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Take a Look at Some Tips Before Travel To Bandung

Bandung is one of the largest cities in Indonesia, specifically in the western side. If you need to refresh your body, mind and soul then Bandung is a great option. Travel to Bandung is affordable and accessible for local or international tourists. There is no need to worry about transport, accommodation or foods. Everything can be arranged without much hassle. Bandung is famous for its natural beauty and decent foods. That’s why it has become one of a must visit destination in Indonesia.

Tips for travel to Bandung

What You Need to Know Before Travel to Bandung

Before visiting Bandung, you need to prepare yourself started from packing necessities to filling in your knowledge.

  1. Know what you pack – Bandung is a nice place to chill “literally” since the average temperature is less than 25 Celsius degrees and the hilly areas are even lower. Thus, pack warm clothes if your destination is upper hills. If you just stroll around the city, you can wear comfortable clothes like t-shirt and jeans since the temperature is great for relaxing.
  2. Know where to go –There are thematic parks you can visit during your travel to Bandung, specifically around the main town. The names of the parks are based on the theme such as Taman Film (Movie Park), Taman Musik (Music Park), Taman Jomblo (Single Park), and many more. The parks are equipped with facilities based on the theme.
  3. Find scenic beauty – Bandung is a place where you can enjoy the natural charms such as hills, mountain, beaches, hot springs, waterfalls, and many more. There are many places you can visit to enjoy beautiful scenery such as Maribaya, Tangkuban Perahu mountain, Kawah Putih, De’Ranch, and many more.
  4. Learn the culture – Bandung is rich of culture and lots of international tourists find it hard not t learn and enjoy it. You can visit Dusun Bambu if you want to know more about the original culture of Bandung. You can play old instruments, talk to the local, as well as buy souvenir which are handmade.
  5. Shopping heaven – Bandung is also known as Paris Van Java since it is a home to fashion stuffs. People from other cities often visit Bandung just to buy their favorite brand of clothes. There are many shopping centers to visit. The price is also relatively affordable. Cihampelas Walk, Paris van Java, Bandung Indah Plaza are favorite places for shopping. You can also visit Bandung Electronic Center to buy electronic stuffs such as hand phones and laptops with relatively less expensive price.
  6. Where to find foods – You can find delicious foods basically everywhere in Bandung. started from ancient cuisine to street foods, you can indulge your stomach throughout your trip in Bandung. Recommended foods to try are Mie Kocok, Bakso, Soto, Nasi Goreng, and Sate. You can also have a decent dine in Kampung Daun or Warung Daweung, thematic dining where you can enjoy variety of foods. For more thrilling experience during your travel to Bandung, you can also visit themed restaurant, Zombie Cafe Bandung where all foods are served in spooky form along with scary diners.

5 Best Seminyak Villas For Your Next Travel Accommodation

Bali is where almost all the people around the world is gathering. Many of them are the students from the country they have left for couple of months ago, the travellers to enjoy many thing that they have heard from their friends, and may also be the businessmen who are running whatever business they might had. But whoever you are or they are, if you have no idea and friends or families to stay with in Bali, then I will inform you about one of the type accommodation which is the villas and located in the area of Seminyak. The Seminyak Villas to be exact about what I am going to tell you.

And I will try my best to offering you about the best Seminyak villas so your vacation or staying will be comfortable or even feeling luxurious than ever.

5 Best Seminyak Villas

Among many of the best Seminyak villas are existing, I will only bring up about 5 of them so you are not getting confused to choose which is the best that suit you. And anyway, as I have described the villas as the best, I mean it will only by my own preferences. Whether they will be best or not for you, it will also related to your own preferences.

1. Villa Soleh

Claimed as a brand new traditional Balinesse style and is located at a prime position. The Villa Soleh is also declared itself as the luxury one that is influenced by the French design. You could choose from the 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms villa that each of them have their own private pool. If you are the one who love to eat at the side of the street, enjoy at the bars or restaurants, then this villa is the best for you. That’s why I am included it as the first best Seminyak Villas.

