Basically, the Earth is mostly occupied by water. The islands are what make Earth look even mesmerizing. However, there are also small islands for private vacation which are preferred a lot by tourists from all over the world. Small and hidden islands give off private space for those who want to have a peaceful vacation without too much noise and crowd. That’s why, private vacation in small islands now have become a commodity because the demand is high as well. There are famous private islands all over the world that you can find and visit.

Finding Out the Best Islands for Private Vacation

Small and hidden islands for private vacation

Private vacation is always preferred mostly by newlyweds or by upper class men who want to enjoy their time in peace. For couples, remote island is like a heaven made exclusively for them and give them freedom to do everything they want without the need to worry others. If you are interested to have a taste of how private vacation goes in hidden island then here are some famous small and hidden islands best for vacation all over the world:

  • Bawah Island is located in Indonesia, one of the countries in Southeast Asia. This island is remote and beautiful. There are lots of activities you can do in this small island such as hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and many more. You can also book one of 11 villas stilted above the water for more breathtaking experience.
  • Voavah is located in Maldives. The island is so lovely and a great choice if you want to spend your honeymoon in the most romantic place. This is famous for its snorkeling site because you will find lots of incredible creature under the sea. You can even try a motor yacht for more exploration.
  • One of the next best islands for private vacation is Turtle Island which is located in Fiji. This private island is remote but offers magnificent beauty you hardly find in other places. You can explore the islands through many ways such as biking, paddle boarding, hose riding, scuba diving, fishing, and many more.
  • Thanda Island is located in Tanzania. This island is basically inhibited. This is a great place for private vacation you want to spend only with your family. Your kids will love this island. Wake boarding, kayaking, and snorkeling are just few of many activities you can do while spending your time in this remote island.
  • Ariara is an island located in Philippines. It is a home to curving beach and clear sea. This island is also forested so you can enjoy hiking or jut exploring the site. You can do all water activities in this island and enjoy the most delicious lunch and dinner with the best service given by the staffs.

However, you need to prepare your budget because it costs higher than regular vacation since you need to book the island privately. The service and facilities are exclusive and that’s why the organizer often charges with quite a price. So which islands for private vacation is your next destination?

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