As one of the world’s popular tourist destinations for many years, Bali is always ready to receive visitors from anywhere. The number of tourists who are coming, of course, will increase the demand for temporary accommodation for the tourists. There are many unique hotels, cheap motels, up to the villas with a modern design and also luxurious and feels as comfortable as staying in a beach house like the one in the area of ​​Seminyak as one of the best area full of tourists both domestic and foreign.

Seminyak cannot be separated from its role in the development of tourism in Bali which is also famous for the many followers who embrace Hinduism. In addition to its location, it is very close to several beaches and Seminyak is also very easy and close to be accessed from the airport. Just a half hour driving by taxi, then you will arrive at the Seminyak which consists of 2 traditional villages.

Occupancy such as the villa itself is very identical as a building that was established with the aim of resting and relaxing. And when you are in Bali, there will be many options that you can choose as a relaxing accommodation, including in the Seminyak area.

And this time, I am going to review a bit about the luxury villas Seminyak which are also modern with a choice of several rooms you can choose.

There are 3 main villas according to the number of existing bedrooms which are 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms villas. The first one placed the bedroom on the loft and the last one is called as the penthouse. With various of the number of bedrooms, the luxury villas will then used whether for the couple, family or when you are travelling in a group.

One of the providers of the villas in Seminyak that I know of is the Hu’u Villas Bali. The best news is that, no matter what the villa you have chosen, there is always a private swimming pool waiting for you to enjoy it at anytime.

Swimming at luxury villas seminyak private pool

I would not dare to say that the villa providers with various numbers of rooms are the cheapest. However, if compared with others, of course it can be considered the same and even quite affordable considering the various advantages and also the facilities it has.

For the thing related to the luxury of a villa, certainly there will no doubt. With a minimalist design, not only will you enjoy the feel of a spacious room. But it also serves to present a variety of premium amenities such as the completeness of the living room or family room with entertainment facilities, clean and spacious bathroom with variety of modern supporting facilities, as well as various outdoor corners of the villa accompanied by a variety of soothing plants for reducing the air and sound pollution. Doesn’t that sound fancy and luxury to you?

And you can enjoy it all at every chosen villa that you will occupy for later.

Another thing that I should add for the luxury of Seminyak villas is how you can enjoy the nuances of the tropical vibes in Bali. All have been well designed so that the flow and transition of the air will be possible for that. In fact, you don’t even need to imagine the beauty of a Mediterranean-style villa since you can also enjoy it here.

The luxury that is displayed is caused by the position of Bali tourism itself as an international tourist destination as I have delivered at the beginning. So many villas are competing to present the same and also different and unique things at the same time. Especially if you are in a location like Seminyak which is one of the main important location for most tourists when visiting Bali.

There are more places you can choose for your perfect getaway, but if you are asking me where to go, I think you have known where you could find me.

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