“Can your kids go to Komodo Island?”

Bringing the Kids to Komodo Island

The Komodo Island boasts with its wildness. The raw nature, prehistoric giant lizard, and wonderful landscape promise a wonderful adventure. When you go around April to June, you will be greeted by highly contrast, technicolor landscape—which will be very exciting for the kids. In the season, they’ll get to see sparkling white beach bordering rolling green hills with pristine azure sea. They will have a precious chance to meet with the Komodo Dragon. one of 7 New Wonders of Nature. As if it’s not enough, your kids will be thrilled by pirate-like adventure in the liveaboard and get the chance to snorkel in shore water which is very alive with marine life.

All the experience they can get in Komodo Island will be very beneficial for their growth and development. However, given the rough condition, travelling with kids to this frontier require special attention. Here’s the tips to have successful holiday with Komodo and the kids—and keep everyone happy.

1. Keep ‘Em Away from the Dragon

Seeing the Komodo Dragon in the real life can be very thrilling, especially for the kids. These scaly beasts appear like straight from their Dinosaurs books (PS: albeit looking like  one, they are not a dinosaur). The danger lies in Komodo’s behavior. The giant lizard often seems kinda sleepy and languid, sometimes heavy with full belly. They provide false sense of security while in fact they can move in a flash to bite you.

Komodo might appear like a strange creature that sparks the curiosity of the kids. However, never let your kids touch them. Don’t even let them go any nearer than 2 meters from the lizard. Keep the kids close, especially in a National Park where the lizard are left out roaming free without any fence.

2. Stock Up in Labuan Bajo

Before you hop on the cruise, better to spend a good time in Labuan Bajo. This is the last ‘civilized’ city where you can find the best range of necessity. Fill up your bag with diapers, medical supplies, milk, snacks, toiletries, and any other thing you might need. Keep in mind that it’s best to stick with small-sized cartoned milk for the kids. The big one can only life for a day after opened, and you might not have private refrigerator in your boat. 

3. Always Bring Snack and First Aid

Here are five things that should be in your bag wherever you go: first aid kit, sunscreen, mosquito repeller, and snacks. The sun in Komodo Island (and generally anywhere in Flores) is very hot. The kids will get very bad sunburn without regular reapplication of sunscreen. And it’s one of high malaria area in Indonesia—you don’t want to risk it. Meanwhile, the snack can help to soothe down the weary kids after so much adventure.

4. Bring Your Own Equipment

What is a trip to Komodo Island without one or two snorkelling? The Komodo National Park is one of the best preserved marine life as well as best diving site in the world. The trip is bound for some underwater exploration! Unfortunately, not many ship provide kids-size life jackets. You need to bring one. The same thing applies for snorkelling equipment—you will have difficulty to find kid-sized equipment. If your plan to have some water sports, make sure you bring all the kids’ equipment before going.

5. Bring Suitable Shoes and Mosquito Nets

Any day in the Komodo National Park is a trekking day. You will trek with the dragons in Komodo and Rinca Island. Going to a hilltop view in Padar? Trekking. Resting for sunset in Kelor Island? Another short trek. Exploring the savannah in Gili Lawa and Sebayut? You got the trek ready. Make sure each of the kids are well equipped with comfortable short shoes. It will help them to trek easily and avoid the swollen foot.

And the mosquito nets? You’ll be super thankful to yourself to bring one as not all places have it. It protects everyone from mosquito bites and the malaria dengue .

6. Take them to Exercise Before the Trip

With so many snorkel and trekking rip, it’s better to get the kids for some exercise before going. It can be a simple jog in the park or bicycling.

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