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Travel Tips to Pulau Samosir Indonesia

There are many places to explore in Indonesia and one of them is Pulau Samosir or Samosir Island. The size of this island is about the same as Singapore. It is located in Sumatra, one of Indonesia’s provinces. It is proximately situated within Lake Toba, one of the most iconic volcanic lakes in Indonesia. It is in fact the largest volcanic lake in the world. There are many things to enjoy while travelling to Pulau Samosir started from the beautiful scenery, natural heated lake, headhunter culture, and many more. This island is home to Batak people. The people are friendly and always welcome visitors.

What you need to know about Pulau Samosir?

While you are preparing your visit to Pulau Samosir, you might as well find out more about it so that you are well-prepared. This is not only a great destination for backpackers but also for those who seek for luxury vacation. Here are things to know about this iconic island:

  • Instead of searching for hotel, you can book a room in one of the guesthouses to stay in during your vacation. They are large and resort-like. You will be provided large room with beautiful scenery of the lake. If you are wondering about the price then you don’t have to worry because it is affordable. The place is also clean and provides basic necessities.
  • To learn more about the local culture, it is recommended to interact more with the locals called Batak people. They are friendly and often hold cultural events such as impromptu singing parties, guitar jams, etc. It is fun to interact with them since they are so welcoming. You can also enjoy Batak dance and music usually held on Saturday night.
  • Rent and ride a motorbike to explore more the places. You can go from one site to another to find out more interesting things about the island and the people. Motorbike is ideal transport you can rent and the road is in fair condition so it safe to ride. If you want to take public transportation for exploration then you can take local bus operated in the main road.
  • To reach Pulau Samosir, you need to get to Medan. Then it takes about five hours from there to reach Pulau Samosir. You will arrive at the harbor in a port town of Parapat. Then you can take ferries which usually leave every hour. However, you will not be able to take ferry over 6 pm. The boats will drop you at guesthouses or resorts you aim for.
  • It is highly suggested to bring cash in local currency if you are going to travel to Pulau Samosir. There is only a few ATM machine located in the island and they are often running out of cash or broken.   Thus, it is better to prepare enough cash. If you need internet access, book guesthouse which provides Wi-Fi or go to some local cafes. Be careful of the scams when you are going for souvenir shopping.
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Discover Stunning Bali Diving Spots

Bali, a tropical island that visits many world tourists throughout the year. There is no bad time to explore Bali. Based on the survey, the Island of Indonesia offers unique mystical charm and amazes people. Particularly Bali, culture, mysterious tropical forests, spectacular volcanoes, and beautiful beaches have attracted tourists. The charm of Bali is not only there because the amazing dive sites bring lots of fun adventures.

Bali Diving Spots

Bali diving spots offer stunning sea views and colorful underwater life. Exploring diving spots in Bali is not enough in a short time. The distance of the location of each of the Bali diving spots is not possible in 1 day at a time. At least you have 7 days to explore Bali diving spot.

Coral reefs in Nusa Penida and Lembongan Island offer a fun and spectacular diving experience. 45 minutes from Sanur beach, you can use a speedboat to get there. Easy to find transportation to Nusa Penida, Lembongan island and its surroundings. There are many transportation providers, for individuals or groups that operate every hour.

Exploring Bali diving spots is not as easy as you think. There are many preparations for diving success. But it should be noted for Bali diving spots with hard currents, it really must be abandoned for security reasons. Basically, it does not allow for divers to explore diving spots in Bali without professional guides. The loss of divers in certain countries in Bali is a lesson that guides are a must when you are diving.

Bali diving spots for beginners are only 5 minutes from Sanur beach and easily accessible. They also have a calm flow so it is appropriate for those who want to try to do the first dive. After completing the dive session, you can try other activities such as banana boat and some others. Water activity is never boring.

Other Bali diving spots that you can explore are Jemeluk and Amed Beach. To achieve this you have to travel 1.5 hours. Strong currents do not allow beginner divers to dive here. Divers with certain skills and certificates can only dive and explore underwater sites.

Another popular Bali diving spots that attract the world’s attention is the USS Liberty shipwreck at Tulamben. You will enjoy the mystery of the underwater shipwreck torpedoed by Japanese forces in 1942. For professional divers, you can enjoy a night dive and enjoy the amazing underwater scenery.

