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Luxury Travel Tips You Should Know

Having a luxury travel must be everyone’s wish at least once in their life time. Enjoying your time in luxury vacation and indulging your body is a great feeling to experience. However, you might as well consider paying attention to luxury travel tips before you go to have one. Luxury travel is surely cost more money. You may need to save for months or years before having a travel as luxurious as you dreamt of. However, if it is one of your bucket lists, it is going to be worth it.

Luxury travel tips you shouldn’t miss

Even though you are not used to luxury life, having luxury travel will be totally different. If you want to go all out with the concept of luxury, you need to prepare yourself to embrace all luxury aspect you should expect when it comes to luxury vacation. This is a chance you may have only once for the rest of your life so you’d better gone all out. Here are tips to really experience the luxury of your travel:

1. Class of your flight

Book first class or business seat for your flight. The service you receive while having your time sitting in first class seat will make you experience what luxury is. Started from tasty meal to nice wine, you will forget how fast the time flies. When you land on your destination, let the driver take a job of driving and enjoy your ride in the back seat.

2. Types of accommodation

Luxury travel tips

Book a boutique hotel or five start hotel for the best service. In this type of hotel, the staff will do everything you ask just to make sure that you are happy with their service. There is always special service coming from this type of hotel you won’t receive in another hotel.

3. Hire the guide!

Next luxury travel tips is to hire trusted guide to help you explore the place you visit to spend your vacation time. They will help you get to the main attraction of the place. You can ask them to take you to the popular dining, ancient museum, or get to a place not every tourist even knows. With the help from trusted and certified guide, you don’t have to wander around aimlessly because you just need to say your wish and the guide will take you to the places.

4. Fine restaurant is always recommended

Don’t miss a chance to indulge your appetite by visiting fine restaurant. Try out the local famous cuisine so that you can feel connected to the local culture through their recipe. You can even take your time talking to the chef to ask because the foods they serve.

5. Get yourself free!

Last but not least luxury travel tips are to feel free to do anything you want and don’t be afraid to enjoy your private time doing something out of the plan. For example, you can visit local bar to try their wine or visit local community to know more about their custom. Or, you can also book a VIP seat to watch a sport match.

Komodo Liveaboard Budget: How Much To Spend?

I have said before that one of the best way in exploring the Komodo National Park islands is getting the Komodo Liveaboard tour package, either you will be experiene it with your friends or in a group or simply just visiting by your own alone. The most basic thing that is highlighted related to the tour package is living for some days or even a week on the boat with all of the luxurious facilities and room the boats might had.

But have you ever wondering before about how much money you should be prepared? Yes, I finally will be written down about the Komodo Liveaboard budget so you can get yourself being prepared since months or even a year before paying your visit to Komodo Island and other islands around.

The Komodo Liveaboard budget quite expensive for me, but you know, no matter how much it is, there will always many of the people in this world will considered it as the affordable tour package. This may quite cheap for many travellers out there. Shame on me!

I don’t know if I have been mentioned this before in previous published articles or not, especially about the komodo liveaboard budget from the since that also what I will convey in this post.

Information that I have got from the site said that until today, they have had up to 8 wonderful, luxurious and adventurous boats to be used by the customers as their own personal preferences. All of the boats named differently such as Ocean Pure, Tanaka, Wisesa, Maki, Royal Fortuna, Kelana, Mantra and the last one is Alexa to accompany you in your Komodo liveaboard adventures.

Komodo Liveaboard budget: How much to spend?

The existence of various types of the ships certainly will also have different prices, and honestly, I will mainly inform you about the Komodo liveaboard budget related to the cost of exploring the Flores Islands by boat as I have mentioned earlier.

The cheapest boat you can use while sailing is the Royal Fortuna where the cost has been determined for $ 159 per night/person and will only enough for 11 guests in maximum. While the Alexa becomes the most expensive one because you have to spend as much as $ 974, followed by the Ocean Pure right below it that will be $ 750 and limited only for 10 guests.

Other Komodo liveaboard budgets using other boats can be easily found in their site through the above link, so I think it is fine not to mention all the boat costs.

Whatever considerations you might have about the boats or you may say the on board budget, I think they all are worth it thinking about how beautiful and luxury the boat designs are. And that’s all have been included with the itineraries they have been prepared for visiting some of the islands along with the destinations and the attractions as well.

