Lots of people search for natural charms and beauty when they travel because they are already used to the crowd and buzz of the town. However, it is refreshing to have modern city trip especially when you decide to travel overseas. Sometimes, you will miss the buz and crowd of lively cities. This experience can be memorable especially when you visit some countries which are home to the most modern city in the world.

Modern city trip destinations

Through technology, people keep pushing their skills and creativity to build their own desired world which fit their needs and wants. That’s why some cities are built into modern concept to show that the world keeps moving forward. The way people build the city into something with advanced technologies just prove that the growth is still on going and will keep going.

  • Japan is one of the most influential countries in the world which also a home to one of the most lively cities, Tokyo. The skyscrapers, neon lights, breathtaking architecture, high-tech museums, and many more are available in Tokyo. With the touch of the newest technology, you can feel how this city is so advanced.
  • You can also experience the buzz of modern city in Shanghai, China. This city is a home to massive population and considered as one of the largest metropolitan areas in China. This city keeps getting bigger following the overseas investment. Modern skyscrapers, buzzing nightlife, as well as fancy lights decorate the city in the best ways.
  • The next recommended destination for your modern city trip is Seoul, South Korea. This city is built with advanced technology and a symbol of wealth and power of South Korea. The city never dies even in the night. You can find well-built museums, art scene, as well as modern architecture around the city. Not to mention that you should visit the 2 –hour shopping malls, restaurants, and street food stalls.
  • Next modern city that deserve your visit is Singapore. It might be a small country in South Asia but it’s one of the most influential ones. This is where you can feel high class vibe. Gleaming skyscrapers, fancy hotels, as well as modern scene can be enjoyed to the fullest. This city is not only technologically advanced but also sustainable with green concept which adds the reason why you should visit this place.
  • Speaking of modern city, you can’t skip USA though. Recommended destination for your trip to modern and buzzing city is San Francisco. This city is built with technological innovation. This is where a variety of the largest industries are located. The city presents vibrant vibe which is hard to resist.

When you travel overseas, there is always feeling of curiosity about how the city of the country you visit looks like. Modern city can be considered as the general face of the country since it presents the way they build them to form certain image. Having modern city trip is surely a good idea to try.

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