Having a luxury travel must be everyone’s wish at least once in their life time. Enjoying your time in luxury vacation and indulging your body is a great feeling to experience. However, you might as well consider paying attention to luxury travel tips before you go to have one. Luxury travel is surely cost more money. You may need to save for months or years before having a travel as luxurious as you dreamt of. However, if it is one of your bucket lists, it is going to be worth it.

Luxury travel tips you shouldn’t miss

Even though you are not used to luxury life, having luxury travel will be totally different. If you want to go all out with the concept of luxury, you need to prepare yourself to embrace all luxury aspect you should expect when it comes to luxury vacation. This is a chance you may have only once for the rest of your life so you’d better gone all out. Here are tips to really experience the luxury of your travel:

1. Class of your flight

Book first class or business seat for your flight. The service you receive while having your time sitting in first class seat will make you experience what luxury is. Started from tasty meal to nice wine, you will forget how fast the time flies. When you land on your destination, let the driver take a job of driving and enjoy your ride in the back seat.

2. Types of accommodation

Luxury travel tips

Book a boutique hotel or five start hotel for the best service. In this type of hotel, the staff will do everything you ask just to make sure that you are happy with their service. There is always special service coming from this type of hotel you won’t receive in another hotel.

3. Hire the guide!

Next luxury travel tips is to hire trusted guide to help you explore the place you visit to spend your vacation time. They will help you get to the main attraction of the place. You can ask them to take you to the popular dining, ancient museum, or get to a place not every tourist even knows. With the help from trusted and certified guide, you don’t have to wander around aimlessly because you just need to say your wish and the guide will take you to the places.

4. Fine restaurant is always recommended

Don’t miss a chance to indulge your appetite by visiting fine restaurant. Try out the local famous cuisine so that you can feel connected to the local culture through their recipe. You can even take your time talking to the chef to ask because the foods they serve.

5. Get yourself free!

Last but not least luxury travel tips are to feel free to do anything you want and don’t be afraid to enjoy your private time doing something out of the plan. For example, you can visit local bar to try their wine or visit local community to know more about their custom. Or, you can also book a VIP seat to watch a sport match.

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