So for later, you could simply count this Komodo liveaboard budget by adding the cost for your transportation to the East Nusa Tenggara province and anything as you need in your journey.

Prepare Better Your Journey with Road Trip Tips

There are many types of travelling you should try at least once in your life time to really know what adventure feels like. Road trip may sound cliché but the fun is always there. That’s why you should try to change your boring weekend into fun road trip which will make your weekend not only bearable but also fantastic. Lots of people fly everywhere and sometimes it becomes somewhat boring. The road has its own alluring vibe which is undeniable. Experiencing the vibe of the road through real trip will be exactly beyond your expectation.

Road trip tips

However, you need to prepare everything even if your preparation time is short. Here are some tips for you before departing for the road trip:

  1. The trip takes few days so you need to make sure that your car is in the best condition. Check everything and have your mechanic do it if it’s necessary. Brakes, fluid level, tires, everything should be in good condition. Purge your car from dirt and stuffs and make sure to bring back its shine before you hit the road. In addition, always bring something to clean your car like tissue, napkin, or glove-box so once in a while during your break of your trip, you clean your car.
  2. Don’t be too absorbed in making plan. The main goal of road trip is to find happiness during your drive. There is no need to make strict schedule about what time you should arrive at your destination. However, you can always anticipate trouble spot so you will have escape plan. You can always stop at places that you think are interesting. Don’t hold yourself to enjoy every interesting thing you find during your trip.
  3. Aside from making sure that your car is fit to hit the road for few days, you need to make sure that your health is also in fit. There is no way you can enjoy the trip while you are sick even if it is your friend who drives. Being sick passenger during a road trip is truly a bad idea. Thus, get enough sleep before hitting the road and eat nutritious foods so your body will be ready.

Preparations done and now it’s time to hit the road. What should you do?

  1. Try to enjoy the trip to the fullest and release your positive energy. If you have new partners in this road trip, buddy up with them so you can share the fun together. Don’t need to be tense or awkward to interact if you can have fun. It is better to just loosen up your mind and let the bond built throughout the journey.
  2. Stay hydrated and eats properly. Your body can get stress being on the road for too long. That’s why you need to take care of it well. Always bring mineral water in your car during your road trip. You need to pack some snacks just in case you are starving and yet not to find a decent dine.

Have You Found The Honeymoon Villas In Seminyak Bali?

In Indonesia, there are many of the islands or the tourist destinations that are best for the honeymoon. It is true since the tropical atmosphere seems like the best weather for the romantic moment in your life. And while talking about that, Bali usually becomes one of the main destinations for that. In case you have to stay or needs to stay at the honeymoon villas in Seminyak area, Bali, you have found the right article and hope it will also be the best one for you vacation.

Seminyak area has been knowing as one of the required area to be stayed while travelling in Bali. And if you are in honeymoon moment since you may just married days or couple of weeks before, I would love to suggest you to live in the villa at this area.

Most of the honeymoon villas in Seminyak Bali have their own private pool so I think that getting this facility is also means that you are in a high privacy villa. No need to be afraid of your privacy will be violated because seems like the villas will be as comfort as your own home.

Honeymoon villas Seminyak Bali for just married couple

While in honeymoon, living at the villa in Seminyak Bali that is closer to the beach is also recommended for experiencing more unforgettable moments such as a romantic dinner with the ocean or the beachfront view, magical sunset and many more you could do. Even, sometimes you are possible to watch the religion rituals on the beach from they who are believing in Hinduism.

To experience the above moments I have mentioned and many other things, one of my own recommendation of the honeymoon villa Seminyak Bali is provided by the Hu’u Villas as one of the best and worth living villa. Not only because of the above things you could do, but also because of the villas theirselves are providing the Honeymoon Package for your beautiful moment with the one you are bringing that you are caring and loving so much.

There are some of the villas that you can rent such as one bedroom loft villa, 2 bedrooms, up to the 3 bedrooms penthouse. All of them with the private pool you can enjoy. Another good news about what the villas are offering is their location called as the “At The Centre Of It All” as shown on the online site. How long if you needs to reach to the beach simply just by foot? It is said that it will only takes up to 2 minutes. So, sounds like you have got almost everything of what you have wished from your honeymoon, right?

