Everything that must be planned properly and appropriately to achieve a goal. Holiday is one of them, which requires planning. Planned holidays will be successful and enjoyable. Initial planning is what are your goals for vacation? An unusual vacation and a lot of people do is an extra vacation. There are many extreme activities such as paragliding, jump cliff, diving, surfing and more.

Scuba Diving Holiday For Beginners

Sports activities that are currently popular among all ages are diving. Diving has its own challenges and pleasures. Underwater scenery offers its own charm. Vacation to a destination while diving? Why not? There are many tourist attractions where you don’t just do diving activities.


Who doesn’t know Maldives? Its popularity has increased since the Maldives became one of the tourist destinations visited by many countries. In fact, the Maldives is indeed fascinating. The beauty of the beach, snorkeling activities, and the main diving you can do on vacation in Maldives. The water is calm and warm throughout the year, while visibility reaches 100 meters. This is one of the perfect places for scuba diving holidays for beginners. Maldives is also home to the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Australia is one of the world’s tourist destinations. Ever thought Australia was a diving destination? The great barrier reef is along the Queensland coastline, which has been named one of UNESCO’s world heritage. Your diving exploration on the Great Barrier Reef can be enjoyed throughout the year. The best visibility here is during winter. If lucky, divers can interact with friendly minke whales. If you do scuba diving holidays for beginners, you can try exploring the Great Barrier Reef.

Bali, Indonesia

The Island of the Gods with a million charms is a tourist destination for scuba diving holidays for beginners. The hospitality and culture of Bali is an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. Not only that, the best dive spot for scuba diving holidays for beginners can you start from Bali. Starting from Amed, Tulamben, Nusa Dua, Menjangan, and others. When you feel the pleasure of exploring the underwater of Bali, then you will continue to explore all Bali spots.

Anilao, Philippines

Anilao is one of the remarkable things to start the journey of scuba diving holidays for beginners. 2.5 hours away from Manila and truly a jewel. Anilao underwater has a colorful life. Anilao is not only a diving spot for beginners but also a paradise for macro photography lovers. If your scuba diving holidays for beginners is to get a diving certificate, then Anilao is a wise choice.

Maui, Hawaii

Want Hawaii is an enchanting tourist destination equivalent to Raja Amat, Indonesia. Maui is also one of the world’s romantic tourist destinations. Your trip is not only just scuba diving but also many other activities such as exploring the lava fields, driving Road to Hana and cycling to Haleakala.

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