I have never been thinking that the scout’s life will be getting more interesting than before. This is not only the new trend but also a truly positive, fun and amazing thing that ever happen to me and maybe for most of the travellers around the world. The only one thing that I am talking about is, the hammock camping. Yes, surprisingly it was amazed me the first time I know about it.

I know that you may think that I am outdated for talking about the hammock camping now where most people in the world have known it for years, but I will just simply leave it behind. Won’t focusing on that but to what I believe that will please me as well. And you should have known what it is.

I love camping as many other kids out there. Although the traditional way we will be bringing the tent as “our shelter” to the camp location, still it was a really fun thing to do. No matter how heavy the tent is, not even a problem if we could setting up neatly, and many more small kids mistakes that keep in my memory.

What actually the hammock camping is?

The hammock itself is a new thing in my life. I don’t know since when the term comes into my life, but I remember that it is firmly attached to my memory for about the last 2 months. What an amateur, right? Where have I been all this times?!

Hammock camping is a new way to experience not only the way of sleeping while travelling or camping, etc, but also a new vision of experience the journey itself. I know it looks like a swinging bed on the air, but the truth behind it is really beyond of our expectations.

I will remind you about one little thing that you may see it as unimportant thing or even the worthless one, but at the same time, you are also loves it so much. We must admitted that most of us are pretty much enjoy when seeing the natural scenery from the top. Whether top of the hills or mountains, your house’s rooftop, from the high of the skyscrapers and many more. At least that will be admitted from those without Acrophobia (fear of heights).

And when you are camping using the hammock, you have the big chance to enjoy the view or landscape at wherever you are. And you will enjoy it from the certain heights according to your need.

Hammock camping types and recommended brands

You can setting up your hammock camping between the tress, poles, above the river, below the bridge, and so many places you could be used, even the unthinkable one like between the cliffs. How could not I be surprised when knowing that a hammock could do that for many of us. Pretty much insane at first, but it really open the unimaginable adventures that may not exist before.

So, who’s the first person that deserved our thanks for inventing the hammock camping? The person should have given like a noble prize or other prestigious awards for this beautiful thing.

Many hammock camping made of the parachute nylon as its main material with various size. The available sizes are the reason why it is also popular since some years back. You can get the hammock for your kids, for your personal usage with the single size, camping with your partner using the double size, etc up to the mammock size where the dimensions reach 800 cm X 300 cm. Sounds interesting, huh? And from the various size, comes the various carrying capacity as well. At least, a hammock camping could carry the weight from 200 kg as minimum up to 350 kg or even more. So, no need to worry about the material will be torn apart. Nope!

Common types of hammock

Although it is still hard to know who’s the person created the hammock, it is believed that most of the Americans – southern Americans if I’m not getting it wrong – are the earlier people known to be involved and responsible for the hammock camping popularity until now.

It might be different by comparing the usage that now mostly we used it for the camping idea or enjoy the moment while at the beach or beside the pool. But it could be the same as well since the main function of hammock is simply for taking a nap or sleeping in it.

And since many of us, especially the travellers are going to the different locations or destinations, then there are some of the known types of the hammock. And they are:

1. El Salvador, Mexico, Venezuela, India, Brazil, Nicaragua, Mayan and many more.

There are some countries as above that have been using the hammock as one of their daily culture, a business, a way to put a child to sleep, took it while travelling, and many more usage. And the above countries and the tribe, I believe as the top 10’s among the others. The types of hammock camping from those countries are different as well especially in talking about the design.

2. Hammock with different materials, made of rope, nylon, etc.

When thinking about the rope hammock or even the hammock itself as a whole, probably that you will likely to imagine about this type of hammock where you mostly found and seen on the beach, right? Rope hammock made of either the cotton or the polyester ropes and designed to be grid in shape just like the web to keep you flipping too much.

Another popular hammock today is also known as the parachute hammock that is made of polyester nylon as its best and basic material, and that also has a correlation with the next point.

3. The usage; hammock camping, hiking, jungle, etc.

This is my last common types of hammock where the most popular right now. A hammock that is used for camping, wildlife, hiking, and many more. And you could bringing it in your backpack because of its lightweight.

Recommended hammock camping brands

So for the last, I will only gives you an information about the best hammock camping brands in this world. Surely that the term of “best” is simply my own personal references, so it may different with other opinions.

Knowing the hammock camping brands are important I think. So that you are not only could know where to buy one, but also could compare which is the affordable and the real best one for you.

And in order to that, I have listed some of them below.

  1. Ticket To The Moon
  2. Enno Hammock
  3. Warbonnet Outdoors
  4. Grand Trunk Hammock
  5. Rei Hammock
  6. Consina Hammock
  7. Kammok Hammock
  8. Hammaka Hammock
  9. Hennessy Hammock

There are many of the brands for sure, but I think that the 9 list above is enough, so you may check all of their sites one by one if you want.

And that would be the end of this recent topic. If you found this article useful, feel free to spread the words. Happy hammock camping!

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