Travelling is fun because you can leave everything behind for a while and forget all the buzz and hassle. However, it is sometimes unavoidable to leave your lovely cat especially when you do not have someone to take care of them. Thus, the only solution is travelling with pets.

Travelling with pets

However, this also makes other problems to emerge. It may be easier if you travel with your own car. However, it can be different case when you travel by plan. There is certain rule used by airlines about taking pets with you during your travel that you must follow no matter what. If you are not used to take your pets with you while travelling, then I will inform you some of the helpful tips to make it a little easier.

The first thing you have to do is prepare your pets for the travel. You can visit your vet to make sure that your pets are fine. You need to ask for a clean bill of health of your pets from the vet. The certificate will inform that your pets are up to date on rabies, etc.

Then, make sure you pack all your pet’s needs not only the meals but also the medication needed. You need also research animal regulation at your destination beforehand. You need to know what kinds of documentation needed for your pets.

If you travelling with pets by car, place them in the back seat. Put them in a carrier which can be attached to the seatbelt. Make sure that they will be comfortable in it. Take a break frequently and feed them. Don’t let your pets to stick their head out the window since it is dangerous which can results in damaged ears aside from other potential risks.

But if you travel by plane, it can be more difficult since pets can be quite stressful by flying. It is the best to place your pet in the cabin but sometimes there are airlines which restrict it and instead require you to put your pets in the cargo. Thus, make sure you are informed about this before.

You will also need to remember and understand the regulations of the airlines such as breed restriction. Some breeds are dangerous to be put in the cargo. Thus, you need to know what breed your pets are.

Another one tips if the flight is a long one, make sure to exercise your pets before for their fitness. Make sure that you give them water until the flight begins. However, you are not allowed to feed them six to eight hours before the flight.

You may need to check the weight limit with the airline for travelling pets. You need to know that total weight includes pet carrier, thus, if it is over-limit then you will be charged for additional weight.

To secure your pets, it is recommended to provide identification like ID tag, microchip, or something that will make your pet easier to identify just in case they are lost. This is one of the risks when travelling with pets you should be ready for.

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