Diving in Bali is the most desirable things to do when you step your foot on this paradise island. Indonesia has been famous for the biodiversity under the sea. There are many creatures living under sea water which are ready to welcome visitors such as Sunfish, which have been known as the world’s heaviest bony fish. The clear water just adds the beauty of the sea and makes the diving experience even better. Coral reefs, fish, and shipwreck are ready to be seen for those who are eager to find them. There are over 26 diving sites in Bali for beginners to advanced divers.

Diving In Bali

What to consider before diving in Bali

Bali has many beaches as well as best spots for diving. Lots of tourists both local and international have proved memorable experience in diving. There is no need to worry to dive in one of the best diving spots in Bali as well even for those who are categorized as a beginner. However, it is highly advisable to follow some useful tip before diving as follow:

  • It is recommended to check the time before going for dive. The peak seasons for diving falls between Augusts to end October. The best time to dive in September, which is the mid-season since around this time the chances to find the Sunfish or Mola-Mola are higher. For those who are looking for nudibranchs or critters, the best time to dive is between January to March because that is the time when the nudibranchs blossom. There are also chances for discounts around this time.
  • Before diving in Bali, it is recommended to find out first the best diving spots. There are many options though such as the East coast. For advanced divers, Padangbai and Candidasa are the most ideal diving spots to try. Meanwhile, there are also many diving spots reserved for teaching beginners such as Benoa, which is located in South Bali. Other bet diving spots include Nusa Penida, Tulamben, Pemuteran, Amed, Puri Jati, and many more.
  • It is recommended to find an affordable cost of diving in Bali. The cost is varied based on the services taken such as underwater photographer, experienced instructor, and a set of diving equipment. For beginners, the cost starts from USD $20 and another USD $20 for a full set of diving equipment. For advanced divers, the cost is around USD $20 per dive. The cost is actually affordable and competitive.
  • If the main reason for visiting Bali is to explore the underwater by diving, it is more recommended to take Bali dive safaris. This is a specialized program where divers will travel around Bali by minibus or car then sleep a couple of nights in certain dive areas to be continued by visiting the most popular diving area. Diving in Bali surely will be an unforgettable experience.
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