Are you sick of your hot tub? Why not visiting the best hot springs around the world to experience the real warm which can soothe your tense body and mind? Hot springs can be considered as everyone’s favorite place to visit. Every country all over the world owns hot springs. Soaking in natural hot spring is the best feeling you can get especially when you have been tiring yourself for your trip. The warmth is able to relax your tense muscle and gives you more energy to continue your adventure.

Must visit and best hot springs all over the world

Hot springs consist of mineral-rich water which has therapeutic effects to body. Soaking in hot spring is healthy indeed. Bathing in the hot springs during your trip will be much more meaningful and beneficial since you will gain more energy after releasing all the tense from your muscles.

  • If you happen to visit Iceland, you’d better not miss your chance to soak your body in their best hot spring, Blue Lagoon. The water is milky turquoise and the scenery around the man-made pool is mesmerizing. The bonus part is you can also try silica mud mask as well as mineral salt to make your skin more glowing.
  • India also is a home to one of the most recommended hot springs in the world, Khir Ganga. You can take your adventure up to the next level by hiking up the Khir Ganga meadow for 3 hours. Then, you will see the best view of Parvati Valley with the background of Himalayas. Enjoy your time in the pool with the best mineral-rich water.
  • California also has best hot springs you should visit if you happen to crash in this city called Calistoga hot springs. It is located in the Upper Napa Valley. You are not going to enjoy the hot spring only but also the mud baths. Geothermal pool is the right place to relax your tired feet from after walking around the city.
  • Another country which owns best hot springs is England. There is Thermae bath spa or is often called as healing water. It’s the only natural thermal springs that Britain has. While enjoying your time bathing and soaking in the pools, you can enjoy the scenery to the fullest.
  • Another recommended hot springs is Terme di Saturnia which is located in Italy. The water in this hot spring has high level of sulfur. Thus, bathing in this hot spring will help improving your skin condition, as well as improving your respiration and help your skin’s exfoliation.
  • Japan can’t be missed when it comes to the best hot springs trip. One of the famous hot springs is Takaragawa Onsen which is located in northern Gunma Prefecture. You can choose outdoor baths, mix gender baths, or the one for women only. This place also provides mesmerizing scenic of natural beauty which only adds the reason why this place shouldn’t be skipped when you visit Japan.


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