Music is one of the most favorite things people love in their life. Sometimes, life seems so dull without music. If you are music enthusiast, you must try to travel to some destination special for musical experience. Travel destination for music enthusiast is quite many.

Travel destination for music enthusiast

You can visit them at least once in a lifetime especially if you appreciate music that much. You might think that visit a place where music is presented specially is no different than watching a concert from famous musician. However, it is not the same. The vibe and experience you feel will make you feel more enchanted to the music you enjoy at your destination.

Here are best destinations you should visit to enjoy more musical presentation:

  1. Havana, Cuba is a place you should not miss when it comes to music. This is where you can enjoy Cuban music to its finest. You will enjoy the diversity of music in this place. Try to wander around the city streets. There will be variety of music you will enjoy such as Latin, jazz, rumba, timba, etc. There is also a Jazz in Havana, a tour presenting presented by local musician for visitors to enjoy their time during their visit.
  2. Liverpool, England is also great destination for music enthusiasts especially the Beatles lovers. Aside from enjoying live music in some clubs or streets, you can also visit an exhibition with museum style called The Beatles Story. You can also attend Liverpool International Music Festival which is held in July or International Beatleweek in August.
  3. New Orleans is also a travel destination for music enthusiast especially jazz lovers. This is the birthplace of jazz so the best place o truly enjoy the music is here. However, you can also enjoy music in other genres while visiting this place. Live music can be enjoyed every night in some clubs. You also don’t want to miss the annual Jazz and Heritage Festival which is held two weeks in between late April or early May.
  4. Milan is a great place to visit for those opera fans. You cannot miss Teatro alla Scalla, which is a world’s top classical music venue. Prepare your money to watch breathtaking music performance which you may only have a chance to do it once in your lifetime. However, you can also wander around the city to enjoy music performances from various genres.
  5. If you love electro music which is very famous these days, you need to visit Las Vegas. This is the place where the biggest electronic music festival being held. The festival is called Electric Daisy Carnival or EDC.
  6. You can visit Ohio if you want to know more about Rock n Roll. You can visit Rock n Roll Hall of Fame to see memorabilia of iconic rock instruments, as well as lyrics. The original written lyrics of your favorite rock song can be found in this place. That is why it is the best travel destination for music enthusiast that cannot be missed.
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