The world is full of beauty and charms which are limitless. Lake is one of charms the nature has and deserves your visit. If you are lake-enthusiast then you need to try to visit some famous lakes in the world. Lake vacation is not less fun than any other type of vacation. That’s why even if you are not lake-enthusiast you need to try this type of vacation at least once in your lifetime. The beauty of lake is said to be a mind healing. It can help to release some stress from your mind and body. The view of calm water on the lake helps you calm your mind as well. Serene vibe is what people most seek of the lake.

Ideas of destinations for lake vacation

Nature has its own way to appeal human through its natural beauty which is a gift itself. You can appreciate any side of Mother Nature includes having a lake vacation during your break. Alluring water qualities offered by lakes are irresistible. The ripples are just mesmerizing and the reflections give off crystalline clarity which are also priceless. Here are some recommended destinations for your lake trip:

1. Maligne Lake is located in Alberta – Canada

Maligne lake at Canada as one of your lake vacationPrecisely, it is located in Jasper National Park. The view of the lake is mesmerizing and breathtaking. Not to mention that the surrounding landscape is stunning. You can enjoy the view of foreground pines, as well as the background-mountains. Not only that, you can also enjoy the view of cornflower blue Alberta skies. If you want, you can also try kayaking to Spirit Island.

2. West Lake – China

In Asia, you can visit West Lake, located in Hangzhou, China. The verdant green in the West Lake is just priceless. You can also take notice of how elderlies lie around the neighborhoods. They like practicing Tai Chi around the lake. Through this lake, you can also take a note to the Tang Dynasty-era.

3. Lake Lucerne – Switzerland

Lake Lucerne at Switzerland

Speaking of lake, you can’t leave Switzerland since they have Lake Lucerne which worth your visit during your lake vacation. The traits in this lake are just stand out. In this place, you will find 13th-century Chapel Bridge with stunning panorama surrounding. Around the lake, you can see the background with the view of Mt. Pilatus and Alps peaks (Eiger and Jungfrau).

4. Lake Titicaca – Peru

Find the real beauty in Peru through Lake Titicaca. The name means Gray Puma in local language. The shoreline is captivating and it divides South American neighbors between Bolivia and Peru. Aside from enjoying the view around the lake, you can also try climbing the 553 stone steps up to the ruins which results in even more beautiful landscape to enjoy.

There are other lakes you can visit for your next travel plan such as Pohoe Lake in Chille, Lake Tahoe in California, Derwentwater in England, Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand, and many more. For your next break, you can try recommended famous lakes to visit as mentioned above and enjoy your lake vacation to the fullest.

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