Safety and hygiene are valid concerns when one thinks of getting a tattoo in Bali. However, in reality, getting inked in Bali is relatively safe, provided that you’re following common sense and you don’t jump into the first tattoo parlor that offers you the cheapest service on the island, in some shady corner tucked in the many crowded streets of Kuta. Make sure that you always go for the best tattoo in Bali if you’re serious about getting inked. And if you don’t want health problems down the road. Make sure that you do your research before getting a tattoo on the island and this also applies to piercings and other types of body mods as well. 

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Choosing the best tattoo in Bali that adheres to standards 

It’s going to be tricky knowing what’s the tattoo practice standard if you’ve never been tattooed before. But the wealth of information is at your fingertips, so even if this would be your first time getting a tattoo—in Bali, no less—it’s wise to do some research first on the tattoo safety standards before you even think of looking for the suitable artists or studios to do your tattoo for you. 

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What to look for: European tattoo standards 

Don’t be surprised when you find so many tattoo studios in Bali are expats. A large portion of some of the most well-known tattoo places in Bali are expat-owned and managed. Most commonly Australian, but you’ll find many Europeans settling on the island as well. These expat tattoo studios may or may not be more expensive compared to the locally owned ones.

Some of these expats often market their tattoo practice as “European Standard Tattoo Practice” or “American Standard” or something along those lines. Depending on the tattoo studio itself, many of these practices are undoubtedly up to standard to getting a tattoo in a reputable studio in big metropolitans. But this, of course, isn’t a guarantee. These are merely labels with no inspections to back it up. So it may not be the best tattoo places in Bali. So how do you find out if it’s good? Drop by to the tattoo parlors in person and see for yourself before you book any appointment with them. Being in the studio physically helps a lot in determining a decision. 

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There’s no such a thing as a cheap tattoo in Bali 

Unless you’d want to deal with infections and all sorts of nasty diseases. If this is your first time, have the best do your tattoo. In other words, don’t go for a budget tattoo studio when you’re in Bali. Getting a tattoo done by a reputable shop in here is already much cheaper compared to the cost you’ll be spending when you’re back home. 

Choose the studio you think fit best with what you want. The experience of getting the best service during your first time is invaluable. You’ll have a good standard in mind for comparison when you decide to get more tattoos down the road. 

Other things no note when getting inked in Bali 

  • Personal hygiene. Beyond the safety and hygiene of the tattoo studio and the tattoo artists themselves, you’re going to need to take care of yourself well after (and even before!) getting a tattoo. Take care of your inked body well. Remember that it’s recovering. No excessive exposure to Bali’s scorching sun. 
  • Plan your holiday well. Remember that you’re not going to be able to swim or surf for not just several days, but several weeks to months, after getting your tattoo day. So while Bali is all about beach, all you can do on the beach is probably watch the sunset. Because no, you can’t sunbathe either if that means exposing your tattoo to excessive UV rays.