Stargazing sites in the world

Stargazing is best activity to find serenity and the best way to amaze the beauty of the night sky. Visiting stargazing site can be included in your travelling list or bucket list. Stargazing is not only looking up the sky to find constellation. There are so much more the night sky can tell if you more than looking up. This can be a great activity for couples to strengthen their romantic vibe in relationship. This is also a great time for friends-bonding. Thus, stargazing can also be described as intimate time to connect with the scenic night sky.

  • Atacama Desert, Chile – In this place, you will find the clear skies for stargazing. In this place, you will find a boutique observatory for stargazing. This is one of the most popular sites amongst stargazers around the world.
  • Jebel Shams, Oman – The name has meaning the Mountain of the Sun for the local language. Contrary to the meaning of the name, this place is best to visit after dark. People who have visited this place said that the stars up in the Al Hajar Mountain are not twinkle but glow. The constellation is easy to spot.
  • Brecon Beacons, Wales – This stargazing site is a home to irresistible night sky because when the sky is dark and clear, you will be able to notice the twinkle of the stars. In this place, you can join friendly gatherings of stargazer. You will be able to share the moment with other stargazers by using telescope for clearer view.
  • Fuerteventura, Canary Islands – The night skies in this island is just glistening and glowing, making stargazing moment more memorable. If you are new to stargazing activity, you can ask for stargazing guide to the local company Stars by Night because the entire place is a Stargaze Reserve. You will be informed with everything you need to know about stargazing.
  • Galloway Forest Park, Scotland – This is the most ideal site of the starry night you can enjoy. To make stargazers easier, there are visitor’s centers to let you know where the signposts of dark sky are. In those signposts you will be informed about what kind of constellation you can find based on the season you visit the place.
  • Dead Horse Point State Park, USA – This is where you can enjoy stargazing along with the beautiful view of vertical cliffs. This observation platform in this site is also available for campers. You can camp in the area and stargaze to the fullest.

Sometimes, stargazing brings inner peace because it is the time where you can tune out every buzz of the crowds. This is the moment when you feel fully connected to something unreachable. The deeper you admire the night sky, the more peace you gain. You will feel happiness but it’s not type of happiness which makes you jittery or hyper. It is kind of happiness when you feel accepted and content. Thus, choose your favorite stargazing site and enjoy the night.

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