Serving alcoholic drinks during your wedding is certainly a way to upscale your party. However the bar tab is among the most costly catering Bali expenses that you may end up regretting after the party-high has died down. And we’re not simply talking about those guests who bring their own flasks to fill during your wedding reception. Want to serve alcohol but wondering on how to go about it cleverly without blowing a hole in your budget? Let’s take a look at some of these options. 

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Bali catering tips Don’t try to serve too many options 

Providing your wedding guests with a lot of options may seem like the best practice. This is not just a mistake many brides and grooms make when they’re consider hiring bar catering Bali but also when they’re planning and hiring catering services in general.

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If you’d like an in villa catering Bali then before you decide menu catering it’s best to ask your caterers what kind of wedding venue they’re used to. Some catering Denpasar may or may not cater to places that they have prior agreements with. However rest assured that many private catering Bali cater to most venues according to your need. 

Bar catering Bali tips: Don’t go to a cash bar option just yet 

The cash bar option is an easy way to get out of paying for your guests alcohol. And it does sound appealing and such an easy alternative to cut the cost of your bar catering Bali However, think about asking your own family and friends to pay for their own drinks in your wedding. Think about it, it’s similar to how you’re asking your guests to pay for Buffet catering Bali for the food they’re supposed to be served when they come to your event. So while the cash bar option is certainly a solid option to cut your budget, there are lots of other alternatives that you can try on to cut the cost of your alcoholic beverages.

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Limit the hours of the open bar 

Another extremely effective way to cut down the cost of your Bali catering is through cutting the hours of the bar operation. Don’t drag on the hours, seriously. Work with your Bali catering how many hours you should contract them for their bar services. Of course, this also means that you yourself won’t have early access to the bar itself until its opening time. 

Cutting down open bar time also helps in preventing your guests from drinking until they drop. While weddings exist for you and your guests enjoyment, needless to say a drunk would take away some of the joy. Don’t forget to let your guests know in your invitations that the bar is going to be open only for a limited set of time. 

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Bringing your own alcohol

This can be the most affordable option compared to having bar catering Bali or turning to your catering venue for your supply of alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic drinks served by Bali catering company is obviously already marked up compared to what you’ll get from the sources. Contact a few different companies that offer beverage options that allow you to buy directly from them. Make sure that you get quotes from several companies so that you can compare which one of them offer you the best deals.