If you are going to travel to Germany especially Munich this month, you’d better not miss Oktoberfest. This is one of the most anticipated events in Munich. Surely, there are many places you can visit while you are travelling in Germany. There are many tourists’ attractions you can enjoy while spending your time in this lovely country. However, you don’t want to miss this special event because this is where most people gather both locals and foreign tourists. Thus, paying a visit to this festival will be worth it. Aside from enjoying the overall event, one thing you cannot skip is the food travelling. You can devour many types of Munich delicacies which full of authenticity.

Food recommendation while you are at Oktoberfest

Food travelling is one of the most favorite things to do for travelers especially when they can visit a festival just like Oktoberfest. During this this event, there are many types of food available to be savored at its finest. If you are not that familiar with German Foods, here are some recommendations that you need to anticipate and try once you arrive at Munich:

  • has been popular as German authentic cuisine. However, it not ordinary brezen served in Oktoberfest. You will have a chance to taste the best one served in giant plated version along with mustard and at biergartens. You can choose the filling since they are usually served in different versions. The giant plate will be split into sizable portion so you can enjoy the food without overwhelming.
  • Hendl is the next food recommendation you can try while you are travelling in Munich especially during Oktoberfest. This is rows of roast chicken with authenticity of German delicacy. The chicken is roasted with various spices and other ingredients such as parsley, butter, paprika, etc. this delicacy is the best served with beers. The roasted chicken will melt in your mouth once you get a taste.
  • Weisswurst has also been popular as authentic delicacy from German. This is a ghostly white pork sausage. The name itself, weisswurst, means white sausage. This white sausage is not only made of pork and veal but also seasoned with ginger, onions, parsley, lemon, cardamom, mace, etc. This is usually served for breakfast in local tradition. The locals eat this without using knife or forks as it is the rule. Thus, you can enjoy this authentic food with your bare hands.
  • Spatzle is another delicacy from Germany you can enjoy during Oktoberfest. This dish is claimed to be vegetarian-friendly. However, this dish is far from tasted bland just because it is said to be vegetarian-friendly. Instead, it tastes incredibly delicious. This food is made of dough and usually served along with fried onions, spinach, minced pork liver, or even cheese. Thus, this dish is not totally for vegetarian because meat lover can choose their favorite meat to be added in the dish. Of course, beer is the best companion for this dish since Oktoberfest is specialized in beer.
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