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Things That Can Make You Love Travelling Even More

Travelling is fun and all. However, it is more than seeking fun and enjoyment. People do travelling with purpose on their mind. There is no doubt that traveler love travelling because of various reasons they may personally have. Travelling may be costly at some points especially when your destination is abroad. However, there are some benefits and advantages of it that you can’t even compare to money. That’s why some travelers even don’t hesitate to spend their hard-earned money just to visit a place they have been wanted.

Things about travelling that will make you love it even more

It is not a secret that lots of travelers ‘get addicted’ to travelling around the world. The reasons may be vary for individual travelers. However, there is no doubt that they have found something they love of travel they can’t even describe. Here are things to make you love travelling more:

  • Travelling is the best way to create memories. You can make memories all the time with your families, friends, coworkers, etc. However, memories from travelling are unforgettable because it is when you were in different places with different people in different occasion. Travelling can even create a lifetime memory you can share in the future when you have grandkids. Your experience of travelling may be mediocre. However, it will be different when you story-tell them in the future to your beloved ones.
  • Travelling can bring out adventure side of your soul. This advantage can be gained especially when you visit non-touristy destination. You can set up travel plans to go after something you love. This will bring out ‘the you’ who is adventurer and wilder. It can be scary experience but it is how you can get out of your comfort zone. You will be able to see yourself more. That’s why lots of people feel the changes of themselves after several adventure from their trip. They found their new sides of themselves that make them love themselves more.
  • Travelling allows you to know and taste amazing foods you may never will get to if you stay at home. Homemade meals are delicious and good but trying out different dishes in different countries can give you one of the most memorable experience. Lots of travelers also travelling for foods. They appreciate every dish they find in every place they visit. Foods are not only something to eat. They have stories, histories, and values that can make you learn more.
  • Believe it or not, travelling can make you love your home even more. There is a feeling of ‘it is so good to be back’ after travelling. The home you are returned to from travelling maybe the same. However, you are different person every time you comeback. You are the better you when you return from travelling. Therefore, it makes you love your home more. In return, it makes you love travelling even more because it can make you experience many new things. It also allow you to meet new people.
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Best Places for Dessert Hunting in Bali

Bali is a paradise island which has been famous amongst international travelers. You can do any type of travelling here. There are many places to explore during your travel in Bali. Aside from already famous tourist attractions such as beaches and secluded waterfall, there are also best places for dessert hunting. If you are dessert lover, might as well visit one of the most recommended places or two during your stay in Bali. In fact, this island is a heaven for the sweet tooth. Mouth-watering delicacies are everywhere. There won’t be any difficulties in finding them all.

Recommended places to find mouth-watering dessert in Bali

Whether or not you are foodies, food hunting during vacation is a must. It is like one of the most important things to do. Through food hunting, you can also know and learn more about the places you are visiting. Authentic delicacies are always worth travelling for. In Bali, there are many hotspots you can find. Here are some of them which are highly recommended to visit:

  • Stickee Bali – This is where you can find the best milkshakes in three different flavors; Choco, vanilla, and matcha. However, this is not ordinary milkshake. This is milkshake served in giant glass. You can enjoy the best of milkshake in one glass like ice cream, cookies, pretzel, and Choco stick. They are also well-crafted so it is hard not to take pictures before devouring them.
  • Cloud Cakes – This café has unicorn theme so you will feel like in different world when visiting. The logo, the furniture, and overall interior design is unicorn-based theme. Here you can enjoy pastel-colored pastries such as rainbow cakes, shaved ice, and donuts. Another mouth-watering delicacy served in this café is Grilled Cheese Sandwich.
  • Lesica Bali – This is for macaroon lovers. There are 18 different flavors of macaroons you can try when visiting this café. There are also 16 different Cupcakes as well as 8 Mille Crepes. Not only that, you can also enjoy Mousse cake and sweet pizza. This is a great place to bring your family or friends for dinner or just hanging out. This is also place where you can find Rujak, authentic Indonesia fruit salad with chili dressing. This is made from fresh sliced fruits with sweet and spicy taste.
  • Bowl Kitchen – It is time to remember your old time where cotton candy is hard to resist. This cafe serves the fluffiest and softest cotton candy in various shapes such as pandas, pigs, minions, Pikachu, etc. thus, you can enjoy your favorite cotton candy served in another level. Don’t forget to take selfies with unique shaped cotton candy and post it on your Twitter.
  • Café Moonlight – This is where you can enjoy fruit crafted into beautiful arts. This is a great way to enjoy healthy desserts. There are smoothies, fruit desserts, as well as pancake tower which all are made from fresh and healthy ingredients. You can enjoy your favorite treats while lounging at the rooftop that has Japanese garden.
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Recommendations Cozy, Luxury, and Anti-Mainstream Restaurants Seminyak

When talking about the best restaurants in Seminyak, there will be no satisfaction! Relaxing, enjoying a meal with a view of the beach, or a view of the city of Bali, is remarkable. Or sit relaxing on the beanbag while enjoying the sunset? All you can enjoy in restaurants Seminyak Bali.

Restaurants in Seminyak are becoming more popular and happening among tourists, in particular, foreign tourists. There are many restaurants Seminyak Bali area in various countries. There can enjoy the Mexican, Japanese, Korean, Italian and other food. You can find the best restaurants of quality Seminyak by the beach that are able to pamper you.

The hard part is deciding which restaurant you should visit first. What is the best category of restaurants you think? The food? The atmosphere? Price? Service? Guest is king. The food for the king should be delicious, the best service, and enjoyed with a comfortable atmosphere.

Why are tourists willing to queue for hours for the best restaurant in Seminyak? In fact, during high season, you have to make reservations 2-3 weeks before. Impressive! The best promotion is mouth to mouth. Making tourists satisfied and impressed with a restaurant is the best promotion. Some recommendations of restaurants you should visit while in Bali.

Mama San

Traditional food all over South East Asia can be found here. But do not be rash! Because the place is not big, you have to be patient to enjoy the food there. Do not try to visit Mama San during high season if you have not made a reservation. Food prices for Starters: Rp 50 – 80,000; while Mains: Rp 80 – 155,000. Do you want to try it? Do not forget to make a reservation to taste the food here.


A sumptuous dinner? Serve like a king and a queen? You can visit Metis. Romantic dinner with delicious food and beautiful scenery. This is the best dinner place for you and your partner. If you are a foie gras fan, then Metis is perfect. Serving menu variations using foie gras like foie gras terrine, crispy foie gras, yellowfin tuna sushi roll and others you can enjoy.

Sea Vu Play

You are anti-mainstream but want to enjoy the best restaurants in Seminyak? Then you should visit Sea Vu play, fancy restaurant, and nautical pirate style. The restaurant of the pirate palace concept is designed similar to the pirate’s ship. The unique, the waiter and his waitress using a costume-style crew. The martini drinks contain gin, Bianco, and lychee juice served typical of Sea Vu Play. Sea Vu Play is restaurants Seminyak you must visit! Enjoy pizza with chili flavor and crispy Balinese style.

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