2. Hu’u Villas

How did you pronounced it in your language? This second best Seminyak villas is also needs to be considered for your accommodation when you are in Bali. Not only because you could choose from 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms and have their own private pool, but also the Hu’u Villas is located at the heart of the Seminyak that only about 2-3 minutes by walt to the beach.

Best Seminyak Villas - Hu'u Villas

So, compared with the first one as the best Seminyak villas, would you stay at the prime location or in the heart of Seminyak? You’d be the judge.

There are some of the accommodation deals from Hu’u Villas such for your honeymoon vacation, girls getaway, and many more. This villas is the best to me, even will be my first recommendation since it really looks like you will as comfort as in your own home with the adding of the exotic and tropical atmosphere in Bali.

3. Villa Dayak

From its name, I thought it was inspired by the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan, Indonesia. But the true is I have no idea about it since apparently it is designed and built by the Swiss owner, so it has also finished regarding to the Swiss standards. Beside the Villa Dayak, there is also one called as the Villa Asmat.

Frankly, both of the names are from the Indonesian tribes and Asmat is the well-known tribe from Papua. The location is the same to the both list before which is also being situated in the main area of the Seminyak. What I love about this villa is, the way they design it is also inspired by the name of where the tribes are came from. So, both villas get beneficial from the local wisdoms of the tribes.

The villas are so open yet keep you stay in private as well. You will get the pool, sleeping in spacious rooms and many more.

4. Umah Di Desa

If i would translate the name into English, then it will be “House at the village.” And you are right if thinking that the design will be authentically as what you have expected for the Seminyak villas that the atmosphere or design just like living at the house of the original people of Bali. Although it has touched with the modernism and luxury, yet what you will experience still worth spreading.

5. Villa Ora Grande

Simply put, Villa Ora Grande is special for a group or family only. i mean, you could still rent it for yourself alone, but how many people could afford to do that?! The pool even reach up to 8 meters long. It is quite close to the beach as well and many more facilities because there will be many people will stay in here than the four lists above that consists only for 3 or 4 person. Still, I think that this villa is one of the best Seminyak villas for me.

And that would be all of the 5 best Seminyak villas to be considered as one of your accommodation for the next visiting, whether for travelling or even for business. Hope you could get the benefits of this post. See you soon.

Benefits of Travel by Car You Can Gain

There are many types of transportations for travelling. You can choose one of them according to your need. However, travel by car is one of the most used by travelers. Aside from its practicality, there are other things that influence travelers to choose can to transport them to their destination instead of other transportations. Travelling is the moment you are waiting for to have some fun and intriguing experiences. You can travel alone or in group with your friends or family. The goal of the travel remains the same though.

Advantages of travel by car you can get

Basically, transportation for travelling is the matter of individual choice. There are some people who like riding on the train or taking a plane to transport them to their travel destination. However, some others like driving with their cars to travel the places they want to visit. The reasons are many but you can find out some benefits of travel using car as following:

Benefits of travelling by car

  • You have freedom to decide your destination. Even if you want to change your previous plan, you won’t get hassle with the ticket or something. You don’t need to hurry your travel since you’re not bound to any schedule of flights or stuffs. You can wake up anytime and drive to any place you feel like to.
  • Those who love spontaneous trip, taking car with you is the best plan because you can decide your plan on the way, lack of planning doesn’t mean you will get less fun.
  • The availability of car is also undeniable. Even if you don’t own a car, you can rent it for your travel plan. It’s not hard to find a rental car and the process is not difficult to follow. This way, you will have freedom to go with your travel plan and there is no need to go hurry or early. Everything can be done as you wish.
  • Another benefit of travel by car is you can save your money for luggage. Imagine when you have to bring your suitcase and take a flight. You may be charged with additional expenses due to your overweight suitcase. It will expand your expense. On the other hand, you can bring your belonging safely into the car and you can decide how many things you want to bring.
  • You can also save your money for accommodations and food. You can live in the campsites so you can cook your own foods in many ways. Staying the nights in the campsites can also be much more fun than you thought. It’s a lot cheaper than booking a room in a hotel.