Let both of yourself not also worried about where to shop, eat and drink, a bit crazy party at the bar for the just married couple and else, because you will have got many of the location benefits for those activities. There are the Hu’u restaurant, Bar, and around the villas you could find many of the street foods if you want and many of the shopping centres or stores either to fulfill your daily needs or get the souvenirs for the families.

No wonder if I would love to call it as the best honeymoon villas in Seminyak Bali. So, you needn’t to be confused any longer where to stay, since you have found the best one as I recommended, right?

List of Safe Places for Travelling in the World

Travelling is fun when your safety is granted. If you visit a place which gives you more risk at your safety then your journey can be a quite hassle. No matter how adventurous you are, you cannot neglect the importance of safety. That’s why it is recommended to visit safe places for travelling so you won’t need to worry about anything else. There are some places around the world which are full of charms and beauty along with its danger. Therefore, doing some research about safe places to visit will be helpful for you.

Visit these safe places for travelling

Dangerous place isn’t always about criminal records but also disaster level risk. Mother Nature is beautiful and dangerous at the same time. Therefore, visiting a place which owns least criminal records and disaster is a great option for your next vacation. Here are some safe places you can visit for your next travel plan. The places are located in some countries all over the world so you won’t run out choice.

  • Finland is a safe country to visit for your travelling. It is in fact one of the safest countries in the world. It is a home to lots of tourist’s attractions. You can enjoy your days and nights by visiting Lapland, the Northern Lights, as well as Midnight Sun Film Festival. Not to mention that there are lots of saunas you can pay a visit to relax your muscles.
  • Next one of safe places for travelling is United Arab Emirates (UAE). This is one of the busiest countries in the world since the numbers of international visitors are huge. It is not only a safe place to visit for Muslims but for all tourist regardless age and sex. UAE is a home to fancy restaurants, high-tech building, and man-made attractions. It is recommended to visit Persian Gulf to enjoy the beaches.

Safe places for travelling

  • Next safe place to visit for travelers is Iceland. This is the best where you can find the infamous Aurora Borealis. You can also enjoy your time in the Blue Lagoon and sightseeing the waterfalls. This country has less criminal records compared to others and that’s why this is a peaceful place to visit without risking your safety.
  • Singapore might be a small country but it owns lots of tourist attraction. Besides, it is one of the safest countries in the world since violence and crime level are low. The safety system in this country is reliable. The attractions you shouldn’t miss in this country include shopping centers, museums, as well as Peranakan house which is full of life but its colorful sight.

It is a false assumption to think that safe places mean boring. Safe places can be fun and mesmerizing as well. It is important to make sure that you visit safe places for travelling. When you go travel, you need to stay informed, respect the culture, and understand the people. Staying safe while travelling is indeed important for your own good.

Why A Hammock Camping At Outdoor Is Good For Children

I don’t know you, but I really love a swing! Not just as a child, but until today when my age is more than of 25 years now. And a swing could be very fun for most of the children. And today, I want to talk something really related to it which is the hammock camping at outdoor for children. To be exact, let see the benefits it could be experienced by the kids in the world since they are deserve of feeling the happiness and stay healthy as well.

Hammock camping at outdoor for children may sounds not much familiar for many of us. But don’t get yourself confused because you simply just get the hammock from the store or an online shop, setting it up at your front or your house backyard, and invite the children to come inside joining you. As simple as that.

Surely it will be getting more fun to have one night of a hammock camping at outdoor with the children, not only for them but also to help you for being more close to the children as well.

Benefits of outdoor hammock camping for children

Hammock camping at outdoor for children

In answering why a hammock camping at outdoor is good for children, then  I think that it will be better to see the benefits of what it good gives us, especially for the children. So that, I have prepared some of the lists that I have combined from some of the references that I found online to let us know more about the hammock. Here they are.

1. For introducing the children about the nature

Experiencing the hammock camping at outdoor for children could be taken place at anywhere you have considered to be safe for them. It may as close as your house’s yard, on the park, jungle, taking them while hiking or may also be at your travelling destination in another country. The good thing about it is, at wherever you are laying your head inside the hammock with them, don’t you agree that it will also the best moment for introducing them about the nature arounds?

So they will be more knowledge about it and hope one day will be more wise in keeping save the nature than what we have done.

