Surely I don’t know even one thing about you, so with the opposite. We don’t know each other, totally. But if we need to talk about the best Flores tour package that you mostly need, I may know a bit about it in case you want to included it in the next of your traveling plan or list. Yeah, I hope this will be one of your best bucket list on your life journey.

But before we are going to dive deep into the best Flores tour package, I need to give you some beneficial information to help you see why I am telling you that this will be your mostly need itineraries.

A brief knowledge about Flores

I think you have known that the name of “Flores” itself is referring to all of the territory that administratively located at the Province of East Nusa Tenggara where in Indonesia called as “Nusa Tenggara Timur” or named its acronym as “NTT.” So, when you are here one day or looking for online tour references related to the Flores, you may need to use the above terms or words to help you get more valuable information.

Regarding to the development of tourism sector at NTT, Flores will be one of the most famous word that spoken by the people of Indonesia, along with the Komodo Island that is has thousands of the Komodo dragons as the still living ancient animal.

Later, many people then calling it as the Flores Islands (Kepulauan Flores) as one of the Lesser Sunda Islands which is the group of the islands at the eastern half of Indonesia. It is also believed that the name of the Flores was given by the Portuguese, from the words of “Cabo de Flores” or the Cape of Flowers in English.

Other facts about the Flores Islands are, it is also one of the top 10 biggest island in Indonesia and is also included as the tenth most populous island so far.

Now, as one of the province in Indonesia, could you guess how many of the islands at East Nusa Tenggara?

The best flores tour package you could get

Padar island view from the top of the hill

At least, at the year of 2016 ago, there are about 1,192 islands that shaped the province. While still at the same year, about 760 islands that are not have a name yet. Don’t know how to call them. No name at all. Thousand islands and almost a half of them need to be named, guys. Can you believe it?!

Those are pretty much a hard work for traveling only for one province. And yeah, the budget and your times should be spent more than what you have organized. But, don’t worry about the islands quantity since you may don’t have to visit them all. You only need some accessible islands with affordable price that offering the tourism package at its best.

Now, by reading the above facts, it is really possible for me or us for considering the Flores Islands as an archipelago, right? And the only one question still remain is what is the best way to experience the Flores Islands? You are about to know the answer in probably no more than 2 seconds.

… sailing through while visiting the islands for hours is the best of your Flores tour package you could get!!

Yes, that’s the answer! May be the only one or the main thing you need, so far. And so do I if you are going to ask me about which is the first recommendation related to the Flores tour package.

I know it is not the end for your online researches since you still need to know where to get this flores tour package, which islands to be visited and many more questions in mind. But, don’t you worry about that. We’ll deal with them at the end of this article at once. I mean, you simply just need a trusted travel agent or tour operator, right?

Many of the tour operators simply just preparing the small boats for delivering the tourists to some popular islands such as Komodo Island, Rinca, Padar, Kelor, Gili Lawat Darat and many more. While the Labuan Bajo will likely as your first island since it is also where your air flight is located. And mostly all the journey will end at Labuan Bajo as well. Here what I am going to say;

If you are afraid of using the small boats for the safety reason although the boats are also safe so far, you could get the bigger, the safest, the stable and the luxury one for your Flores tour package.

Even, there are many of the Flores tour package that allow you to experience the way of living on the boat. You may say it is like a “Flores Liveaboard” that will not only possible for you to live on the boat for couple of days or week, but also accompany you to some popular islands or the other as you want.

There are also many of the offerings that are calling themselves as the “Best Komodo Liveaboard” package since – as I believe – it is because of the Komodo dragons are pretty much helpful for the marketing because of their original habitat, uniqueness, and the scarcity for sure.

So, where you could get the Flores tour package?

I have no idea how many of the travel agents are existing in dealing with the tour package, but if you have to ask that to me, than I would like to recommended you to visit the Hello Flores dot com right now. Won’t talk much about it, but I think it is better for you to check it first by yourself. They have pretty good site, anyway. And the most important thing is, the boats they were preparing are so much the combination of the traditional Phinisi design and touch of the modern luxury. The ultimate one. And you could also choose the itineraries at the site in case there is one that suits you.

I think I have been informed all I have to tell you about the Flores tour package, especially why you should get it and where to start to contact the legal tour agent. Hope what I have written above will help you out from your traveling plan confuses that you may have.

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