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Ideas for Your Christmas Vacation

Christmas is ear yet you have not planned any travel to spend the time. Thus, it is the right time for you to start planning your Christmas vacation. Christmas is holiday season when everyone packs to leave for long vacation. This will be harder for you to go travel if you plan the vacation near Christmas days. Thus, it is recommended to start planning two months ahead so that you don’t have to deal with unnecessary hassles such as fully-booked hotel, destination, etc. There are many places you go for Christmas vacation. you can decide your destination based on what type of travel you expect. If you want to spend your Christmas with your lover then you might as well search for romantic place. If you are going to travel with family then you might consider places provided fun activities and facilities.

Recommended destinations for Christmas vacation

Here are some recommended destinations for your Christmas vacation:

  • Lombok Island, Indonesia is one of the most blessed places in the world. This is where you can escape from freezing and chill air of winter. Christmas vacation doesn’t always have to be related with snow and ice. Instead, you can spend your vacation in tropical place like Lombok Island. This is where you can visit Pink Beach, small islands or the locals call it as Gili, etc. There are many activities you can do in Lombok Island such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and many more.
  • Sardinia, Italy is already a popular destination for vacation especially during summer. However, this place is not less mesmerizing during winter so it is a great choice if you go to this place for your Christmas vacation. you can visit Nuraghe di Barumini, hike to La Sella Del Diavolo, as well as visit Orgosolo where you can find many interesting murals.
  • Kohtao, Thailand is a great option when it comes to destination for Christmas vacation. this is where you can enjoy the diversity of marine life. The coves and beaches are just beautiful as ever that you won’t have time to regret visiting this place. There are many fun activities you can do while spending your time in Kohtao such as scuba diving, boat trip, or just simply enjoy the landscape by climbing up viewpoints
  • Riviera Maya, Mexico is a perfect place for spending your holiday. This is a great escape from harsh weather during winter. The turquoise water is the first thing you can see when visiting this island. You can do many activities you like such as snorkeling, scuba diving or just simply relaxing. One of the most favorite activities is scuba diving in underwater museum called MUSA. It is situated near Cancun. It is quite rare to find underwater museum since there are only few of them in the world.

Basically, you can do whatever you want to spend your holiday during winter especially Christmas. However, going for a vacation is a great option so you don’t have to stay still at home freezing from the snowfall.  

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Luxury Bali Villas For Sale, A New Dimension For Business and Vacation

Bali is one of the most popular islands in Indonesia which is one of the popular and favorite destinations. Not a few foreign or domestic tourists visit each year. The biggest reason why Bali has attracted world attention is that this island offers many activities. Some people experienced vacationing in Bali say 5-6 days will feel less. You can enjoy water-based activities such as diving, snorkeling, or other water activities. You immerse in Balinese culture and tradition. Or enjoy the view of Bali. Large temples in Bali are also open to tourists such as Besakih Temple.

luxury bali villas for sale

Bali Island is increasingly showing its popularity with a high number of visits from year to year. When the holidays arrived it was difficult to find accommodation in Bali. Planning a vacation, you must make a reservation well before the date of your holiday. Why not try investing in buying a house or villa? If your financial condition allows, this can be a business.

Luxury Bali villas for sale are promising investments but also require special funds. You have to prepare 2x funds that are greater than your estimated funds. The comparison is that you buy a villa at a low price but the condition is not possible to be occupied or look for luxury Bali villas for sale with 95% perfect condition. Buying a villa with bad conditions means you are rebuilding from the beginning. Of course, this requires multiple funds.

Register for luxury Bali villas for sale you can get from reputable and trusted property agents. They have dozens or even hundreds of properties for sale. The location and price are very diverse, making it easier for us to choose according to the budget they have. What are the specials of luxury Bali villas for sale? Why do people race to buy villas?

The best atmosphere, wherever you are in Bali, is always something special. This is the reason why many people look for Luxury Bali villas for sale with rice field views or are located in the surrounding rice fields. Bring the atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility to those who stay. Many tourists who have stayed at the villa feel high relaxation. They can also relieve stress. In fact, they never forget the comfort offered when staying at a villa.

That is the reason why many luxury Bali villas for sale are very attractive to investors. Those who want to do personal business can also search for luxury Bali villas for sale. Investment funds for a villa are like you buy a house. Luxury is synonymous with the existence of a villa. But the most important thing is how a luxury Bali villas for sale can provide comfort and satisfaction to tourists.