I know there may more of the ways in how to let them know about the nature, but I think it will be not only possible but also fun for the children to be involved in. We have known that learning and having fun are really the good ideas to help the growth of the children, and a hammock camping could accommodate that important need especially at outdoor area.

But even if you could only do the camping inside your house using the hammock, I think it will also should never be missed as well.

2. Hammock camping at outdoor can help parents for getting closer to their child

Why not? The relationship between a child and the parents sometimes seems distant, especially when the mother and the father is working at the office or for other reasons. Emotionally, the child may assume that his or her nearest person is only the nanny. Doesn’t it sound to be sad for you if know that might happening to you?

So that, you need to get their attentions back. You have to be loved as before. And if you are feeling awkward to rebuild the relationship, why not trying to offering them to go out a bit in your holiday period. Take them for travelling! And one of you could do is what we are talking about in this topic; an outdoor camping using hammock.

If possible, try to be in one hammock with your child. Simply sleeping in it, hug or make a conversation with the child and anything you are good at. And by doing that, your relationship may closer than before and the moment may remembered as the happiness moment in their life.

3. It is good for your children health

Not only for you as the parent, but using the hammock for camping either outdoor or indoor is also good for your children’s health. Hammock has been proved as one of the better way for relaxing and de-stressing human’s body and soul (mental). Even, it is good for people with the OCD, anxiety, autism and many more. So, besides that it will be fun, using a hammock will also be contributes in improving the health condition.

There are even many of the people have been sleeping in a hammock for years and nothing happen to them except getting better each day. I would really recommended this as one of the worth trying in life, especially when rising the children. And I also believe that they may also loves swinging in a hammock than I do.

I could written down all of the benefits of the hammock camping at outdoor for children, but to wrap them all, the above 3 lists is pretty much enough for now. I think so. And if you have found this article benefit you as well, please spread the words to raise the awareness of others. Thank you for participating.

Find out World’s Best Stargazing Site to Visit

Stargazing sites in the world

Stargazing is best activity to find serenity and the best way to amaze the beauty of the night sky. Visiting stargazing site can be included in your travelling list or bucket list. Stargazing is not only looking up the sky to find constellation. There are so much more the night sky can tell if you more than looking up. This can be a great activity for couples to strengthen their romantic vibe in relationship. This is also a great time for friends-bonding. Thus, stargazing can also be described as intimate time to connect with the scenic night sky.

  • Atacama Desert, Chile – In this place, you will find the clear skies for stargazing. In this place, you will find a boutique observatory for stargazing. This is one of the most popular sites amongst stargazers around the world.
  • Jebel Shams, Oman – The name has meaning the Mountain of the Sun for the local language. Contrary to the meaning of the name, this place is best to visit after dark. People who have visited this place said that the stars up in the Al Hajar Mountain are not twinkle but glow. The constellation is easy to spot.
  • Brecon Beacons, Wales – This stargazing site is a home to irresistible night sky because when the sky is dark and clear, you will be able to notice the twinkle of the stars. In this place, you can join friendly gatherings of stargazer. You will be able to share the moment with other stargazers by using telescope for clearer view.
  • Fuerteventura, Canary Islands – The night skies in this island is just glistening and glowing, making stargazing moment more memorable. If you are new to stargazing activity, you can ask for stargazing guide to the local company Stars by Night because the entire place is a Stargaze Reserve. You will be informed with everything you need to know about stargazing.
  • Galloway Forest Park, Scotland – This is the most ideal site of the starry night you can enjoy. To make stargazers easier, there are visitor’s centers to let you know where the signposts of dark sky are. In those signposts you will be informed about what kind of constellation you can find based on the season you visit the place.
  • Dead Horse Point State Park, USA – This is where you can enjoy stargazing along with the beautiful view of vertical cliffs. This observation platform in this site is also available for campers. You can camp in the area and stargaze to the fullest.

Sometimes, stargazing brings inner peace because it is the time where you can tune out every buzz of the crowds. This is the moment when you feel fully connected to something unreachable. The deeper you admire the night sky, the more peace you gain. You will feel happiness but it’s not type of happiness which makes you jittery or hyper. It is kind of happiness when you feel accepted and content. Thus, choose your favorite stargazing site and enjoy the night.

