When it comes to finding the best spot for travel or vacation, there are many things come up in mind. Beach, mountain, waterpark, lake, and river can be a good option. In fact, lots of things you can do if you are interested in having river vacation. River is a gift from Nature which owns lots of living creatures from plants to animals. However, the current, the flows, and the lines of river are what make people attract to it. River is as mysterious as it is, also can bring you happiness and peace just by watching it.

Best Sites for Your River Vacation

Finding great sites for river vacation

There are numerous rivers all over the world. Some are large and some are hidden. Even though river is considered safe place to go but obviously there are some of them are dangerous enough to close to. That’s why you need to choose wisely to decide which river that you want to visit for your next travel plan. Make sure that the river is safe for tourist or visitor. Lots of countries own famous and magnificent rivers which are also open for public. Here are some of them:

  • Colorado River is located in Mexico, United States. The river is flowing down from the Rocky Mountain. This is a great spot to spend your break. There are many fun activities you can try during your vacation at this site such as whitewater rafting, kayaking, or tubing.
  • Nile is very famous river located in Africa. It flows throughout 11 countries actually and that makes this river so amazing for travelling. There are many spots you can visit during your river vacation such as Temple of Luxor, and other historical sites. You can even take a better look on how the local live.
  • Volga River is located in Russia. It presents scenic beauty. You can enjoy tour boats so you can explore the river more. There are waterways series you will through during your journey to explore the river. It is highly recommended to visit this river during summer since it freezes for 3 months in a year.
  • Irrawaddy River is located in Southeast Asia, specifically in Myanmar. You can try the cruise trip to explore the river if you’re not into river activities such as tubing or kayaking. You will find lots of interesting things alongside the rivers such as remote villages, temples, Buddhist sites, and many more.
  • Sepik River is also located in Southeast Asia, specifically in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia. It’s often referred to as the Asia-Pacific’s Amazon. Tropical rainforest offers enormous nature and wildlife. You can also find the unchanged cultures of the local for centuries.

It is advisable that you go for a river vacation in the right season. Your vacation will be disappointing if you visit the river when the rain is pouring. Besides, it’s risky to visit the river in a bad weather since the water volume is increasing and your safety is at risk at this point.

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