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Food Travelling at Oktoberfest in Munich

If you are going to travel to Germany especially Munich this month, you’d better not miss Oktoberfest. This is one of the most anticipated events in Munich. Surely, there are many places you can visit while you are travelling in Germany. There are many tourists’ attractions you can enjoy while spending your time in this lovely country. However, you don’t want to miss this special event because this is where most people gather both locals and foreign tourists. Thus, paying a visit to this festival will be worth it. Aside from enjoying the overall event, one thing you cannot skip is the food travelling. You can devour many types of Munich delicacies which full of authenticity.

Food recommendation while you are at Oktoberfest

Food travelling is one of the most favorite things to do for travelers especially when they can visit a festival just like Oktoberfest. During this this event, there are many types of food available to be savored at its finest. If you are not that familiar with German Foods, here are some recommendations that you need to anticipate and try once you arrive at Munich:

  • has been popular as German authentic cuisine. However, it not ordinary brezen served in Oktoberfest. You will have a chance to taste the best one served in giant plated version along with mustard and at biergartens. You can choose the filling since they are usually served in different versions. The giant plate will be split into sizable portion so you can enjoy the food without overwhelming.
  • Hendl is the next food recommendation you can try while you are travelling in Munich especially during Oktoberfest. This is rows of roast chicken with authenticity of German delicacy. The chicken is roasted with various spices and other ingredients such as parsley, butter, paprika, etc. this delicacy is the best served with beers. The roasted chicken will melt in your mouth once you get a taste.
  • Weisswurst has also been popular as authentic delicacy from German. This is a ghostly white pork sausage. The name itself, weisswurst, means white sausage. This white sausage is not only made of pork and veal but also seasoned with ginger, onions, parsley, lemon, cardamom, mace, etc. This is usually served for breakfast in local tradition. The locals eat this without using knife or forks as it is the rule. Thus, you can enjoy this authentic food with your bare hands.
  • Spatzle is another delicacy from Germany you can enjoy during Oktoberfest. This dish is claimed to be vegetarian-friendly. However, this dish is far from tasted bland just because it is said to be vegetarian-friendly. Instead, it tastes incredibly delicious. This food is made of dough and usually served along with fried onions, spinach, minced pork liver, or even cheese. Thus, this dish is not totally for vegetarian because meat lover can choose their favorite meat to be added in the dish. Of course, beer is the best companion for this dish since Oktoberfest is specialized in beer.
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Bali Real Estate For Sale Cheap, The Wise Investment To Get Profit

Global recession cannot be avoided. This will affect many sectors ranging from small-scale, medium to large scale sectors. In fact, the stock market has become chaotic and many investors are looking for other ways to deal with financial problems. Real estate cannot be separated from the global recession. But there are several places where the real estate sector is not much affected by the global crisis. Bali is one of the areas of interest among world destinations. Real estate business has grown massively every year.

bali real estate for sale cheap

Bali has attracted investors attention to the development of villas, apartments, housing, or resorts. Although Bali’s real estate business is still under Hawaii or Thailand, some investors see opportunities. They take quick steps to invest in Bali, where the current investment value is able to achieve a minimum profit of 20%.

Then, how to get Bali real estate for sale cheap, especially for personal investment? Don’t worry, there are many areas in Bali in the form of villas, resorts or housing that is ready for you to choose. Seeing Bali as a tourist destination, private investment that is possible and will be very profitable is a villa.

The villa is a major tourist destination for accommodation while on vacation. Tourists have been tired of high accommodation prices, especially during high season. Family vacation accommodation budget will be very high if you stay in star hotels. Villas are no less luxurious than star hotels. Your privacy will be more secure and easy to monitor children’s activities.

This is the reason why getting Bali real estate for sale cheap is right as your personal investment. Land scarcity is now increasingly high, especially for favorite tourist areas such as Seminyak, Canggu, Kuta, and surrounding areas. Is it possible to get the cheap real estate in Bali? There is a possibility, although not as much if you invest in a tourist area.

In the North area, it allows you to search for Bali real estate for sale cheap. Although the distance is not close to popular tourist areas, this is a good opportunity for investment. Investment in villas in north Bali will be very profitable. You can build a villa with a view of rice fields that are in great demand for tourists who want a relaxing vacation. Building a villa with a private pool or a large courtyard is perfect. When it’s time for investment, Bali real estate for sale cheap is the right choice for personal investment.

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How to Eat Like a Local During Your Travel

They did say that the window to a culture is their food. Tasting the local food is one of the major reasons why a lot of people travel. One of the first things that pop up to your mind when one thinks of experience a culture is experiencing the meals; be it the food, or the pure experience of eating itself.

