If you are bored to have monotone vacation by visiting beach or enjoying sunset on the top of the mountain then you might as well considering cultural travel. This is a type of travel where your goal is to experience the real culture that you want to know. You are not just random tourist who comes to foreign place to visit museum or gallery. It is more than that. Through cultural travel, you learn how to appreciate and value the culture. You interact with local, experience their everyday life, and earn something precious you can memorize for the rest of your life. This can be a way to build your self-character as well.

Things you should do before and during cultural travel

As mentioned above that cultural travel is not as simply as visiting local museum in foreign place. It has deeper principle and goal that that. Hence, you can learn about what cultural travel is by understanding the principles of it first.

  • If you want to have a cultural travel then you need to set your purpose at the very beginning of your plan. Remember that you’re not uninformed tourist who comes to a foreign place to wander around. Once you decide to travel, you know exactly what you search. for example, you come to Lombok, Indonesia to learn how the local make local fabric called ‘kain tenun’ using their traditional tools.
  • You need to gather information about the local before depart for your cultural travel. You can gather information related to the history, customs, as well as tradition of the local. Of course you can’t fully rely on information you gather from the internet. However, you will need the information so you can confirm them later to the local. This way you will get to know which information is true and which one is not.
  • Once you step in your destination, you should remember that you are there to experience the culture not to judge. Thus, you have to show your respect to your surrounding no matter how foreign the culture for your liking. Avoid obnoxious behavior because it can be easily interpreted as insult by the local.
  • Immerse yourself in local culture by making real interaction with local. They usually are interested as well to foreigner or tourists. They will help gladly help you to get to know better about the culture. Spend your time to interact with the local instead of busy scrolling your phone.
  • It is fine for you to share information about your culture. However, remember that you are there to learn about their culture not teaching them yours. If there is difference during your sharing session about the culture with the local, don’t be a stubborn freak. Be open-minded and respect others.

Having cultural travel can be both fun and valuable. It is fun because you will experience many new things in your life. It is valuable because you will be able to see the world in new perspective. Thus, you will be able to build your character positively.

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