Bali is where almost all the people around the world is gathering. Many of them are the students from the country they have left for couple of months ago, the travellers to enjoy many thing that they have heard from their friends, and may also be the businessmen who are running whatever business they might had. But whoever you are or they are, if you have no idea and friends or families to stay with in Bali, then I will inform you about one of the type accommodation which is the villas and located in the area of Seminyak. The Seminyak Villas to be exact about what I am going to tell you.

And I will try my best to offering you about the best Seminyak villas so your vacation or staying will be comfortable or even feeling luxurious than ever.

5 Best Seminyak Villas

Among many of the best Seminyak villas are existing, I will only bring up about 5 of them so you are not getting confused to choose which is the best that suit you. And anyway, as I have described the villas as the best, I mean it will only by my own preferences. Whether they will be best or not for you, it will also related to your own preferences.

1. Villa Soleh

Claimed as a brand new traditional Balinesse style and is located at a prime position. The Villa Soleh is also declared itself as the luxury one that is influenced by the French design. You could choose from the 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms villa that each of them have their own private pool. If you are the one who love to eat at the side of the street, enjoy at the bars or restaurants, then this villa is the best for you. That’s why I am included it as the first best Seminyak Villas.

2. Hu’u Villas

How did you pronounced it in your language? This second best Seminyak villas is also needs to be considered for your accommodation when you are in Bali. Not only because you could choose from 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms and have their own private pool, but also the Hu’u Villas is located at the heart of the Seminyak that only about 2-3 minutes by walt to the beach.

Best Seminyak Villas - Hu'u Villas

So, compared with the first one as the best Seminyak villas, would you stay at the prime location or in the heart of Seminyak? You’d be the judge.

There are some of the accommodation deals from Hu’u Villas such for your honeymoon vacation, girls getaway, and many more. This villas is the best to me, even will be my first recommendation since it really looks like you will as comfort as in your own home with the adding of the exotic and tropical atmosphere in Bali.

3. Villa Dayak

From its name, I thought it was inspired by the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan, Indonesia. But the true is I have no idea about it since apparently it is designed and built by the Swiss owner, so it has also finished regarding to the Swiss standards. Beside the Villa Dayak, there is also one called as the Villa Asmat.

Frankly, both of the names are from the Indonesian tribes and Asmat is the well-known tribe from Papua. The location is the same to the both list before which is also being situated in the main area of the Seminyak. What I love about this villa is, the way they design it is also inspired by the name of where the tribes are came from. So, both villas get beneficial from the local wisdoms of the tribes.

The villas are so open yet keep you stay in private as well. You will get the pool, sleeping in spacious rooms and many more.

4. Umah Di Desa

If i would translate the name into English, then it will be “House at the village.” And you are right if thinking that the design will be authentically as what you have expected for the Seminyak villas that the atmosphere or design just like living at the house of the original people of Bali. Although it has touched with the modernism and luxury, yet what you will experience still worth spreading.

5. Villa Ora Grande

Simply put, Villa Ora Grande is special for a group or family only. i mean, you could still rent it for yourself alone, but how many people could afford to do that?! The pool even reach up to 8 meters long. It is quite close to the beach as well and many more facilities because there will be many people will stay in here than the four lists above that consists only for 3 or 4 person. Still, I think that this villa is one of the best Seminyak villas for me.

And that would be all of the 5 best Seminyak villas to be considered as one of your accommodation for the next visiting, whether for travelling or even for business. Hope you could get the benefits of this post. See you soon.

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