Before, I have been published an article about why outdoor hammock camping is good for children, you may want to read it. But apparently, I have not mentioned about the tent at all. So that, this time I will let you know about it. Especially in answering the question of: Should I or you switch from the tent to hammock camping?

Today, camping using hammock has been popular among the travelers. Old and young people seems to have the same interest for it. There are even many of the published articles saying that it is better to use and bring the hammock while traveling than a tent. One of the reason for that is the tent somehow quite heavy since you have to bring the stands with you.

But when you will be using the hammock, your camping may will be different than before when it comes to talk about where to sleep. As long as you could find the 2 trees or poles, later the hammock will be your shelter, right?

Sleeping in a hammock could be tiring or even you could not sleep in it at all for the first time because of your wrong setting up and couldn’t find the best position. Still, you need not to worry about that since there always the first time for everyone for the new experience. If you ever wondering that you may will get up with neck and back pain after sleeping in a hammock, I think that is too much. I mean, it could be the worst you could get, but mostly, that only the excessive fear created by our own thoughts.

Is it necessary to switch from a tent to a hammock for camping?

Baby in a hammock camping

The answer is simply just Yes or No. But you still need to explain why you choosing one of both. I myself is quite open for every possibility, so I will simply say that if the tent and the hammock are quite affordable for me, then I will take them both back to the house.

I know that using a tent pretty much troublesome. The old products even so much heavy although there have been many of the lightweight tents as well. Yet, when comparing it with the use of hammock while camping, you still have to sleep on the cold and rocky ground.

Hanging in a hammock or resting before reach your travel destination somehow really interesting for me to experience it some day. Using it is also benefit you in ease to pack and re-pack it, really the opposite of using the tent.

But the thing is, although many of the hammocks on the market out there are affordable enough, as well as its lightweight, you may will need more of the gears and accessories. You may could buy the hammock camping below $100, but that simply just for the hammock, the hook or carabiner, sleeve and the rope or the strap. That’s all what you could be expected from amount of the money I have just informed.

Getting the hammock camping with above gears and accessories are not enough, but if you think for only using it inside your home, then you may have more of what you need. But when it comes to talk about traveling such as camping on the hills or in the forest, hiking the mountain, then you need more of that. Surely that you will spend more of what you have got before.

Using the hammock for outdoor camping should be well prepared to keep you comfortable and safe while in the wild. And it is also means that you need to get more gears and accessories such as the net that keeps you away from the insects, bugs, mosquitoes and other small dangerous animals. The hammock camping tarp is also necessary to get for avoiding the rain or in case you are not feeling comfortable of the brighter sun.

You will also need the waterproof quilt to be placed underneath your hammock to keeps you getting warm or to reduce the cold weather. Don’t you think that it will cost you at least more than a hundred dollar, do you? And, doesn’t it also means that you should carry more of the luggage and more of the weights as well?

You can easily found the hammock weighs the same as the lightweight tent, although using the hammock you will end up taking a lot less gears such as mat, pillow, small hammer, pegs so the weight and space advantages of a hammock camping is really adding up. Think about when you are on motorbike or cycle touring! Wouldn’t it really be challenging?

But, that’s doesn’t mean that you have to stick in using the tent. Many of the inventions have their own advantages and disadvantages. That only some of the deficiencies in using the hammock that I have been found and using the tent is even more of the disadvantages than a hammock as I have been seen and experienced.

Yes, I prefer buy the hammock camping than the other for now. That’s for sure! But I will not throw away the tent that I already have simply just because I love hanging on the hammock. Anyone should not do that.

So, is it necessary for you to switch from a tent to a hammock? If I am required to answer it, than it would be depending on your condition. I mean, if now you have none of both, I’d like to encourage you to get the hammock first since you can use it in your room or inside your house as well while the tent mostly will not be used indoor except with the children. It is because I have never seen once that an adult is sleeping in a tent in the house simply just he or she is love camping. But you may will find many of the people are using the hammock inside the house mainly as an alternative for the their bed.

Using a hammock is also giving you chance for improving your health condition like for getting more deeper sleep or might contribute in healing your insomnia and many other illnesses.

Now, you have known my answer related to above question, right? You have known where I have stand.

Things to know before buying a hammock

I think that, after I have just gave you my own answer, then why not just inform you about the things to be paid attention, the criteria, things to know before buying a hammock for your later camping or your mattress replacement.

First, I would like to tell you about a thing that I should have been told before which is, the hammock type that I am talking about in this post is the Fabric Hammock. It is usually looks and made of the cotton-based fabric. The hammock is I am talking about is portable as well but limited to not equate it with the foldable hammock like the hammock chairs.

Today, this type of hammock is available and produced using the material of parachute nylon. No wonder that many of the people are keep on calling it as the parachute hammock as well. Many or maybe mostly the parachute hammocks are hard to be broken (durable), breathable, anti-mildew, skin-friendly. There even one that I found that is rot-resistant.

So that, my first suggestion in what you should know before buying the hammock is its own material as I have just explained.

Secondly, you should give your attention to the hammock carrying capacity. It is important because there are many of the sizes of what a hammock could be. You can get a special hammock for your kids, an adult person, the double hammock size that enough for 2 person. Even for more than 5 person, there is a hammock for that and many more other size.

Different hammock size comes up with the different carrying capacity as well. So, you’d better know what to do with the hammock. If you will simply using it for your own personal usage, then the single hammock size is enough. Although, getting the double hammock size is also not a problem at all.

Another thing you needs to know is the gears that included with the price that you have to spend. I mean, you will not to buy the hammock itself, but also you need the hook and the rope for setting up your swing. So, making sure that what you are about to pay is so important. There are also some of other gears and accessories that may interesting to you, but keep in mind to ask your self neither you nor your friends need them.

And the last but not the least thing I would like to suggest you is the weight of the hammock camping. It is really important knowing that there have been many available hammocks either the lightweight one or even the ultralight hammock that you are freely to choose.

Thing about traveling while bringing your own hammock with you. What if you will bring it along with the other goods or luggage in your backpack? Then you won’t burden yourself with something that actually can be avoided which is reducing the weight by buying at least the lightweight hammock.

That’s all I have to say. Now you have enlightened why it is necessary for me to change from using the tent to a hammock camping. You have also just explained about the criteria to know before buying the hammock. Now the questions are, have you got your own and how long have you been sleeping in it? And for those who still don’t own for even one, hope you could buy the hammock in days to come.

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