you have not closed yet with them. However, there is nothing you can do to avoid the travel. Therefore, instead of avoiding the travel, it is best to find the best way to make your travel more comfortable both for you and your colleagues. There are many things you can do to make your interaction less awkward during your travel. You just need to be more open-minded and ready to compromise to avoid unnecessary clash.

four colleagues on business travel

Tips to travel with colleagues successfully

Travel for work sometimes is not as exciting as travel for holiday. This type of travel requires you to focus mainly on your responsibilities and your contribution to your team work if you travel with your co-workers. There will be new dynamic to be set. Even if you are close enough to your colleagues, you need to keep in mind that the travel is not to enjoy yourself but to complete the task in team. If you cannot set the dynamic well, there might be negative consequences in the end. Thus, here are tips how to make your travel with colleagues run smoothly:

  • Make sure to maintain professional boundaries because sometimes it is easy to forget that you are in mission just because you are outside of the office. It is best to avoid sharing personal details when you and your colleagues do your responsibilities no matter how casual the environment is.
  • To help you set the right dynamic during your travel with colleagues, it is recommended to set a goal before you set off. You can make daily goal which can you check at the end of the day. If it is necessary, you can share your goals to your colleagues and ask their opinion. It is great if they have the same goals so you can work harmoniously.
  • Remember to always look out for each other during your travel. It is not always about work-related stuff but also about your daily chores. This doesn’t have to be heavy tasks. You can look out for each other for small things such as reminding each other when the meeting is, making sure your colleagues are ready for the presentation, and so on.
  • It is fine to have ‘me time’ during your travel with your co-workers. Doing everything together all the time can be sickening. You will need time to composure your thoughts. That is why you need to spend your ‘me time’. You can take an hour off from a duty to wander around the place and enjoy your time.
  • Be ready to compromise if you and your colleagues have different opinion over small or big issue. Always remember that you and your colleagues have goals to achieve at the end of the travel. If you are both being too proud to compromise, you will fail together. Make sure to maintain good communication to avoid fight or clash. That is how your travel with colleagues works.
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Steps How To Buy From Bean Bag Store

The choice of furniture is crucial. They were design and create to give comfort. Some considerations before buying furniture are seeing comfort. Buying expensive but uncomfortable furniture is useless. Nowadays people are considering buying modern, trendy and durable furniture. What are the important factors that underlie you to buy furniture both online and store?

Comfort! The main thing when shopping is convenience. Shop services and facilities are the main factors for customers while shopping. When looking for comfortable furniture, Bean bag stores are currently being visited for trendy and comfortable furniture.

Most bean bag stores do not produce furniture. They only have designs and make requests to be made according to the wishes of consumers. Most bean bags have websites that display many of the product images offered. Some tips that need to be considered when buying on a bean bag store.


If you buy a bean bag, the main factor that must be considered is the warranty. Although many stores sell beanbags, few dare to provide a long guarantee. Small shops usually only provide 3-4 months warranty, without guaranteed replacement if there is damage. Look for reviews from the internet to see the benefits of buying in stores or online stores.


A damage of furniture is unpredictable. You certainly don’t want to replace furniture quickly. What is needed is a comfortable furniture that is durable. bean bag chairs are different from other furniture. In terms of durability, the bean bag is the winner. This type of furniture does not need special care. You can even replace the cover and the bean bag looks new again.

Pay attention to the reviews of each store. Many shops only sell products without other services. The best bean bag store is that they not only sell products but also provide services for customers. Guest-friendly service can be a reference for buying luxury bean bags. In addition, pay attention to store service if there is a consumer complaint. Whether they serve quickly and well or do not care about customer complaints.

Above are some important points that you must pay attention to if you want to buy a bean bag. Bean bag stores do offer a variety of products in different sizes, colors, and types. But if you pay close attention, not many bean bag stores sell products while providing the best service to consumers. The best bean bag store is selling quality products, affordable, and the best service for everyone, both for those who want to buy or just to find information.