Travelling by car, you can visit more places since you are not limited to tight schedule. The access for car is also always available. Thus, there won’t be problem even if you want to visit a countryside, or even mountains.

Therefore, you can travel by car for your own convenience and safety. There is no need for hassle and you’re free to go anywhere you feel like to.

Types of Hammock Camping and The Recommended Brands

I have never been thinking that the scout’s life will be getting more interesting than before. This is not only the new trend but also a truly positive, fun and amazing thing that ever happen to me and maybe for most of the travellers around the world. The only one thing that I am talking about is, the hammock camping. Yes, surprisingly it was amazed me the first time I know about it.

I know that you may think that I am outdated for talking about the hammock camping now where most people in the world have known it for years, but I will just simply leave it behind. Won’t focusing on that but to what I believe that will please me as well. And you should have known what it is.

I love camping as many other kids out there. Although the traditional way we will be bringing the tent as “our shelter” to the camp location, still it was a really fun thing to do. No matter how heavy the tent is, not even a problem if we could setting up neatly, and many more small kids mistakes that keep in my memory.

What actually the hammock camping is?

The hammock itself is a new thing in my life. I don’t know since when the term comes into my life, but I remember that it is firmly attached to my memory for about the last 2 months. What an amateur, right? Where have I been all this times?!

Hammock camping is a new way to experience not only the way of sleeping while travelling or camping, etc, but also a new vision of experience the journey itself. I know it looks like a swinging bed on the air, but the truth behind it is really beyond of our expectations.

I will remind you about one little thing that you may see it as unimportant thing or even the worthless one, but at the same time, you are also loves it so much. We must admitted that most of us are pretty much enjoy when seeing the natural scenery from the top. Whether top of the hills or mountains, your house’s rooftop, from the high of the skyscrapers and many more. At least that will be admitted from those without Acrophobia (fear of heights).

And when you are camping using the hammock, you have the big chance to enjoy the view or landscape at wherever you are. And you will enjoy it from the certain heights according to your need.

Hammock camping types and recommended brands

You can setting up your hammock camping between the tress, poles, above the river, below the bridge, and so many places you could be used, even the unthinkable one like between the cliffs. How could not I be surprised when knowing that a hammock could do that for many of us. Pretty much insane at first, but it really open the unimaginable adventures that may not exist before.

So, who’s the first person that deserved our thanks for inventing the hammock camping? The person should have given like a noble prize or other prestigious awards for this beautiful thing.

Many hammock camping made of the parachute nylon as its main material with various size. The available sizes are the reason why it is also popular since some years back. You can get the hammock for your kids, for your personal usage with the single size, camping with your partner using the double size, etc up to the mammock size where the dimensions reach 800 cm X 300 cm. Sounds interesting, huh? And from the various size, comes the various carrying capacity as well. At least, a hammock camping could carry the weight from 200 kg as minimum up to 350 kg or even more. So, no need to worry about the material will be torn apart. Nope!

Common types of hammock

Although it is still hard to know who’s the person created the hammock, it is believed that most of the Americans – southern Americans if I’m not getting it wrong – are the earlier people known to be involved and responsible for the hammock camping popularity until now.

It might be different by comparing the usage that now mostly we used it for the camping idea or enjoy the moment while at the beach or beside the pool. But it could be the same as well since the main function of hammock is simply for taking a nap or sleeping in it.

And since many of us, especially the travellers are going to the different locations or destinations, then there are some of the known types of the hammock. And they are:

1. El Salvador, Mexico, Venezuela, India, Brazil, Nicaragua, Mayan and many more.

There are some countries as above that have been using the hammock as one of their daily culture, a business, a way to put a child to sleep, took it while travelling, and many more usage. And the above countries and the tribe, I believe as the top 10’s among the others. The types of hammock camping from those countries are different as well especially in talking about the design.

2. Hammock with different materials, made of rope, nylon, etc.

When thinking about the rope hammock or even the hammock itself as a whole, probably that you will likely to imagine about this type of hammock where you mostly found and seen on the beach, right? Rope hammock made of either the cotton or the polyester ropes and designed to be grid in shape just like the web to keep you flipping too much.

