Bali, a popular tropical paradise because it has a magic blend of underwater, white sand and an unrivaled culture. It is not easy to determine the schedule of visits to Bali. There are many places that must be visited. If your time is long, you don’t need to worry because there is plenty of time to explore and travel around Bali. Most foreign tourists have 2-4 weeks to enjoy a vacation. Bali dive is a door to explore underwater with rich of rare species, shipwreck, and others. 

Bali Dive

Bali dive is mandatory. The underwater scenery of Bali is amazing and must be explored. Certified divers will easily find a dive center to plan a Bali diving holiday. Scuba Bali diving is very enjoyable especially when looking closely at rare and popular underwater species. Seahorses, sharks are examples of underwater species that everyone loves.

Bali Dive To Meet New Friends

You will not think if diving activities are surrounded by many participants from all over the world. Bali dive with the advantages of 4-5 foreign language instructors ready to guide your dives. No need to be afraid to communicate. Most divers understand English well. You can use world language, to communicate. Bali Scuba is one of your places to meet new friends. Various experiences and getting diving tips from professional divers is an invaluable advantage.

Look Closely Underwater Rare Species

Bali dive is your chance to find rare species under the sea. Some spots allow you to see it. The most common species you can find are seahorses like Barbigants. They are native to Indonesia. You can find it while doing Bali scuba on the islands in all the interior.

The aim of professional divers doing scuba dive Bali is to see Mola-Mola and Manta Pari. If you are lucky, you will find them at Blue Corner and Crystal Bay. They have a diameter of 3-4 meters and weigh nearly 1000 kg.

Manta rays are underwater species that are also not less popular. Bali scuba in the Nusa Penida area allows you to find manta rays for a sensational diving experience.

Exploring the Mystery of a Shipwreck

There is always something interesting when doing Bali dive. Exploring underwater and looking closely at the legacy of World War II is a unique experience. You can explore and take a close look at the Japanese shipwreck and USAT Liberty. Both are ships that sink in the waters of Bali and are now home to underwater species. You can also see the species of fish that surround the shipwreck. This is one of the best and most interesting objects for professional photographers.

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