Actually eating like a local might actually be an entirely different ordeal. In a lot of countries, there is a barrier between tourists and locals. This could be caused by a whole set of different factors. But one main cause that is almost always applicable is affordability. If it’s not affordable, then it’s already a huge indicator that locals don’t usually eat there, unless they can splurge. Aside from the clear price factor, there are other fundamental ways if you genuinely want to taste the local delicacies.

Be specific

Make sure that you know what you want. People often come to a country wanting to “taste the most authentic local food” but ended up spending 10 dollars a meal in Southeast Asia. “If it looks exotic, it’s local”—you could easily be misled if you only have a vague idea about what local food you’d want to eat. So do your research. Note down the name of the food and you can even find out how the locals pronounce them, which is a pretty easy task. Not being specific on what you want to eat may also confuse your choice with food from other region and not exactly local to the current place you’re at. Unless you don’t mind, of course. Therefore once again, be specific, you’d already done half the homework by knowing what you want.

Don’t eat out at overpriced restaurants

Often time, the taste has been adjusted to appeal to larger audience. Especially in a place such as Southeast Asia, restaurants like these are geared towards tourists and expats. With your taste taken into consideration, it sort of misses the point of eating authentic local food. Locals also likely won’t be able to afford eating out at these overpriced (often not-so-fancy) restaurants on a weekly basis, much less on a daily basis.

Walk around the neighborhood

Walking around the neighborhood may give you access to the information not already existing on the internet—giving you heads up to yet an “undiscoverable” place. Spot which place has a consistent crowd. One of the easiest ways to do this is by coming during lunch hours. Does a lot of locals eat there? A good place would usually have regular patrons of locals who are workers around the area. It’s a good indication of good local food and is an excellent start.

Be cautious of hygiene

This is something that a lot of people had only realized when they arrive at their destinations. Depending on your destination, food hygiene may be an issue. If you see a lot of locals eat from dishes that seem to always attract a couple of flies around them and not worry nor be disgusted by it, it’s because likely their body has developed immunity towards the “local bacteria”—while you, may not. Make sure to bring some meds. Consult with your doctor about your trip and ask them about what could help prevent or treat hygiene-related issue caused by food.

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5 Tops Scuba Diving Holidays For Beginners

Everything that must be planned properly and appropriately to achieve a goal. Holiday is one of them, which requires planning. Planned holidays will be successful and enjoyable. Initial planning is what are your goals for vacation? An unusual vacation and a lot of people do is an extra vacation. There are many extreme activities such as paragliding, jump cliff, diving, surfing and more.

Scuba Diving Holiday For Beginners

Sports activities that are currently popular among all ages are diving. Diving has its own challenges and pleasures. Underwater scenery offers its own charm. Vacation to a destination while diving? Why not? There are many tourist attractions where you don’t just do diving activities.


Who doesn’t know Maldives? Its popularity has increased since the Maldives became one of the tourist destinations visited by many countries. In fact, the Maldives is indeed fascinating. The beauty of the beach, snorkeling activities, and the main diving you can do on vacation in Maldives. The water is calm and warm throughout the year, while visibility reaches 100 meters. This is one of the perfect places for scuba diving holidays for beginners. Maldives is also home to the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Australia is one of the world’s tourist destinations. Ever thought Australia was a diving destination? The great barrier reef is along the Queensland coastline, which has been named one of UNESCO’s world heritage. Your diving exploration on the Great Barrier Reef can be enjoyed throughout the year. The best visibility here is during winter. If lucky, divers can interact with friendly minke whales. If you do scuba diving holidays for beginners, you can try exploring the Great Barrier Reef.

Bali, Indonesia

The Island of the Gods with a million charms is a tourist destination for scuba diving holidays for beginners. The hospitality and culture of Bali is an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. Not only that, the best dive spot for scuba diving holidays for beginners can you start from Bali. Starting from Amed, Tulamben, Nusa Dua, Menjangan, and others. When you feel the pleasure of exploring the underwater of Bali, then you will continue to explore all Bali spots.

Anilao, Philippines

Anilao is one of the remarkable things to start the journey of scuba diving holidays for beginners. 2.5 hours away from Manila and truly a jewel. Anilao underwater has a colorful life. Anilao is not only a diving spot for beginners but also a paradise for macro photography lovers. If your scuba diving holidays for beginners is to get a diving certificate, then Anilao is a wise choice.

Maui, Hawaii

Want Hawaii is an enchanting tourist destination equivalent to Raja Amat, Indonesia. Maui is also one of the world’s romantic tourist destinations. Your trip is not only just scuba diving but also many other activities such as exploring the lava fields, driving Road to Hana and cycling to Haleakala.

