Sometimes, we travel not only to have some fun or craziness but serenity and peace. That’s why it is recommended to visit spiritual places all around the world. By visiting those places, you will be able to explore within yourself. You will feel more connected with the nature in spiritual level. This kind of travelling is worth to try especially when your life is hectic with buzz. Every spiritual feeling is different from one person to another. However, the intensity and the deep of the feel definitely brings comfort to every heart.

Spiritual or religious travel is not only for those who have faith or beliefs. Even for those who don’t, there is always effect of soothing which seep into mind and soul.

  • Kyoto, Japan – This place is regarded as the best spot if you want to find peace and tranquility. This is a home to ancient Japanese culture which still lives up till now. The spiritual sites in this place include 400 Shinto shrines, 1600 Buddhist temples, as well as 90 Christian churches. There is no justice to describe the greatness of hill, the scenic view, as well as architecture.
  • Cape Reinga, New Zealand – If you visit spiritual places to find peace among great nature, this is the right place. You will see the scenery of see and ocean as well as the cliffs. This place is also dubbed as leaping place of the spirits which means this is the place is where the deceased depart to the afterlife. The dramatic meaning of the place and beautiful view is worth visit.
  • The great pyramid, Egypt – Lots of people is amazed by this site because it is a home to spiritual value of the ancient. This place was used for prayers. The ancient architecture of this site has its greatness. Lots of visitors find it peaceful to have celestial gazing in this holy place.
  • Mount Kailash, Tibet, China – This place is not just a mountain. This is a sacred place where you can gain inner peace through every element. This is a place where kora is performed. By performing kora, it is believed that bad karma will be absolved.
  • Lake Titicaca, Peru and Bolivia – This place was regarded as the central to the birth of Inca civilization. It is also dubbed as Island of the Sun. You can find your peace by sailing across the car-free island then continue to walk the path of flag stoned. There are also interesting places to visit such as temple ruins and posada.

If you are interested to visit those spiritual places, remember to always be respectful. You need to pay attention on the rules such as about outfit choice. Some rules say you are not allowed to wear too-revealing clothes or wear something to cover head. Those need to be obeyed in order to respect. There is no obligation for you to believe the faith when you visit those places. Beauty, contentedness, connectedness as well as knowledge are what you seek to bring you inner peace within yourself. That’s the point of visit spiritual places.

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