Things To Do in Komodo Trip: To the Dragons and Beyond

Komodo trip is an hot issue right now! It’s jam packed with adventure and culture, but it’s still away from mainstream tourism radar. The lush nature, pristine beaches, and a chance to see the only living dragons in the world. The exoticism chimed with how it’s still quite hidden from the world make it as a gem for avid travelers, and maybe including you!

A journey to the land of Komodo involves a very magical experience. It almost like the nature is free to go wild and soars proudly with its wildness—which in turn amuse you beyond words. Naturally, the mere mention of Komodo trip immediately makes you think about the Komodo dragons, and of course visiting the giant lizard will be on your top list. However, prepared to be amused by a jaw dropping itinerary. The journey is spell-bound with fascinating landscape, primeval wildlife, crazily clean water, and rare beauties. Yup, the trip is much more beyond its name, and when you’ve done with it, you will realise how much the trip has changed your perspective of the world. Outside the Komodo dragons, these itinerary trip to Komodo will complete the remote adventure and leave you in total awe.

Padar Lookout

This small island—the neighbour of Komodo Island—is downright amazing. It’s probably the most instagrammed place in Indonesia, thanks to the breathtaking view from the hilltop of the island. After few hours of climbing, you will be rewarded by a vast scenery of grassy mountains, raising up and down along the landscape, and a endless-world view of the surrounding sea and islets.

Indulge on Pink Hues of Rare Pink Beach

Second best destination after Padar, and it’s especially refreshing to drop to the blushing beach after a sweating hike to the hilltop. Lucky to you, one of the pink beach is located right on the left side down on the hilltop, and it’s the most famous one among the other. As pink beach is one of the rarest coloured beach on earth, the Komodo National Park islets is very lucky to be blessed with more than one pink beach—aside for the one in Padar, the other is still remain hidden, some are still vibrant and hidden in the virgin islets.

Have Island Galore

The Komodo National Park is comprised by three large islands—the Komodo, Padar, and Rinca—and surrounded by many inhabited small islands. You know what it means. The Komodo island trip means you gonna have plenty of beaches to explore! It’s even better that without civilisation creeping on the lands and remote access to the pristine beaches, they are still very pure and quiet from many visitors. Can your escape be more heavenly than this?

Emerge on Divine Underwater

Beyond the empty beaches and towering mountainous islands, lies exceptional underwater beauty under the Flores sea. Every edge of every island in Komodo National Park hold unique marine landscape and offers highly varied diving experience. Coral walls, coral gardens, rock pillars, submerged rocks, and rare species of sea creatures are living harmoniously, under the protection of the national park. With extremely lively marine life, crystal clear water, and plenty of sun light, diving sites around Komodo is a huge loss if you are not taking time to dive around. And to your delight, the wildlife extend to underwater as well. Komodo is the place where you have a high chance to swim with Manta, turtles, pelagic, whale, dolphin, and sharks.

I cannot wait to retake my next Komodo trip! I have charmed by its enchanting beauty, and definitely will be going back. I dare say, this is a place you should visit once in a lifetime—if you call yourself as a traveler!

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