Another popular hammock today is also known as the parachute hammock that is made of polyester nylon as its best and basic material, and that also has a correlation with the next point.

3. The usage; hammock camping, hiking, jungle, etc.

This is my last common types of hammock where the most popular right now. A hammock that is used for camping, wildlife, hiking, and many more. And you could bringing it in your backpack because of its lightweight.

Recommended hammock camping brands

So for the last, I will only gives you an information about the best hammock camping brands in this world. Surely that the term of “best” is simply my own personal references, so it may different with other opinions.

Knowing the hammock camping brands are important I think. So that you are not only could know where to buy one, but also could compare which is the affordable and the real best one for you.

And in order to that, I have listed some of them below.

  1. Ticket To The Moon
  2. Enno Hammock
  3. Warbonnet Outdoors
  4. Grand Trunk Hammock
  5. Rei Hammock
  6. Consina Hammock
  7. Kammok Hammock
  8. Hammaka Hammock
  9. Hennessy Hammock

There are many of the brands for sure, but I think that the 9 list above is enough, so you may check all of their sites one by one if you want.

And that would be the end of this recent topic. If you found this article useful, feel free to spread the words. Happy hammock camping!

Best and Famous Destination for Lake Vacation

The world is full of beauty and charms which are limitless. Lake is one of charms the nature has and deserves your visit. If you are lake-enthusiast then you need to try to visit some famous lakes in the world. Lake vacation is not less fun than any other type of vacation. That’s why even if you are not lake-enthusiast you need to try this type of vacation at least once in your lifetime. The beauty of lake is said to be a mind healing. It can help to release some stress from your mind and body. The view of calm water on the lake helps you calm your mind as well. Serene vibe is what people most seek of the lake.

Ideas of destinations for lake vacation

Nature has its own way to appeal human through its natural beauty which is a gift itself. You can appreciate any side of Mother Nature includes having a lake vacation during your break. Alluring water qualities offered by lakes are irresistible. The ripples are just mesmerizing and the reflections give off crystalline clarity which are also priceless. Here are some recommended destinations for your lake trip:

1. Maligne Lake is located in Alberta – Canada

Maligne lake at Canada as one of your lake vacationPrecisely, it is located in Jasper National Park. The view of the lake is mesmerizing and breathtaking. Not to mention that the surrounding landscape is stunning. You can enjoy the view of foreground pines, as well as the background-mountains. Not only that, you can also enjoy the view of cornflower blue Alberta skies. If you want, you can also try kayaking to Spirit Island.

2. West Lake – China

In Asia, you can visit West Lake, located in Hangzhou, China. The verdant green in the West Lake is just priceless. You can also take notice of how elderlies lie around the neighborhoods. They like practicing Tai Chi around the lake. Through this lake, you can also take a note to the Tang Dynasty-era.

3. Lake Lucerne – Switzerland

Lake Lucerne at Switzerland

Speaking of lake, you can’t leave Switzerland since they have Lake Lucerne which worth your visit during your lake vacation. The traits in this lake are just stand out. In this place, you will find 13th-century Chapel Bridge with stunning panorama surrounding. Around the lake, you can see the background with the view of Mt. Pilatus and Alps peaks (Eiger and Jungfrau).

4. Lake Titicaca – Peru

Find the real beauty in Peru through Lake Titicaca. The name means Gray Puma in local language. The shoreline is captivating and it divides South American neighbors between Bolivia and Peru. Aside from enjoying the view around the lake, you can also try climbing the 553 stone steps up to the ruins which results in even more beautiful landscape to enjoy.

There are other lakes you can visit for your next travel plan such as Pohoe Lake in Chille, Lake Tahoe in California, Derwentwater in England, Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand, and many more. For your next break, you can try recommended famous lakes to visit as mentioned above and enjoy your lake vacation to the fullest.

What Is The Best Flores Tour Package You Mostly Need?

Surely I don’t know even one thing about you, so with the opposite. We don’t know each other, totally. But if we need to talk about the best Flores tour package that you mostly need, I may know a bit about it in case you want to included it in the next of your traveling plan or list. Yeah, I hope this will be one of your best bucket list on your life journey.

