I have said before that one of the best way in exploring the Komodo National Park islands is getting the Komodo Liveaboard tour package, either you will be experiene it with your friends or in a group or simply just visiting by your own alone. The most basic thing that is highlighted related to the tour package is living for some days or even a week on the boat with all of the luxurious facilities and room the boats might had.

But have you ever wondering before about how much money you should be prepared? Yes, I finally will be written down about the Komodo Liveaboard budget so you can get yourself being prepared since months or even a year before paying your visit to Komodo Island and other islands around.

The Komodo Liveaboard budget quite expensive for me, but you know, no matter how much it is, there will always many of the people in this world will considered it as the affordable tour package. This may quite cheap for many travellers out there. Shame on me!

I don’t know if I have been mentioned this before in previous published articles or not, especially about the komodo liveaboard budget from the HelloFlores.com since that also what I will convey in this post.

Information that I have got from the site said that until today, they have had up to 8 wonderful, luxurious and adventurous boats to be used by the customers as their own personal preferences. All of the boats named differently such as Ocean Pure, Tanaka, Wisesa, Maki, Royal Fortuna, Kelana, Mantra and the last one is Alexa to accompany you in your Komodo liveaboard adventures.

Komodo Liveaboard budget: How much to spend?

The existence of various types of the ships certainly will also have different prices, and honestly, I will mainly inform you about the Komodo liveaboard budget related to the cost of exploring the Flores Islands by boat as I have mentioned earlier.

The cheapest boat you can use while sailing is the Royal Fortuna where the cost has been determined for $ 159 per night/person and will only enough for 11 guests in maximum. While the Alexa becomes the most expensive one because you have to spend as much as $ 974, followed by the Ocean Pure right below it that will be $ 750 and limited only for 10 guests.

Other Komodo liveaboard budgets using other boats can be easily found in their site through the above link, so I think it is fine not to mention all the boat costs.

Whatever considerations you might have about the boats or you may say the on board budget, I think they all are worth it thinking about how beautiful and luxury the boat designs are. And that’s all have been included with the itineraries they have been prepared for visiting some of the islands along with the destinations and the attractions as well.

So for later, you could simply count this Komodo liveaboard budget by adding the cost for your transportation to the East Nusa Tenggara province and anything as you need in your journey.

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