Japan is one of the most powerful and influential countries not only in Asia but also in the world. No wonder there are lots of recommended places to travel in Japan since they offer their tourism project with care. They care a lot about their tourism and it is one of the most attractive things about Japan. Even though Japan is a symbol of advanced technology, they still keep their original ancestor. It shows through the ancient building, well-kept nature sites, as well as the culture of the local. Of course, you can’t also miss how the technology is far more advance in Japan since you can find robots in some displays or museums.

Recommended Places to Travel in Japan

Must visit places to travel in Japan

Even though Japan has strong dedication to modern technology, you still be able to trace the Pure Japan through their natural beauty in many sites which are also available for visitors. Here are recommended places you shouldn’t miss when you travel to Japan

  • Nagasaki is memorable site for Japan and the world. You might remember the bombing happened in 1945 which made it needed to be rebuilt afterwards. In this place, you can wander around Chinatown, Glover Gardens, as well as Oura Catholic church. For more thrilling experience, you can hike up to Mont Insa through nagasaki Ropeway.
  • Japan is also famous for their parks where there is variety of flowers and plants blossoming. There are many parks you can visit during your trip to Japan such as Yogoyi Park, Ueno Park, Shinjuku Park, and many more. The natural beauty offered by the parks is priceless. The garden’s scenery helps you relax your mind and free your stress away.
  • Tokyo is the place you shouldn’t miss when you travel in Japan. This is the face of Japan and everybody knows Tokyo. The ultramodern vibe is so strong in this city. You will see how the enormous skyscrapers stand, fancy fashion shops, and delicious restaurants. You can find the weirdest activities in Tokyo such as arcades, cos-play, etc.
  • Kyoto is a must visit when it comes to Japan trip. This is where you can find the ‘pure and original Japan’. Bamboo forest, temples, wooden teahouse, Zen garden, local ceremonies, as well as intriguing market can be found in this site. The houses around this site are mostly still wooden which make the original vibe is stronger than any other place in Japan.
  • The next destination you can’t miss is Kanazawa. This is considered a rather quiet place in Japan, in contrast with Kyoto. In this site, you will find geisha district along with wooden buildings, pretty garden, castles, as well as museums to explore.
  • Osaka is also recommended place to visit when you travel in Japan. If you crave for delicious foods, you will find many of them here. You should explore this modern city and experience the nightlife. The buzz of people who enjoy the night just simply for walking or dining will give you more exciting experience to know exactly how lively Japan is even in the night.  
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