Komodo Island is not only best for monitoring the Komodo dragons. It is also one of the favourite island for those who love diving. And if you are one of them, you may need to read all of this article so you will know about what you could get or experience when deciding to get your Komodo Island diving.

Komodo Island diving is offering you many beautiful things, yet you need to know that the currents of its underwater are strong enough so if you just finished your basic dives training, you’d better aware about this. Many of the new diver reminded to take a good care of theirselves because the currents sometimes out of control. Still, diving in Komodo Island has becoming many of the travellers or divers in the world so they are keep on coming over and over again.

Komodo Island diving package

Why you should diving in Komodo Island?

When I have written the island as it was, it simply just to show you that I will not only talk about the dive spots and their beneficials at the Komodo Island itself, but more than that to get you know about the others or around close islands as well such as Padar Island, Labuan Bajo and the others that possible to be dived or at least there is although even one dive spot in it.

So that, I have combined whether the spots or the experiences that you could be enjoy when you are trying to get your own Komodo Island diving package, and they will also automatically be the reasons why diving in here is somehow a must for you. Especially when diving is one of the main thing you are doing while travelling.

The first reason for that is Komodo Island diving is rich in fishes and coral reefs species. Many have been published that the fish species in Komodo Island’s sea and around it are about 1.000 fishes. That only how many of the species, and what if you are wondering about how many and how easy it is to swim with the fishes?! I am not trying to make you hope for expecting too much, but there big chances that you will be swimming with the fishes easily.

The coral reefs not only beautiful and magical as well but also are tempting to be observed. There are around 285 types of the coral reefs in Komodo Island, 260 of corals and about 70 of the sponges. The crabs even knocked up to the 105 species, 10 types of the dolphins species and many more. So if you think that the weather is better for now, then get your self there as soon as possible for experiencing one of the best island to dive in. There are also many of the shark types if that would be a good news for you.

Another reason why you need at least once of the Komodo Island diving is, there are dozens of the dive spots whether in Komodo Island itself or around it in other near islands. You could even dive in the Manta Point to see the mantas.

Keep in mind that there are many of the dive centres that are operating especially in Labuan Bajo where the airport is located and they have various prices or offers. So, you’d better find the best one. And make sure that you have got also the license for diving since the underwater currents are strong enough as I have said earlier.

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