Find Out Most Recommended Destination for Slow Travel


Slow travel is the type of journey when you visit your destination in order to soak in new experience and local culture. There is no rush while having this travel because you are not following anyone and anything but your own curiosity to know the destination better in the aspect that intrigues you the most such as historical value or custom. You might as well find out most recommended destination for slow travel if you are interested to do it. However, it is recommended that you choose the destination based on your own interest without following others or trends. Make sure you set the schedule well so you have more times to travel without being tied to your works or schools assignment.


The purpose of slow travel is to gain quality experience not quantity. Thus, not all interesting places in the world can fit the value of slow travel. For your recommendation, these are best places to spend for slow travelling:


  • Japan is one of the richest culture countries in the world. The most intriguing part is that the ancient culture is as rich as the modern development. This is what makes Japan a unique and intriguing country to explore. This country fits the best for slow travelling. You need to slow down your pace in order to know more about modernity as well as traditional value. Try the famous Japan’s Shinkansen as well as the best delicacies throughout the street of main the main town.
  • Slow travel means to explore every interesting part of the local and food is included. Speaking of slow food travel, you cannot leave Italy as perfect destination for slow travel in the last list. Italy is a country full of charm and originality of its culture. During your travel in Italy, you can spend your time indulging your appetite by trying different regional cuisines as well as the culture itself.
  • If you want your slow travelling to be more meaningful and connected to the local, you might as well try to live like a nomad in Morocco. This way you will experience many new things which can open up your mind. You can join local family and learn more about their way of living. It is recommended to put your smartphone away during your travel in Morocco if you want to really experience the nomad’s way of living.
  • Vietnam is a country located in South-east Asia. This place fits perfectly for slow travelling experience. You can visit Lang Co Bay to learn and know more about traditional way of fishing from the local. You will also get a chance to hop in a traditional Vietnamese basket boat while exploring the Canh Duong Beach.
  • Indonesia is also a great place perfect to experience slow travel. Visit Lombok Island to know more about how the local still persistent to live in their original culture. Besides, this island is also a symbol of harmonizing religious diversity of Hindu and Islam. Thus, you can find out more about it through your exploration.


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