Reasons Why You Should Diving In Komodo Island

Komodo Island is not only best for monitoring the Komodo dragons. It is also one of the favourite island for those who love diving. And if you are one of them, you may need to read all of this article so you will know about what you could get or experience when deciding to get your Komodo Island diving.

Komodo Island diving is offering you many beautiful things, yet you need to know that the currents of its underwater are strong enough so if you just finished your basic dives training, you’d better aware about this. Many of the new diver reminded to take a good care of theirselves because the currents sometimes out of control. Still, diving in Komodo Island has becoming many of the travellers or divers in the world so they are keep on coming over and over again.

Komodo Island diving package

Why you should diving in Komodo Island?

When I have written the island as it was, it simply just to show you that I will not only talk about the dive spots and their beneficials at the Komodo Island itself, but more than that to get you know about the others or around close islands as well such as Padar Island, Labuan Bajo and the others that possible to be dived or at least there is although even one dive spot in it.

So that, I have combined whether the spots or the experiences that you could be enjoy when you are trying to get your own Komodo Island diving package, and they will also automatically be the reasons why diving in here is somehow a must for you. Especially when diving is one of the main thing you are doing while travelling.

The first reason for that is Komodo Island diving is rich in fishes and coral reefs species. Many have been published that the fish species in Komodo Island’s sea and around it are about 1.000 fishes. That only how many of the species, and what if you are wondering about how many and how easy it is to swim with the fishes?! I am not trying to make you hope for expecting too much, but there big chances that you will be swimming with the fishes easily.

The coral reefs not only beautiful and magical as well but also are tempting to be observed. There are around 285 types of the coral reefs in Komodo Island, 260 of corals and about 70 of the sponges. The crabs even knocked up to the 105 species, 10 types of the dolphins species and many more. So if you think that the weather is better for now, then get your self there as soon as possible for experiencing one of the best island to dive in. There are also many of the shark types if that would be a good news for you.

Another reason why you need at least once of the Komodo Island diving is, there are dozens of the dive spots whether in Komodo Island itself or around it in other near islands. You could even dive in the Manta Point to see the mantas.

Keep in mind that there are many of the dive centres that are operating especially in Labuan Bajo where the airport is located and they have various prices or offers. So, you’d better find the best one. And make sure that you have got also the license for diving since the underwater currents are strong enough as I have said earlier.

Take a Look at Some Tips Before Travel To Bandung

Bandung is one of the largest cities in Indonesia, specifically in the western side. If you need to refresh your body, mind and soul then Bandung is a great option. Travel to Bandung is affordable and accessible for local or international tourists. There is no need to worry about transport, accommodation or foods. Everything can be arranged without much hassle. Bandung is famous for its natural beauty and decent foods. That’s why it has become one of a must visit destination in Indonesia.

Tips for travel to Bandung

What You Need to Know Before Travel to Bandung

Before visiting Bandung, you need to prepare yourself started from packing necessities to filling in your knowledge.

  1. Know what you pack – Bandung is a nice place to chill “literally” since the average temperature is less than 25 Celsius degrees and the hilly areas are even lower. Thus, pack warm clothes if your destination is upper hills. If you just stroll around the city, you can wear comfortable clothes like t-shirt and jeans since the temperature is great for relaxing.
  2. Know where to go –There are thematic parks you can visit during your travel to Bandung, specifically around the main town. The names of the parks are based on the theme such as Taman Film (Movie Park), Taman Musik (Music Park), Taman Jomblo (Single Park), and many more. The parks are equipped with facilities based on the theme.
  3. Find scenic beauty – Bandung is a place where you can enjoy the natural charms such as hills, mountain, beaches, hot springs, waterfalls, and many more. There are many places you can visit to enjoy beautiful scenery such as Maribaya, Tangkuban Perahu mountain, Kawah Putih, De’Ranch, and many more.
  4. Learn the culture – Bandung is rich of culture and lots of international tourists find it hard not t learn and enjoy it. You can visit Dusun Bambu if you want to know more about the original culture of Bandung. You can play old instruments, talk to the local, as well as buy souvenir which are handmade.
  5. Shopping heaven – Bandung is also known as Paris Van Java since it is a home to fashion stuffs. People from other cities often visit Bandung just to buy their favorite brand of clothes. There are many shopping centers to visit. The price is also relatively affordable. Cihampelas Walk, Paris van Java, Bandung Indah Plaza are favorite places for shopping. You can also visit Bandung Electronic Center to buy electronic stuffs such as hand phones and laptops with relatively less expensive price.
  6. Where to find foods – You can find delicious foods basically everywhere in Bandung. started from ancient cuisine to street foods, you can indulge your stomach throughout your trip in Bandung. Recommended foods to try are Mie Kocok, Bakso, Soto, Nasi Goreng, and Sate. You can also have a decent dine in Kampung Daun or Warung Daweung, thematic dining where you can enjoy variety of foods. For more thrilling experience during your travel to Bandung, you can also visit themed restaurant, Zombie Cafe Bandung where all foods are served in spooky form along with scary diners.

