Online taxis are among the most popular means to go around Bali. The locals love them because of their affordability and ease of use. There have been histories of ambushes and violent treatments that online transport drivers have been subjected to in the past. These past violence are committed by non-online public transportation drivers who felt that the new technology is ruining their income.

The past years these incidents are barely heard of. Despite this happening in the past, the locals to this day rely a lot on online transportations—whether it’s to escort them to their destinations, or to sate their midnight cravings. Needless to say, online transports are here to stay.

When you’re in Bali, and Indonesia in general, using the service of online transportations is one of the most convenient means. The most popular providers that the Balinese most often use are GO-JEK and Grab. Here are two things you might want to take note of before using your savvy online transport app.

Get an In-App Balance

Depending on several factors, in-app balance guarantee cheaper prices for any of your transactions. They get you a considerable discount for basically any service. If your trip costs 15,000 IDR in cash, with an in-app balance, you may only pay 11,000 IDR. The locals who own a bank account can top up through their bank providers anytime, but you don’t have to worry. You can top-up easily at designated convenience stores. For example, at Go-Jek you can top your balance at the nearest Alfamart (one of Indonesia’s minimarts (convenience stores) chains). You may also transfer your in-app balance via your driver after your first ride.

You can top up through Alfamart, one among Indonesia’s convenience store chains.

Or you can also top up after you get your first ride, you can simply chose the option Balance Transfer Via Driver, give the cash to your driver and you’re good to go

Take note of your drivers’ identity and vehicle plate

This does not only apply to online transportations, of course, but a reminder is due, especially since you’re in a foreign country. For security reasons, make sure that your driver’s photo you find in the application match with the one who approach you. Also try calling the driver during your ride to make sure it’s the person you’ve been communicating with in the app.

With that said, these application-based transportation service could save you a lot of time and headache. Make sure to use it well to make your Bali trip more convenient.

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