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Recommended Activities during Staycation You Can Do

Lots of people will agree that staycation is not the most ideal choice for vacation. Lots of people wish for luxury travel overseas. However, staycation can be a lot of fun too. You can do lots of fun activities during staycation. There are many benefits as well when you choose to spend your day break with staycation instead of travelling overseas. You can save your budget and use it for other more important expenses. You can also save your energy especially when you spend your most time working. Staycation is your chance to get recharged in short time. You don’t have to travel far just to gain some fun and happiness. You can create them with the source all around you.

Choices of activities during staycation

Staycation is the moment when you do anything you want to do. You don’t have to worry about your limited budget and time because you don’t really need them. In fact, you can stay at home during your staycation. There won’t be any judge because that is the time of yours. However, it is also fun to spend your staycation time doing activities which can help lifting up your mood. Here are some recommended activities suitable for staycation:

  • Movie marathon – This is one of the most popular activities for staycation. You can either netflix and chill or go to the nearest cinema to watch current box-office movies. Watching movies can be a relaxing time because your mind is averted to something outside your duty at work or school. You mind is fully occupied with the plot and character in the movies so you let yourself lose for a while.
  • Food tour – Foods never fail to lift up your energy in many ways. It is one of the most fun activities during staycation you can’t miss. You can go to local market to try some street foods or go to the newest restaurant and try out their special menu. Indulging your appetite is one of the best activities during staycation.
  • Watching local sports – If you like watching sport tournaments like football or basketball, you can watch them during your staycation. Cheering your local team up is the best way to release all negative energy from your body. Ask your friends to go along with you. It is also great idea to be all out by wearing your team jersey and be a one-day cheerleader in the bleacher.
  • Shopping – Most people like shopping not only because they can buy what they want but also see many things. It is a great distraction from stress. You can spend your staycation time by shopping clothes or buying some groceries to stock up your fridge.
  • Cooking – If you like cooking, spend your time by trying to make new recipe that you have been wanting for. You can invite your friend so they can be a judge for your experiment. Cooking is also considered as healing moment. That’s why it is one of the best activities during staycation you can try.
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Dive Internship Bali, Should You Pay Or Work?

Career changes can occur at any time. Everyone has a dream career that becomes a resolution to be realized. Many dream career choices, but not many dream of a career as a dive master. This is a hobby! Hobbies that turn into dream careers. Career based on hobbies is fun. Working according to passion makes you happier.

Dive Internship Bali

Maybe you will be a little overwhelmed to find information about the dive internship. Where? How is the process? What should be prepared? Dive internship Bali is an option that you can consider. Considering that Bali is filled with diving tourist spots and is easy to find professional dive centers. Do you have to pay to take part in a Bali dive internship?

There are 2 types of offers from the dive center. Those who offer a dive internship Bali for free, and who charge fees. Let’s learn, the benefits of a Balinese dive internship for divers or the dive center itself.

Get It Free And Give Benefit For The Company

Initially, this might have seen the company’s smart idea. Train through a dive internship and hire them. Dive internship Bali can later work freely and effectively. Maybe some dive centers provide requirements for them to work within a certain period. In fact, there are many local residents who are guides. This allows their opportunities to find fortune decreases. But, certain dive centers recruit and train them to become dive masters internships. This benefits both parties.

Diving Everyday

Diving every day? is it fun right? Even though at the stage of the dive internship, you will be trained to bring guests who pay for diving packages every day. This is a difficult job when you are also training to become a dive master. You must guide, make decisions during an emergency, ensure safety and ensure guests have fun.

Time With Your Instructor

At the time of the dive internship Bali, time with the instructor is very important. Why? You can quickly develop. And this is the time where knowledge and skills will come. The more you greet and spend time with the instructor, the more skilled you will be. Experience, attitude, and level are important for your experience dive internship Bali.

Maximize Your Dive Internship

Experience is the main point when you are in training. The important thing that you must pay attention to become a professional dive is

  • Maximize time with instructors and explore as much knowledge as possible.
  • Learn by yourself from various online or other modules
  • Take advantage of dive center facilities well

Training for a free dive internship Bali may not be as complete as if you paid. For that, if you have the opportunity with the instructor, then you have to ask everything you don’t know yet. Free dive internships Bali are more flexible than those paid, due to time constraints. For that reason, use the time during the free dive internship Bali for all skills.

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