5 Best Seminyak Villas For Your Next Travel Accommodation

Bali is where almost all the people around the world is gathering. Many of them are the students from the country they have left for couple of months ago, the travellers to enjoy many thing that they have heard from their friends, and may also be the businessmen who are running whatever business they might had. But whoever you are or they are, if you have no idea and friends or families to stay with in Bali, then I will inform you about one of the type accommodation which is the villas and located in the area of Seminyak. The Seminyak Villas to be exact about what I am going to tell you.

And I will try my best to offering you about the best Seminyak villas so your vacation or staying will be comfortable or even feeling luxurious than ever.

5 Best Seminyak Villas

Among many of the best Seminyak villas are existing, I will only bring up about 5 of them so you are not getting confused to choose which is the best that suit you. And anyway, as I have described the villas as the best, I mean it will only by my own preferences. Whether they will be best or not for you, it will also related to your own preferences.

1. Villa Soleh

Claimed as a brand new traditional Balinesse style and is located at a prime position. The Villa Soleh is also declared itself as the luxury one that is influenced by the French design. You could choose from the 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms villa that each of them have their own private pool. If you are the one who love to eat at the side of the street, enjoy at the bars or restaurants, then this villa is the best for you. That’s why I am included it as the first best Seminyak Villas.

2. Hu’u Villas

How did you pronounced it in your language? This second best Seminyak villas is also needs to be considered for your accommodation when you are in Bali. Not only because you could choose from 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms and have their own private pool, but also the Hu’u Villas is located at the heart of the Seminyak that only about 2-3 minutes by walt to the beach.

Best Seminyak Villas - Hu'u Villas

So, compared with the first one as the best Seminyak villas, would you stay at the prime location or in the heart of Seminyak? You’d be the judge.

There are some of the accommodation deals from Hu’u Villas such for your honeymoon vacation, girls getaway, and many more. This villas is the best to me, even will be my first recommendation since it really looks like you will as comfort as in your own home with the adding of the exotic and tropical atmosphere in Bali.

3. Villa Dayak

From its name, I thought it was inspired by the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan, Indonesia. But the true is I have no idea about it since apparently it is designed and built by the Swiss owner, so it has also finished regarding to the Swiss standards. Beside the Villa Dayak, there is also one called as the Villa Asmat.

Frankly, both of the names are from the Indonesian tribes and Asmat is the well-known tribe from Papua. The location is the same to the both list before which is also being situated in the main area of the Seminyak. What I love about this villa is, the way they design it is also inspired by the name of where the tribes are came from. So, both villas get beneficial from the local wisdoms of the tribes.

The villas are so open yet keep you stay in private as well. You will get the pool, sleeping in spacious rooms and many more.

4. Umah Di Desa

If i would translate the name into English, then it will be “House at the village.” And you are right if thinking that the design will be authentically as what you have expected for the Seminyak villas that the atmosphere or design just like living at the house of the original people of Bali. Although it has touched with the modernism and luxury, yet what you will experience still worth spreading.

5. Villa Ora Grande

Simply put, Villa Ora Grande is special for a group or family only. i mean, you could still rent it for yourself alone, but how many people could afford to do that?! The pool even reach up to 8 meters long. It is quite close to the beach as well and many more facilities because there will be many people will stay in here than the four lists above that consists only for 3 or 4 person. Still, I think that this villa is one of the best Seminyak villas for me.

And that would be all of the 5 best Seminyak villas to be considered as one of your accommodation for the next visiting, whether for travelling or even for business. Hope you could get the benefits of this post. See you soon.

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