But before we are going to dive deep into the best Flores tour package, I need to give you some beneficial information to help you see why I am telling you that this will be your mostly need itineraries.

A brief knowledge about Flores

I think you have known that the name of “Flores” itself is referring to all of the territory that administratively located at the Province of East Nusa Tenggara where in Indonesia called as “Nusa Tenggara Timur” or named its acronym as “NTT.” So, when you are here one day or looking for online tour references related to the Flores, you may need to use the above terms or words to help you get more valuable information.

Regarding to the development of tourism sector at NTT, Flores will be one of the most famous word that spoken by the people of Indonesia, along with the Komodo Island that is has thousands of the Komodo dragons as the still living ancient animal.

Later, many people then calling it as the Flores Islands (Kepulauan Flores) as one of the Lesser Sunda Islands which is the group of the islands at the eastern half of Indonesia. It is also believed that the name of the Flores was given by the Portuguese, from the words of “Cabo de Flores” or the Cape of Flowers in English.

Other facts about the Flores Islands are, it is also one of the top 10 biggest island in Indonesia and is also included as the tenth most populous island so far.

Now, as one of the province in Indonesia, could you guess how many of the islands at East Nusa Tenggara?

The best flores tour package you could get

Padar island view from the top of the hill

At least, at the year of 2016 ago, there are about 1,192 islands that shaped the province. While still at the same year, about 760 islands that are not have a name yet. Don’t know how to call them. No name at all. Thousand islands and almost a half of them need to be named, guys. Can you believe it?!

Those are pretty much a hard work for traveling only for one province. And yeah, the budget and your times should be spent more than what you have organized. But, don’t worry about the islands quantity since you may don’t have to visit them all. You only need some accessible islands with affordable price that offering the tourism package at its best.

Now, by reading the above facts, it is really possible for me or us for considering the Flores Islands as an archipelago, right? And the only one question still remain is what is the best way to experience the Flores Islands? You are about to know the answer in probably no more than 2 seconds.

… sailing through while visiting the islands for hours is the best of your Flores tour package you could get!!

Yes, that’s the answer! May be the only one or the main thing you need, so far. And so do I if you are going to ask me about which is the first recommendation related to the Flores tour package.

I know it is not the end for your online researches since you still need to know where to get this flores tour package, which islands to be visited and many more questions in mind. But, don’t you worry about that. We’ll deal with them at the end of this article at once. I mean, you simply just need a trusted travel agent or tour operator, right?

Many of the tour operators simply just preparing the small boats for delivering the tourists to some popular islands such as Komodo Island, Rinca, Padar, Kelor, Gili Lawat Darat and many more. While the Labuan Bajo will likely as your first island since it is also where your air flight is located. And mostly all the journey will end at Labuan Bajo as well. Here what I am going to say;

If you are afraid of using the small boats for the safety reason although the boats are also safe so far, you could get the bigger, the safest, the stable and the luxury one for your Flores tour package.

Even, there are many of the Flores tour package that allow you to experience the way of living on the boat. You may say it is like a “Flores Liveaboard” that will not only possible for you to live on the boat for couple of days or week, but also accompany you to some popular islands or the other as you want.

There are also many of the offerings that are calling themselves as the “Best Komodo Liveaboard” package since – as I believe – it is because of the Komodo dragons are pretty much helpful for the marketing because of their original habitat, uniqueness, and the scarcity for sure.

So, where you could get the Flores tour package?

I have no idea how many of the travel agents are existing in dealing with the tour package, but if you have to ask that to me, than I would like to recommended you to visit the Hello Flores dot com right now. Won’t talk much about it, but I think it is better for you to check it first by yourself. They have pretty good site, anyway. And the most important thing is, the boats they were preparing are so much the combination of the traditional Phinisi design and touch of the modern luxury. The ultimate one. And you could also choose the itineraries at the site in case there is one that suits you.

I think I have been informed all I have to tell you about the Flores tour package, especially why you should get it and where to start to contact the legal tour agent. Hope what I have written above will help you out from your traveling plan confuses that you may have.

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