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Ancient Sites to Visit for Your Next Travel Plan

We live in 21st Century but there are still ancient sites which have survived for centuries. For your next travel plan, it is not a bad idea to list some ancient sites to visit.  It must be quite boring to see common spots and cities every day. Thus, having different and unique view n your trip can be a great distraction and refresh your dull sight. It is not only the view that you can enjoy through the ancient sites. You will also be able to take a glimpse to humanity in the past. There are many things you can learn about how people in the past can create their own world without intervention of technology and machinery.

Istanbul, Turkey

List of ancient sites to visit you can pick

It is true that most people are more interested in luxury vacation and doing fun activities during their trip. There are only a few who really like to visit historical or ancient sites. There are many things to gain when visiting ancient sites aside from witnessing the raw beauty of humanity. The vibe and feeling of visiting those kinds of place are priceless because even technology cannot reach the level of satisfaction. Here are several ancient sites you can include to your bucket list for your next travel plan:

  • Istanbul, Turkey is the witness of great periods of history. There are many proofs of ancient humanity in this city showing through the construction by successive empires from Byzantium t Constantinople, further to modern era of Turkey. All historic cores blend naturally in the city. There are many ancient sites you can visit in Istanbul such as Hagia Sophia.
  • Cairo, Egypt is undeniably beautiful city to begin with. This is one of the cities where the earliest of humanity can be found. It is shown by the existence of several ancient sites to visit such as the infamous Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, and many more. Not to mention that the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities has collection of the earliest inhabitants of Nile.
  • Kyoto, Japan is also one of the ancient cities you can pick as your next travel destination. Everyone knows that Japan is a big fan of modern technology. However, this city is a place where the old tradition of Japanese is preserved. In this city, you can find and visit more than 1,000 Buddhist temples as well as Shinto shrines.
  • Athens, Greece is one of the most ancient cities in the world. Athens traces its origin back in 5,000 years. In this city, you can feel the vibe of Athenians daily life along with the art galleries. You can also enjoy the ruins of classical Greece which are still stunning.
  • Borobudur, Indonesia is one of the most ancient sites to visit. This is the ninth-century Buddhist temple complex. The temples were completed in early 800s but have been layered by volcanic ash for centuries. The artworks of humanity in the past still remain intact in this temple complex.
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3 Unforgettable Things About Bali Dive

Bali, a popular tropical paradise because it has a magic blend of underwater, white sand and an unrivaled culture. It is not easy to determine the schedule of visits to Bali. There are many places that must be visited. If your time is long, you don’t need to worry because there is plenty of time to explore and travel around Bali. Most foreign tourists have 2-4 weeks to enjoy a vacation. Bali dive is a door to explore underwater with rich of rare species, shipwreck, and others. 

Bali Dive

Bali dive is mandatory. The underwater scenery of Bali is amazing and must be explored. Certified divers will easily find a dive center to plan a Bali diving holiday. Scuba Bali diving is very enjoyable especially when looking closely at rare and popular underwater species. Seahorses, sharks are examples of underwater species that everyone loves.

Bali Dive To Meet New Friends

You will not think if diving activities are surrounded by many participants from all over the world. Bali dive with the advantages of 4-5 foreign language instructors ready to guide your dives. No need to be afraid to communicate. Most divers understand English well. You can use world language, to communicate. Bali Scuba is one of your places to meet new friends. Various experiences and getting diving tips from professional divers is an invaluable advantage.

Look Closely Underwater Rare Species

Bali dive is your chance to find rare species under the sea. Some spots allow you to see it. The most common species you can find are seahorses like Barbigants. They are native to Indonesia. You can find it while doing Bali scuba on the islands in all the interior.

The aim of professional divers doing scuba dive Bali is to see Mola-Mola and Manta Pari. If you are lucky, you will find them at Blue Corner and Crystal Bay. They have a diameter of 3-4 meters and weigh nearly 1000 kg.

Manta rays are underwater species that are also not less popular. Bali scuba in the Nusa Penida area allows you to find manta rays for a sensational diving experience.

Exploring the Mystery of a Shipwreck

There is always something interesting when doing Bali dive. Exploring underwater and looking closely at the legacy of World War II is a unique experience. You can explore and take a close look at the Japanese shipwreck and USAT Liberty. Both are ships that sink in the waters of Bali and are now home to underwater species. You can also see the species of fish that surround the shipwreck. This is one of the best and most interesting objects for professional photographers.

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